Why Do The Shoes And Their Soles Disintegrate On Their Own?

Why Do The Shoes And Their Soles Disintegrate On Their Own?

Why Do The Shoes And Their Soles Disintegrate On Their Own:

Many shoes wearers usually complain that after a certain period, their shoes, as well as their sole, disintegrate on their own. So, here is a guide which will tell you the reason why your shoes and soles are defoliating so fast and when it is the right time for you to buy a new pair of shoes.


The longevity depends on the material

Your custom sneakers print on demand or any other type of shoe is made up of different types of components or materials which have a certain life. So, the compositions of the materials that are present in the shoes decide the useful life of the shoes. The polyurethane that is present in the midsoles and outsole decides the life span of the shoes.


The soles are falling apart

There are complaints by people that the sole of their shoes fall apart even if they have not worn their shoes frequently. Many of the custom sneakers manufacturers USA have crossed by this question and they say that the longevity of the shoes also depends on the age of the shoes that are mentioned by the manufacturer on the shoes.

If you will keep your shoes in the cupboard for ten to twelve years and wear them twice or thrice, it is very obvious that when you will have a look at the shoes after twelve years, the shoes are must be falling apart. So, age is the reason why your soles have got deformed as the shoe has reached the endpoint of their age.




What is the reason behind the disintegration of the soles?

The fact that is also there is that sometimes, the best paint for custom sneakers does not gets worn off even after the shoe is quite aged and the soles remain intact as well. The reason behind this is the material of which your shoes are made of that is polyurethane.

The reason why the polyurethane material is used for making the best shoes is because of the following features:

  • The material has good anti-slip material.

  • The custom sneakers laces shoes will feel very light when you wear them.

  • The polyurethane also has the properties of flexibility as it is shock resistant.


All these properties that are imbibed in this material make this material very suitable for the shoes to wear. So, next time when you think of where to make custom sneakers do specify the material that is polyurethane that you want in your shoes which will make your shoes suitable for your foot.


The diminishing age of the shoes over some time is a very normal process and if you want to make the best out of your shoes, the do wear your shoe before your shoe cross their age limit. The shoes do not last for a very long period and it is always recommended to change your pair of shoes after some time. Do follow the instructions that are mentioned by the Freaky shoes to maintain the quality of your shoes.



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