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3 Effective Tips to Cleaning Your Pair of Air Jordans

3 Effective Tips to Cleaning  Your Pair of Air Jordans

For footwear lovers, getting a pair of Air Jordans is almost like happiness. And you will want your investment to last longer. The key to this is adopting a cleaning routine that doesn’t damage your shoes beyond repair. 

We have put together a few tips to help you clean the priceless pair of footwear the right way. Read on. 

  • Don’t Use Running Water
  • If you try washing your Air Jordans under running water, you risk saturating the sneakers. Also, the sole may come off completely from the shoe as a result of the exposure to water.

  • Use a Non-Abrasive Cloth to Wipe the Shoes
  • Get a non-abrasive cloth and soak it in water. Wipe it gently on your Air Jordans to get the stubborn grime and dirt out. You can also add some liquid dish wash soap drops onto the cleaning cloth. 

  • Use Oxygen Bleach
  • TO remove dirt particles that are too stubborn, mix oxygen bleach with water to create a strong cleaning solution. It is quite an effective solution to clean each part of your Air Jordans, including the soles.

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