Do you enjoy the thrill of spending hours watching movies? Are you a series binge? Movie fanatics are up-to-date with the latest movies and the best productions available in the market. Whenever you start such a conversation, they glow up almost immediately. If you are such a person, you might have heard of Amazon Prime Video, or even tried it. Perhaps you are a newbie who wants to know more about this service. Keep reading to find out more.


What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is a video streaming and renting service offered by Amazon to its Prime members. Additionally, it allows users to enjoy exclusive Amazon Originals, TV shows, and popular movies. Therefore, it is offered as part of Amazon’s Prime Subscription. If you want to enjoy these services, you can sign up and join Prime Video and make payments monthly to renew your membership. Moreover, Amazon Prime Video has the original content for streaming. Also, it features 4K HDR streaming and even allows offline downloads.

How Does Amazon Prime Video Work?

If you want to enjoy these services, you need to subscribe to one or more video streaming services and become a member. Amazon Prime Video allows subscribers to watch the latest movies and series. Additionally, it provides a library of quality original content. Furthermore, there is a collection of movies and TV shows that can be streamed. There is also a catalog of TV shows and movies that can be rented or purchased. Also, if you have subscribed, you can download whatever content impresses you. 

What’s Included With Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video initially allowed only the purchase and watching of TV shows and movies. However, it has grown to provide content that can be streamed. If you are a subscriber; you get the following;

  1. Movies and TV shows. Amazon has a huge and increasing library of original movies for subscribers to enjoy. Whether you are a fan of romantic movies or classics, you are catered for. Moreover, if you love popular movies, you are sorted too. Enjoy original content with Amazon Prime Video.
  2. Amazon Original Movies. Amazon creates original movies among them My Spy, Honey Boy, and The Report. The award-winning movies and series are shared with the members.


Features of Amazon Prime Video

Some of the amazing features a subscriber can enjoy with Amazon Prime Video include;

  • 4K Ultra HD
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Mobile downloads that can be watched when offline.
  • How Much Is Amazon Prime Video?

    If you want to access content in Amazon Prime Video, you can opt for either an independent Amazon Video subscription or an Amazon Prime Subscription. The Amazon Video subscription allows one to access Amazon’s streaming videos and is bought at $8.99 monthly. On the other hand, if you opt for an Amazon Prime Subscription which includes Amazon Prime Video and other benefits such as endless music streaming. This will cost you $12.99 monthly or $119 yearly. However, if you want to quit being a subscriber, you can cancel your account on Amazon Prime.

    How To Access Amazon Prime Video

    With a web browser, a mobile or media streaming device, game consoles, or a Smart TV, you can easily download and sign in to access Amazon Prime Video. With compatible devices, you get a good experience when streaming or watching movies, series, and TV shows. However, there is no Amazon Video app provided, the video accounts use the Prime Video app.  Also, Amazon Prime Video launched a Windows 10 app that supports offline downloads. 

     Rent and Buy Amazon Prime Video

    The good thing with Amazon Prime Video is that one can opt to rent or buy movies and TV shows. Whether you want to purchase or rent content remember that there are restrictions involved. When you buy a video on Amazon Prime Video, you can stream it as much as you want and download it on other compatible devices. On the other hand, renting a video limit you to stream only three videos. Also, you can’t stream the exact rental video to more than one device at ago. Normally, you can download or stream a rental video for 30 days provided after which you have to finish watching it within 48 hours. Importantly, the movies and TV shows that are included with Prime are given a priority over the others. Therefore, you can specifically search for them.

    The Streaming Experience

    If you are a subscriber, you can enjoy streaming over your internet connection without any challenge. At times, Amazon Prime Video may take a few seconds to increase to maximum quality. When it reaches maximum quality, it remains consistent. Furthermore, whenever you disconnect or want to watch the video some other time, your progress is saved. Additionally, there are no ad interruptions in between shows. However, when the show or movie starts some ads can be easily skip. Furthermore, the prices are reasonable and new streaming features are introduced. Besides, one can access Amazon Prime Video on any platform, where a subscriber can either buy or rent a movie or TV show. You can also watch the same content in Amazon Prime Video with a maximum of 100 people, as long as they have an Amazon account and are within the US.


    • The content is original.
    • Allows one to stream 4K and HDR
    • Videos can be downloaded offline 
    • Allows several viewer profiles
    • Allows Audio Descriptions
    • A subscriber can rent or buy a movie or a TV show.


    • The majority of shows provided are not of high quality compared to competitors such as Netflix.
    • The third-party content is gradually lost to other competitors.


    Amazon Prime Video has a lot of original content for streaming. Therefore, a subscriber can enjoy videos, movies, TV shows, and even Amazon Original Movies. Furthermore, there is room for offline downloads, and videos can either be bought or rented. So, for original content, Amazon Prime Video is here for movie and series lovers. 


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