Why Does Calf Tighten Up When We Walk On Concrete?

Why Does Calf Tighten Up When We Walk On Concrete?

Why Does Calf Tighten Up When We Walk On Concrete:


When you walk or stand on hard and tough surfaces for prolonged periods, the muscles, joints, and bones are affected worst. The condition in which you suffer from calf and heel pain when you stand for a longer period of time on hard floor or surfaces, it is known as Achilles tendinitis. The right type of footwear can reduce the chances of pain as even if you are working out, the right type of workout sneakers for women are a compulsion or you may suffer.


Does walking on concrete floors affect your joints?

Walking on concrete floors is really harmful to every part of the body and the areas which are majorly affected are ankles and knees. The people who have to work for a prolonged period of time on hard surfaces usually suffer from knee problems and not only knees, other joints as well are affected by standing on hard surfaces.

So if you are a basketball player, then you must choose the best shoes for basketball because the basketball coat has a hard surface. If the pains are avoided, then it can also further lead to a serious disease called, osteoarthritis in which wear and tear of the bones take place.


Importance of a cushion

So, if you have a job in which you have to walk on hard surfaces with a prolonged period of time, then do wear the shoes which have a high rate of shock absorbency so that the shoes protect your joints from shocks. The cushion that is present in the sole of the shoe plays an important part in protecting your joints.

So, you must always have good shoes for standing which have good cushioning and padding system which protects your ankles. The shoes should be such which prevents pain and protects your feet and ankles as well as they should be made of such material which allows your foot to breathe and keep it dry.


Does the content of calcium in our body decrease when we walk on concrete floors?

The content of calcium in our body stays the same when we walk on concrete floors but the intake of calcium has to be increased for coping up the other pains in joints. This is why it is always recommended to the cyclers that they must wear good quality triathlon cycle shoes in order to prevent any damage to bones.

Many women are prone to joint pains as they have weak bone density and their muscles are able to cope up with the shock that’s why their bones are impacted.

Shin splints, a problem that comes in your way when you walk on hard surfaces in which inflammation is caused in the muscles and they become stiff.

Even if you are a tennis player, you should pick up the right shoes to play tennis in order to avoid any stress fractures and shin splints. The concrete floors often also increase the problem for people suffering from acute arthritis.



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