Will Smith Net Worth

Will Smith Net Worth

  • Net worth: $ 300 million

  • Age: 50 years

  • Birth: September 25, 1968

  • Country of origin: United States of America

  • Source of wealth: actor/rapper

  • Last updated: 2019

Will Smith is an American actor, rapper and composer. Millions of people love him and we can say that he was one of the most beautiful actors during his career.

Aged 50 years, Will Smith's net worth is estimated at $ 300 million, making him one of the richest actors in the world.



Will Smith Early life

He was born September 25, 1968 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His mother was a school board administrator trustee and his father was a refrigerator engineer.

He has three siblings; his older sister, Pamela, and the younger twins, Harry and Ellen.


The 5 best lessons of success you can learn from Will Smith

Smith went to Overbrook High School and received a grant from MIT, which he refused because he had no intention of going to college. His dream was to become a rapper, and that's what he decided to do.



Smith's career began with the formation of DJ rap band Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince with his friend Jeffrey Townes in the 1980s. They had several famous hits including "summertime" and "Parents Just Don", "Understand ".

The problem arose when Will began to spend a lot of money and eventually accumulated a tax debt of $ 2.8 million. The IRS took several of Smith's possessions, and it was around that time that he approached to produce the comedy "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

Needing money and wanting to try new things, Smith took advantage and the show was a great success. For a short time, 25% of your program payment went directly to the IRS.


After his appearance in the series, he starred in several movies in the 1990s, including Six Degrees of Separation, Bad Boys, Men in Black and Enemy of the state.

Since then, Will Smith has broken records in acting, appeared in some of the most successful films in the world and has become one of the highest-paid actors in the world. Will Smith's net worth is estimated at $ 300 million as of 2019.



Here's a list of the best works by Will Smith:

  • The pursuit of happiness (2006)

  • I am the legend (2007)

  • Seven books (2008The fresh prince of Bel-Air

  • Bad Boys I and II (1995 and 2002)

  • Ali (2001)

  • Hitch (2005)

  • Focus (2015)

  • Independence Day (1996)

  • Men in Black I, II and III (1997, 2002 and 2012)

  • Enemy of the State (1998)

Will Smith's favorite quotes

"In my opinion, I've always been a Hollywood superstar - you still did not know it" - Will Smith

"Many people spend money they do not earn to buy things they do not want, to impress people they do not like." - Will Smith

"Throughout life, people will drive you crazy, disrespect you, and mistreat you. Let God take care of what they do because hate in your heart will also consume you. "- Will Smith

"Money and success do not change people, they only amplify what already exists." Will Smith

"Crying isn't shameful." - Will Smith

"If it was something I was really committed to, I think nothing can stop me from becoming president of the United States." - Will Smith

"When it comes to my music, my skin is hard. But with my films, I'm still a virgin in many ways. I am not used to being shot for no reason. "- Will Smith

"I do not know what my calling is, but I want to be here for a more important reason, I strive to be like the best people who have ever lived." Will Smith

5 rules for the success of Will Smith

Now you know everything about Will Smith's net worth, his history and his early life. Let's take a look at some of the successful lessons we can learn from him. Here are five successful lessons we can all learn from Will Smith:

1. Forget Plan B


Smith says that when he creates a "Plan B," he distracts him from "Plan A," and he's right. If you have a backup plan for your life and have spent energy to create it, you have already lost focus on your master plan. Not only that, but you will not be very upset if you fail because you have a backup.

Forget the creation of a rescue plan, continue your journey to the life of your dreams.



2. Expand your horizons


He could have ended up with rap; many people do it. Instead, Smith went on television. From then on, he played in movie roles and that's when he started to enjoy great success.

Expand your horizons and do not be afraid to try new things all the time. You see this many times with successful individuals. They start doing one thing and at the end of their career, they do other things that are closely related.


3. Work harder than everyone


Smith said he worked incredibly hard and we believe him. In fact, when he was on the set of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, while others went home or took breaks, he studied their lines. It's that kind of work ethic that catapults you up the stairs.


4. Make a choice


You decide what it will be, who it will be, how it will do it. Make decisions and things will fall in place. Its water, he wants to move and change things. So for me, I want to represent the possibilities, I want to represent the idea that you can really do what you want.


5. Have a purpose


I think the difference between depression and joy is a goal. It's like when you wake up in the morning and your life means something to someone other than you. That you have a goal. If you do not do what you want, people's lives will suffer.


Conclusion/ summary

Will Smith is certainly an incredible actor and loved by almost everyone. Probably because we have seen his journey from the Fresh Prince in the 1990s to a world-famous actor today.

The net worth of Will Smith is estimated at $ 300 million in 2019, and you can see how he did it.

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