Why Does Leather Shoe Creasing Occur?

Why Does Leather Shoe Creasing Occur?

Why Does Leather Shoe Creasing Occur:

Shoe creasing mostly occurs due to bends in our feet when we walk. A comfortable shoe would surely bend, which in turn would cause creases.

Poor-fitting shoes are also one of the reasons for the crease, particularly shoes that are too large. A wider than needed shoe results in additional space between our foot and the shoe, which confines the foot’s capability to hold the shoe’s shape.

Quality of material and construction also matter in further stages. Good material quality shoes will avoid creases and surely will hold onto their shape well over time.

Ways To Remove Leather Shoe Creases?

Few methods are discussed here to remove creases but always consult guidelines and recommendations of the manufacturer to avoid loss.


  1. With An Iron & Cotton Cloth

First, properly stuff your shoes with paper or cardboard in shoe shape and stretch it enough to straighten out the wrinkles. Use a dampened washcloth and place it over the creased area of your shoe. This would avoid excessive direct heat. Apply iron at 60-80°F on the towel for a few seconds. The whole process includes moisture and heat that soften the leather and reshape it to remove creases. Be careful to evade direct contact and excessive heating.


  1. With Conditioner Or Oil

This method would not require any heating. Rather, it includes leather conditioner and oil. First, apply the oil to test on the wrinkled area on shoes. It is recommended to apply the oil to the whole surface of shoes so as to have a consistent texture all over the surface and then rub it with a cloth using hands gently.

Shoe tree can be used to retain the shoe’s shape, but take great care of shoe tree that it don’t catch up oil or conditioner.


  1. Shoe Trees

Shoe trees are useful when removing creases not only to repair it but are also helpful throughout the entire life of the shoe. They enhance firmness and rigidity that preserves the leather to be creased free as much as possible. Make it a habit of putting your shoes in the shoe tree when you aren’t wearing them as this would surely increase their life. Moreover, cedar shoe trees also aid in removing moisture and evacuate bad smelling from inside.



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