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15 Ways to Fix Your Shoe Problems

15 Ways to Fix Your Shoe Problems

Everybody must be capable of repairing boots on their own. I am not telling you to do all the repairing work but one stitch here and there wouldn’t hurt anyone. To me, one must know a few fixes for the show problems as I do not have many options to have my shoes fix near me. You can save yourself From pricey fixes if you maintain your shoes properly. Here are 15 ways that will help you to fix your shoe problems.

1.Stained and Dingy Sneaker Soles 

The fix:

Use Mr.Clean Magic Eraser to whiten the white rubber soles and the chunky platforms. 

  1. Scuffed Suede Shoes 

The fix: You can remove a scuff by gently rubbing a pencil eraser back and forth over it. Continue doing it until the spot disappears. The dirt will remove off the surface. 

  1. Fix a Nicked Leather Shoe 

The fix: use a few drops of krazy glue to repair a leather flap. You need to apply the glue and press the flap gently with your finger. You can fill the edges with a matching marker. This is a good fix when I do not find a shoes fix near me. 

  1. Small Scuffs and nicks that occur on black leather shoe

Use a black marker for a quick lazy fix.

  1. Reattaching a Shoe Sole 

The fix: This is what I do when I do not find any neatest shoe repair. All you need to do is apply shoe goo on the sole with a wood skewer. Use s small clip to keep it in place till it dries.

  1. Scuffed Patent-Leather Shoes 

The fix: Finding a leather shoe repair shop near you every time you have a shoe problem is not easy. To fix the issue if the scuffing all you need to do is take a cotton swab and dip it in petroleum jelly. Then gently dab it on the scuff until it goes away.

  1. Shoe bites

The fix: Take 2 ziplock baggies and fill them with water. Place them inside your new shoe and put the shoes in the freezer. The water will turn into ice and it will expand. This will stretch your shoe and will help you to prevent shoe bites.

  1. Worse-for-Wear Suede Shoes 

The fix: You can use the bathroom steam that will help you to loosen the grime on these shoes. Let it stay while you take a shower. Once you are done you can brush your shows with a suede brush.

  1. Wet Leather Boots 

The Fix: Nobody likes to wear wet boots, especially leather boots. If your leather boots are wet then you can use newspaper to stuff in the toe region. Keeping it overnight will help to dry the shoe.

  1. Boot shafts that are too tight

The fix: Leather-stretching spray is a lifesaver when your boots are too tight. Spray it on the calves region of your boots from the inside. Use rolled-up newspapers to stuff in the shoe. Let it dry for a few days so that they get a little loose.

  1. Stains on Leather Shoes 

The fix: Prevent stains before they ruin your favorite pair of boots. You can wipe away the salt by using a damp cloth dipped in white vinegar.

  1. Exposed Heel Spikes 

The fix: Use heel caps if you are facing this issue. This will help you stop any further damage so that you have enough time to go to a nearby cobbler. 

  1. Slick Soles 

The fix: Slipping and falling in your favorite pair of shoes is not what you look forward to. To avoid that use a sheet of fine sandpaper and scuff it on your soles. This will rough up your soles.

  1. Fallen Shoe Studs 

Apply the Shoe Goo to reattach your fallen shoe studs.

  1. Rubbing Straps or Heels 

The fix: Dr Scholl’s Moleskin is a perfect fix. Cut a small patch that fits in the problem area on your shoe. Apply this to stop the rub. 

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