When Should You Replace Your Basketball Shoes?

When Should You Replace Your Basketball Shoes?

When Should You Replace Your Basketball Shoes?:

Basketball shoes should be replaced frequently. Like for all the runners, the shoes should be replaced after every 350-450 miles, which takes little under 75 hours of running. The hard pounding from jumping, sprinting, twisting back & forth in the basketball breaks down the support quickly in court shoes & compromises on footwear stability.


This contributes to the overuse injuries in the ankle and feet, which can cause additional issues in the back, hip, and knees. This is why replacing the worn shoes before they have a chance for contributing to the injuries is very important.


The use of a right shoe gear plays the main relation to stability and performance of foot functioning within the shoes. These shoes that complement the needs of the foot for flexibility and stability and shock absorption, can aid greatly the dissemination of stress to leg and foot structure.


When to replace shoes?

The amount of stress applied to shoe gear before its replacement with new shoes also holds a profound influence on protecting athletes. Most of the runners are also encouraged for replacing shoe gear after 350 to 450 miles based on runner size and his running environment.

The same is true for every basketball player too. The average runner spends around 66 hours in running for accumulating 450 miles on a pair of basketball shoes. The collegiate athlete or average high school athlete works out 72 hours every month. The basketball shoes are made with various materials i.e polyurethane or Eva midsole and harder material or outer sole.


These materials come with fatigue factors that influence greatly the functioning of foot & stress delivered to soft tissue and bone structures. The players in the NBA also use rarely basketball shoes for longer than 7 to 10 days before replacing them with a new pair of basketball shoes.


For running in your basketball shoes

The lifespan of these shoes is 300 to 450 miles or every 6 months.

This is one sneaker that you need to replace every 6 months. It is because the visible signs are seen on the sole and on its upper that shows signs of getting worn out.

Few factors should be taken into account, a heavier runner can break down the show faster than a lighter runner. The surface matters a lot. Someone who runs on the soft surface might get more miles than anyone who runs exclusively on pavement or cement.


If you are training with basketball shoes

The lifespan of shoes is roughly 6 months. Like the running shoes, these training shoes show signs of wearing on the sole and its upper. The training involves various lateral movements, so take a closer look at the sneaker lining for ripping and fraying. If you are seeing its inner materials, it is the right time for tossing them out.

There are various factors to take into account, if you are working all the time, then it is good to have different pairs so that you can wear them alternatively.

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