What shoes do you wear with boyfriend jeans?

What shoes do you wear with boyfriend jeans?

What shoes do you wear with boyfriend jeans:

There are a variety of trendy and versatile styles and colors come up in the boyfriend jeans that you may choose to wear for a fashionable hot look. But not all shoes are OK to wear with the boyfriend jeans so the question of the day is what to wear with boyfriend jeans.

What shoes do you wear with boyfriend jeans

  • Oxford Style Loafers
  • Ballet Flats
  • High Heels
  • High Heel Ankle Boot
  • Oxford Style Loafers
  • Sneakers

Inspired by the classic footwear style of men oxford loafers style are meant for a modern, trendy and chic look. These are fit to wear with the straight leg jeans for a trendy casual look. These loafers are come up in leather with laces. For official day uniform, Oxford Style loafers are best to wear in a casual formal environment.

Ballet Flats

For comfortable but stylish look Ballet flats are the best choice. With an effortless and easy dress like cuffed boyfriend jeans with a comfy jacket and tee shirt, ballet shoes are the perfect match. You may shop blat flat in a neutral shade or strappy flat.


High Heels

High heels are signature shoes for a fashionable, glamorous and modern look. For polished look wear high heels with boyfriend jeans plus same colored lipstick and eye shades. Platform heels are best to wear with a sharp and fitted blazer, body-skimming t-shirt and dark bright boyfriend jeans.

To be relaxed fashionable modern look straight jeans and classic nude pump heels are the best fir. It can be a great modern office outfit.

High Heel Ankle Boot

For outdoor activities, the ankle boot with boyfriend jeans is an amazing choice. It can be the best choice to select when you want to be on the low-key side on your first date.

Selection of boyfriend jeans with high heel ankle boot can be a bit tricky but a fashion instinct is always awake in women. Try dark wash high heel ankle boots with skinny boyfriend jeans. Other accessories are the shoulder top and silky blouse. How you want to look depend on your choice, if you want to look bold than pile up accessories and for easy going simple straightforward style keep yourself minimal.


Sneakers are the best and obvious part of your outfit, especially with boyfriend jeans. For relaxed, active and fresh look sneakers are always been the first choice with boyfriend jeans. Sneakers are great for a masculine boyish strong look. Keep your top well fitted to make your feminist look prominent is boyish style.

For the weekend outfit, button-down shirt with distressed boyfriend jeans and sneakers give an amazing look. For stronger look add accessories like chains, bold jacket, and heavy hair rings.

At Freaky Shoes we have a variety of high-quality boyfriend jeans and shoes to wear with the boyfriend jeans. Wearing the wrong pair of shoe with the boyfriend jeans can ruin your overall image and style. Here is our guide to what you can wear and what not with boyfriend jeans. You may also order custom shoes at Freaky Shoes (www.freakyshoes.com).


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