Why Buy The Supreme Quality Of The Cotton Canvas

Why Buy The Supreme Quality Of The Cotton Canvas

Why Buy The Supreme Quality Of The Cotton Canvas:

The rich companies designing sneakers keep on introducing the latest patterns in the footwear world. If you will compare some of these shoes you will find that the top-notch brands are engaged in a race of technological arms for dominating the sneaker world.

Well, it can easy to ignore the traditional materials that were used in the footwear industry; people take it for granted because they have been there and are still there. Instead, we get carried away by the technology waves that fade away as soon as the updated version hits on shelves.

Cotton, a fabric that shaped trade globally 


But there is one major building block of sneaker which is used for years and is popular for its supreme quality since the sneaker industry started. It has also played a major role in shaping the trade in the international world too, in manufacturing and capitalism. There are not many materials that can claim that had an amazing impact on this world than cotton.


Yes, cotton is an ultimate material which is used for years in making the canvas shoes. This cotton is a white fiber in a fluffy form that grows in a pod or boll, around cotton plant seeds. Each boll includes around 250,000 individual fibers.


Casual footwear

The cotton is one material that is comfortable on the skin, durable, easy to clean and can be dyed easily too. Eventually, cotton canvas also turned as the go-to casual footwear. Even in the 60s, Ivy League admired the canvas boat shoes, in the 70s both love and peace saw the canvas shoes prevail over the leather.


The BMX tracks and arcades of the 80s were even dominated by the Converse and grunge of 90s also wore them until they got completely torn or damaged. As the Nike SB rose out of the ashes in the early 90s scene of skate shoe, the canvas played a huge role and never wavered since.

The deconstructed canvas of Jordan, Air Jordan 1 also taking sneaker world to heights and no one needs to know the fabric merits, because it's already in the market and trending for years because of high-end quality.

As the sneakers are growing in popularity, the ridden fashion waves and their look and feel are enough for crazy tech, the upper of these canvas shoes have always remained the same and used as a common option.


Benefits of cotton canvas

These cotton canvas shoes are also super light in weight, look fashionable and are termed as one of the best breathable fabric. They can keep the wearer comfortable during the summers or when the temperature rises up a lot.

The best part, these cotton canvas shoes are easy to clean. You just need to have some handy tools like a toothbrush, water, and soap, and you can turn them new in less time by simply brushing and washing them.

So whenever next time when you slip in your foot in your pair of sneakers, take a second to realize and admire how better and amazing you feel when you wear cotton canvas shoes.


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