Why sneakers have fuzz on the bottom?

Why sneakers have fuzz on the bottom?

Why sneakers have fuzz on the bottom:



You might have noticed that your sneakers have a different material on the bottom as compared to other shoes. For instance, your formal shoes comprise a much more reliable and durable material than your sneakers. The stuff that consists of the bottom of your sneaker felt.


This fuzzy felt used to make sole for more than 50% of sneakers in the market. Majorly seen in converse, this felt material has an economic reason behind its usage. If you are looking for custom sneakers dropshipping, then you can visit freakyshoes.com. The website is one of the leading custom sneakers online store for custom sneakers Las Vegas.




The shoes that have this fuzzy sole are taxed less in comparison with other shoes. In the case of converse, the use of fuzzy felt helps them getting classified as ‘a slipper’. This modification happens for importing these shoes. The tariff can be decreased from 37 per cent to just 3 per cent by adding fuzz to the shoe’s sole. The idea is not to cover the entire bottom with this fuzzy felt. It is added in such a manner so that the friction of the foot does not get compromised. That is why it is present around majorly the edges of the bottom.




Brands do not add the fuzzy felt to compromise with the quality of the sneaker. The purpose of adding fuzz is economical and not functional. Some people have complained about the durability of the material. However, this fuzzy felt does not deteriorate the quality and performance of the sneaker by any means. The love and admiration that Converse has received over the years prove this. Converse being the brand that now uses felt on the majority of their sneakers.



The art of adapting and improvising the item for being imported is called ‘tariff engineering.’ This norm has proven to be extremely beneficial for the importers as the duty they have to pay gets reduced drastically. One another example of tariff engineering is the import of Marvel figurines, especially the action figure of X-Men. So, the tariff while importing action figures were high when compared with introducing other figures or dolls.


The reason behind this is that action figures based on human beings have more tax-based duty on them. Therefore, Marvel proved this in court that the X-Men character is not a human being, so they must levy tax accordingly. This practice is considered strange but saves a massive percentile of charge for the importer.

To conclude, slippers or sneakers, brands like Converse, have been a fan favourite for decades. In the same way, freakyshoes.com is one of the leading websites for custom sneakers.com. If you are looking for branded custom sneakers, then freakyshoes.com also deals in custom sneakers Louis Vuitton and custom eagles sneakers. Moreover, the website has its market in Asia, as you can easily search for custom sneakers in China on the site.




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