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Alluring Colorful LQD Cell Optic Released By Puma

Alluring Colorful LQD Cell Optic Released By Puma

The world’s popular shoe brand Puma has come up with an all-new model LQD CELL Optic sneaker. This amazing sneaker features the LCQ CELL technology as its name suggests and has a midsole made of hexagon soft cells that offer high-end comfort and stability to the wearers. 

Its sheer upper has an alluring colorful look and feel that has the form strip of PUMA at its both sides. This insanely unique shoe has been released on July 18 with a reasonable price tag of $110, that worth it. 

You can buy LQD Cell Optic at the Puma store and from selected retailers across the world.

This is a unisex shoe that combines well a translucent and slender upper and has a slight bulky midsole that features the cushioning tech LQD cell of the brand. 

Offers a sporty look 

The marketing of this shoe is done by PUMA to transcend the boundaries and it looks stylish enough in wearing on streets and proffers sporty look that can be worn in the gym too. 

This latest silhouette released by PUMPA is colorful in its look and can be worn by both men and women. This sneaker is stylish as well as functional as its LQD CELL technology compresses and works well with the ProFoam, that’s termed as the PUMA’s energy-return foam.

It offers stable cushioning comfort, no matter whether you are heading for an amazing night out with friends or on an edge to hit the weights. 

Maximizes the movement 

The LQD CELL is the all-new evolution of the original’s PUMA CELL tech. It is a bit improved and has come up with a small version by making use of soft and resilient material and then arranged in a new configuration for maximizing the movement. 

Its attractive sheer upper is another major attraction to the trend which can be seen in the sneaker industry. Its translucent form strips on both sides are adding to the magnificent futuristic vibes. 

The PUMA Company has kept the futuristic sneaker drop coming with its all-new iteration of silhouette called as “LQD CELL optic”. This giant german footwear has selected the stealthy and sheer violet/grey colorways, which is adding to the bold palettes along with the semi-translucent panel textile.  

Light-weighted shoe 

These crazy sneakers are tinged in purple hue against the grey and black shades. The PUMA branding is placed at its top and abstract shapes and black laces appear downs. Its upper upholds the light-weighted nylon fabric which comes as see-through and is well-contrasted by crisp rubber siding stripe and a chunky midsole. 

The majestic feature of this silhouette is its cushioning technology which is taken from the iconic PUMA’s honeycomb foaming material. Its neighboring cells wall is also broken down for added shock transfer and fluidity. 

The integration of ProFoam material has also increased the level of stability and cushioning, which makes it the best footwear piece. Get your PUMA LQD CELL Optic today from available retail stores. 

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