Nurses have a significant role to play in our lives. When you are sick, the person for your condition is your nurse. In a surgery situation, nurses do stand for long hours, helping the surgeons improve your health. Most people do not understand that nurses suffer a lot while standing, and suffering terrible leg conditions is a risk that cannot be evaded.


Doctors, too, are at risk since they do most of the work. I know a friend who worked as an intern and suffered migraines because of standing too much without wearing some comfortable shoes. Shoes that are well cushioned and soothing to the feet become the perfect solution for nurses. However, one may think that any sneakers that have a high density cushioning can be reliable, but it is never the case. Just like sports has its shoe master, the nursing field also has recommended shoes.


A brief history of nursing shoes


What is fascinating about nursing shoes is that they don't have a fashionable sense. You cannot use them for a casual outfit. However, one may try, but it will not be a perfect match. Since earlier times, nurses have been rocking such uniforms and have lived to tell they're great achievements. Every invention has a brain behind it. It is no exception for nursing.


Florence Nightingale, the first person to introduce nurses uniform, is famed for her significant contribution. During the Crimean war of 1854, she instructed all her nurses to wear simple grey tweed dresses and white caps. She introduced her nursing school known as St Thomas’s Hospital. Such invention patched a sense of professionalism in the sector.


It was an era of struggle and resilience. Black leather lace-ups were the thing. Though uncomfortable to the legs, the shoes were not designed with hygiene in mind. The only thing on their radar back then was not getting involved with ill people barefooted. War being the major challenge faced in those times, blood and many corpses were a daily scene for the nurses. It may be one of the reasons for inventing nursing shoes.


The design used was the boots. Is Black not a color for the hospital, right? Just like red means death to a patient! There is no candid explanation of having black as a color dominating any healthcare center. It is not a color of hope and can never appeal to any sick person on a hospital bed. It is this reason that prompted the evolvement of white color for nurse’s shoes. One of the benefits of the white color is that it is appealing to patients.


It is also easy to clean. Imagine a situation where you are in a hospital bed, with white lights on, and the healthcare provider looking after you are rocking on white sneakers; it is hope-giving, right? It is the result of having a white color in a hospital. Hygiene is also a characteristic of a hospital. White, therefore, becomes a signature for health. You see, anyone wearing white is seen as very clean. There is no doubt that it is a hard color to keep clean.


In those days, nurses involved themselves with a lot of work such that maintaining a white color was difficult. When you talk about nurses, the majority of them are women. During the beginning times, discrimination being a challenge led to a full revolution of the uniforms. Women were seen as inferior to their male counterparts.


Dresses spelled out feminism, and it is not a good quality in any work station. In the 1970s pantsuits were invented in a bid to solve the gender-based discrimination. It was also a strategy to introduce male nurses to the picture. The shoe design for the workers also improved. The basic white was replaced by a more standard shoe quality that took comfort seriously.


Women worked in the world war, and they were a great patch of service providers. In those times, nurses faced a lot of sexual advances from soldiers who were women craved because of the war. Over 59,000 nurses were dispatched to support the country's soldiers. They sent services in hospitals, on hospital ships, hospital trains, and even aboard airplanes.


But how did shoes help them make through those hard times? Working in an army camp is hectic. The walking and running around taking care of soldiers required equal supportive shoes, which by then boots were the thing. It was during the war that women got unprecedented economic opportunities. Many women were recruited for the war. Being a woman in the task force is so beneficial since women are so submissive and supportive.


From 1943, nurses became submitted to formal training. By July the same year, commissioned army nurses required specialized training. The knowledge about field sanitation, mental health, and administering aesthetics became familiar to the nurses. It was an opportunity for them to make a difference in society.


Some nurses were stationed on the frontlines. It was a plan to ensure that help is availed on time in case soldiers needed it. The nurses worked under harsh conditions, which prompted them to mark rash emergency decisions for severely wounded soldiers. It was an era of learning, gaining experience, and making history.


Women wore boots just to make available their help and professionalism. Some women died, others became prisoners in Japan, and others quite. In the tally, several 201 nurses died in the war. One of the critical reasons is the discomfort of shoes. Imagine a woman running around a battlefield in leather boots the whole day for the war; they will lose it. Sixteen of them succumbed due to enemy action.


However, some nurses survived. Anzio's battle was not a small feat since only four nurses survived, and they were awarded silver stars. One of the surviving nurses, Esther Edwards, stated that they were so close to getting killed by the Germans. The nurses treated horrible injuries that were scathing to them. Some of the challenges that they faced were disturbing.


A lot of nurses developed PTSD when serving overseas. The throwbacks were not enough. Seventy-nine American army nurses got held as prisoners of war in the Philippines by Japanese. It is according to one anecdote in pure grit. Many nurses were denied their honorary recognition as brave people who endangered their lives fighting in the war.


Veteran benefits got withheld, being a tremendous diminishing factor to the attitude of the nurses. Imagine working so hard to make a statement, and no one recognizes you, it is a soul degrading thing. However, the great nurses who served in the world war two will always remain in people’s minds.


Today, there is a wide variety of shoes that nurses prefer. Dansko shoes offer a wide range of footwear to choose from. Boots, mules, wedges, Mary Janes, and flats are some of the options to take. Let us dive into the details of every shoe. What is outstanding about Dansko nursing shoes is the comfort that they provide.


However, the boots were founded twenty-four years ago when a couple, Peter Kjellerup and Mandy Cabot, moved to Europe. They discovered a pair of clogs and decided to take them back to their home in Pennsylvania, and that decision helped them make an empire.


The company expanded its inventory to boots, sandals, and shoes to fit both men and women. Because of their agility that stands out, Dansko's shoes have been a favorite of those in the hospitality industry.


The Mary Jane shoe is a flat pointy-toed shoe that has a perfect match for your flat feet. The name Mary Jane comes from a character from the buster brown comic strip that first appeared in New York in1902.


A new era


In the 1900s, little boys and girls yearned to possess a pair of shoes. The popularity increased in the 1950s when it became a must-have shoe for both boys and girls. The bar shoes were mostly worn for dancing—the boots' comfortability level suited to dance hugely.


However, adults were not much into them since the shoes were most popular with children. Mary Jane was also popular in the 1990s as it was worn by Courtney love, who made the sixties look amazing. The light nature makes it easy to flex in them and keeps feet comfortable.


You can stand a whole day besides the operation table and still feel no pressure. Surgeons are so popular with the shoes that they can sacrifice to go for three days in the operation room and still have no muscle distractions.


One of the reasons why Dansko shoes are the best is because they reduce muscle stress. Picture a situation where you have to untie laces and adjust shoe position after every short while. Crazy right? That is why Mary Jane shoes are perfect for your nursing career.


If you walk into any healthcare center, you will find a significant percentage of doctors and nurses rocking the Mary Jane shoes. A substantial review of customer satisfaction from Amazon shows how effective the boots have proven to be.


Linda stated on November 14, 2013, that she loved how great the shoes look. People with nerve problems on their feet are advised to consider the shoes. It helps to maintain balance. Mary Jane shoes are suitable for short people; one will look taller than usual. The sole is soft and comfortable.


Boots from the Dansko collection are also a great option to explore. Ankle boots, long size ones and the medium size are categories that may capture your interest. For nurses, the long sized ones are the best since they ensure comprehensive support to the legs.


You will not want to think of the sharp-edged ones if you are working in a surgical room. You may trip over something and end up messing up the place. It may also cause harm to patients. It is not advisable to walk with sharp heeled boots in the ward. It may cause distractions to patients and end up affecting their healing process. Wearing low heeled boots as a nurse is suitable for movement around the hospital.


Dansko mules are a great option too. The opening at the back of the heel is good for aeration. Once you put on a mule, you can walk freely. Surgical rooms are best known for the long hours that a medical practitioner can stay. Sometimes, if one wears a closed shoe, it becomes unhealthy to the feet. The science of the Dansko mules is to ensure a well-maintained foot.


It is common to see nurses wearing blue uniform making strolls with such shoes, it is not a formal matching shoe but a comfort mechanism. Mules are a fashion trend made to make a difference. Mules have helped breach the gender gap. Women nurses tend to feel included when they wear their attire with the mules.


Foot balance is an excellent characteristic for choosing what shoes to wear as a nurse. Biologically, causes such as vestibular issues ( inner ear) effects, low blood pressure, and dehydration will cause loss of balance. However, the feet also have a role to play. If the foot structure is out, it can cause muscles, ligaments, and tendons to function incorrectly.


Feet work in two ways: it may become flexible as it is about to hit the ground, and it is a great shock absorption mechanism. The foot also becomes stiffer to push off the field with each step efficiently. The type of shoe to wear on a professional basis depends on the type of foot structure you have. If your feet are flexible, then Dansko mules are for you.


If you have stiff feet, then boots are what you need. It is because rigid feet do not have the best shock-absorbing mechanism. So it is advisable to wear shoes that have better shock-absorbing structures. If not so, a lot of pressure will be exerted on the tendons and may lead to muscle distress.


An expert would observe that if one trips over small bumps or when walking up steps, then the balance nerves are not working well. Appropriate therapy for foot dysfunction is wearing the right professional shoes; nurses and doctors tend to walk on soft ground in their workplaces. Shoes with a rough sole are the best in such instances. If a person has a poor foot structure, tripping over and breaking their back is inevitable.


If a nurse is older and experiences a bad fall, it will cause inferior outcomes. It doesn't matter the fitness status of the victim. At an earlier age, one is supposed to wear balance giving professional shoes. Trust me, it is suitable for posture. You may have witnessed old nurses struggling to walk in boots. It is because boots are not meant for them. Mules and Mary Jane are what they deserve.


The younger generation of nurses will have no problem rocking Dansko boots. Most of them have a natural sense of patience. When someone is starting a career in the medical sector, the optimism that they suffer may prompt them to stay long in a ward doing rounds in uncomfortable shoes. However, they should think of wearing much more comfortable shoes to prevent future problems.


The speed of walking is also an excellent factor to put on the radar when choosing the best shoes for your nursing career. Somebody who walks fast will walk well in mules than boots. The amount of friction experienced will cause the feet to sweat; therefore, favorable aeration is best. In such instances, one may be advised not to wear socks.


If one is a slow walker, boots are recommendable. Such people do not tend to sweat a lot, and balance is naturally distributed. Mary Jane is also the right shoe for them. There are shocking statistics of people who have suffered hip joint fractures because of having fallen. Out of five victims, 2/5 will die from such complications.


Sketchers go-walk shoes for nurses


Sketcher shoes are another variety that suits the nursing career; Such shoes are safe and non-slip working shoes. Aeration is another parameter that such shoes consider. Old medics are advised to keep a lot of sketchers in the wardrobes. The soft heel nature is good for bones, which have problems caused by old age. Robert Greenberg is the blessing behind the sketcher shoes.


In 1992, he decided to focus on casual footwear based on a simple model. You have seen many Indian nurses wearing sketchers. The initial concept was utility boots and skate shoes. But with time, its usefulness prompted it to find its path into the medical world—such popularity earned from celebrity endorsement and advertisement. Sketchers are made from memory foam technology, which is a material that is sensitive to pressure and temperature.


Its ability to mold to shape is just magical. You will conclude that it is best for the operation room. The comfort level resulting from extra cushioning makes them exceptionally comfortable. The stretching ability is what led to the name sketchers.


Stretchers can fit into any type of feet. All ages of people can rock them. Despite being elastic, different sizes are also available in the market. The shoes are easy to clean. The process is simple. Just wipe the outer part with a cleanser gel and a soft cloth. This should remove any dirt on the surface.


However, submerging the whole shoe in water is bad for the material to make and the stitches. Therefore it is right to clean the interior parts with a little water. Leather sketchers are not supposed to be washed by a machine; It will be a bad practice of using the shoe. You should apply a protectant spray to avoid water stains. After cleaning, you should let the sketchers to air dry.


It is suitable for maintaining the material. If the shoes have memory foam, you should let them dry for up to 10-12 hours. The positive thing about these shoes is that one can add a waterproofing detergent if there is a need.


Positive reviews from customers say that they are very durable, and the comfortability level is right. The cushioning prevents swelling. Here is one report from a customer," I bought these shoes as the best I could afford with slight hope that they would help. To my pleasant surprise, I was able to work with them for 10.5 hours without swelling."


Brooks ghost 12


Another scope of the field of shoes is the Brooks Ghost 12 shoe. Being a nurse is like being a marathon runner. You will probably want boots that can combat the rigors of the same. Brooks is known for its quality running capacity. The ability to prevent the muscle stretch is the gem that nurses seek. The shoes are supremely cushioned, making them easy to clean.


If used for running, the lasting capacity is estimated to 400+ miles; what about wearing them daily just to stand for a few hours? Tall people will go well with brooks. The lack of stack height will not impact on tall persons. However, the shoe has a serious fan base across a full scope of professions. The boots feel so welcoming once you put your legs inside. The comfortable landing capacity is phenomenal. One may not even feel the impact.


The sole quality of the shoe differs according to their type. The brook 11 is structured differently from the brook ghost 12. The outsole is durable, thus economical. You can survive on seven pairs for a whole year without having to buy others. Brook 12 has an aesthetic appeal in the outer part. Once you give the brook shoes a try, you will not want it to lack in your arsenal of footwear.


Naturalizer slip-on sneakers


Another option is the Naturalizer Marianne slip-on sneakers. These shoes are leather made. It is so easy to clean. The cushioning high-density style is dynamic. If you have flexible feet, then the Naturalizer shoe is made for you. It enhances a firmer grip on the ground.

If you have ever stood for long hours in them, you have a good story to tell. The best thing is that the brand is available globally. Nurses, especially women, like it because of the simplicity it endorses. When male and female nurses stand together in a queue, it will be hard to distinguish gender.


Dansko professional clog


The Dansko Professional clog is famed for its comfortability levels, which is on a different level. The flat sole is easy for making walks and will not tire the feet. In fact, it is the most recommended shoe for nursing docket. The simplicity that comes with them just fits in the parameters of the medical world.


A patient sees hope in the doctor's white Dansko shoes are what the doctor has on. It is credited to the simplicity value. Most hospitals make orders on a large scale for their student nurses. I bet making strides around a hospital with the aim of learning will need a simple attire.


Nurse mates dove


The nurse mates dove shoe is a great accomplice to any nurse. The most outstanding quality of it is its lightweight nature. Walking around in such shoes will make life easy for a medical practitioner. Trust me, doing the ward rounds and standing for uncountable hours in research labs need a light foot. It is so hectic, especially as a medical student under a residence.


You will want something that will suit your daily practice. The natural material that the shoe is made of is easy to clean and maintain. Can you imagine yourself in the blue nurse attire donned in this fantastic nurse dove mates? You would look professional, right? That is why they are made for you. It is mostly available in white, and it is the favorite of every nurse.


It has a padded collar for extra comfort. The shoe is durable, and you will not want to miss a day of a dove. Every medical house you will ever step in will prove that the nurse mates dove is every medic’s favorite. The shoe dramatically benefits people with high arch feet. Physicians with flat feet may not desire the brand since it may prove as uncomfortable to them.


Nike revolution five shoes


The Nike revolution five shoes are also a significant breakthrough for nurses. Their sporty appeal is the best nature for healthcare providers. Running a patient on a stretcher is not a small thing. One may end up twisting on the feet, and therefore a shoe that is well-cushioned in the ankle area is suitable. Women are prone to twisting compared to men. Due to the fragility of their bone structure, they are advised to wear an athletic make of shoes. It will go a long way in preventing future distress.


What is the future of nursing shoes? Inventors are always on their art purposing to create something new and fresh for the market. It shows that the nurse's shoe industry's future will still rock for decades, even after the existing brands become oblivious. Nursing jobs will grow mainly in this season of the Covid-19 pandemic. By 2028, the sector will have increased by a 12% rate. Nurses will be involved in a lot of activities that may need better shoes.


In the 2020 situation, boots are the trend. White long-legged waders have defined the global position for nurses in 2020. It is recommended that after every 40-hour standard of working, nurses should replace their shoes twice in a year. However, people with chronic pain need to change their shoes more often. With the projections of a growing nursing world defined by technology, more durable shoes will be required.


In the near future, almost all healthcare departments will be operating on a mobile technology platform. It will require that the nurses who will have an active role to have comfortable shoes since the patients shall crowd hospitals seeking attention for their condition. Technology will only improve the services offered by nurses, but it will never replace them.


In the doctor's world, empathy, paying attention, and showing care are the standard measures that define the right practice. In as much as projections predict that technology may overtake nursing, it is not possible. The inlet flow of the shoes should be consistent with time.


You may desire to see a new scope of uniform for our nurses. Maybe, white should be made the official color for nursing shoes, or purple to make pediatricians appeal to the kids. You never know. It may be the one step that is remaining to reach the climax of the best medical experience.


The robot technology is growing by the day. You may think that well; it is the next replacement for human nurses. The robots may be programmed that way and enriched with all codes of the medical mystery, but the truth is told, it will never level the intelligence of the human brain.


One thing about robots is that they don't have the capacity to create. Human beings will always be creative in tricky circumstances. So there will never reach a moment when nursing shoes will become extinct! The nursing industry is the most difficult to automate.


You may have witnessed robots helping patients, maybe to lift a patient. However, artificial intelligence can be used to make a better experience for the nurses. When data is driven automatically, it will be so easy to retrieve. It will attract more people to the practice, and therefore nursing shoes will never fade.


Final thoughts


Just as the military department has its militia equipment, nursing also has its standards. Trust me; you cannot survive in a surgery room as a practitioner in gumboots. There has to be a specific code of attire. The Dansko experience is superb. Why not try out their diverse backgrounds and explore many options that will improve your nursing career? The light Mules, the boots to the sketchers all together will apply in giving you the best adventure in your medical practice.




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