Finding affordable basketball shoes is not that difficult if you know the websites to go to. On these websites there are a variety of affordable shoes to choose from, and finding the best deal can be a real-time gimmick.

You can even design your own basketball shoes on these websites, by uploading your design and logo. Make your collection even more interesting and show off to your friends about your custom made basketball shoes.

Basketball players face the same problem at the start of every new season. There are various options, from Adidas basketball shoes to the most affordable and least known brands. 





  • Lightweight, breathable mesh construction for maximum comfort and performance.
  • Cord closure for a perfect fit.
  • Soft linen lining with arched support and a removable sole.
  • High-quality EVA outsole for exceptional traction and durability.


You can find very affordable basketball shoe options both online or from retail price shops. You can find a reasonable price for all kinds of the best basketball shoes with small purchases. 

Some online retailers offer discounted basketball shoes that have only been worn once or twice - a great way to save money.



   Freaky Shoes is a vital footwear company, and it serves customers who are the main customers. Freaky Shoes is not only an expert in the manufacture of quality shoes and sneakers, but the creative team keeps up to date with the latest fashion trends. 


US Flag themed nail sneakers and blue line slim sneakers are the most popular fashion design today. Duplicate the controversy with Betsy Ross Nike by proposing a new design in line with the SUA Flag theme, created over several decades of modern design in sport's shoes.

From formal to casual and from plain sneakers to simple shoes, each pair of sneakers is made using our ten years of experience in mastering shoemaking. 

These shoes are meant for running, training, and casual activities with classic silhouettes and breathable mesh.

  • 24.69 oz. Especially suitable for running.
  • Breathable mesh quarter and breathable foam tongue.
  • Breathable, non-woven, sewn lining.
  • MD + RB outsole to prevent slipping.
  • Always wash by hand. The print on the shoes does not fade.

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When it comes to basketball shoes, Air Jordans are ideal and affordable shoes. While there are tons of great styles to choose from, this one is the best. 

Featuring these Jordan Air sneakers with lace-up outsoles, you can guarantee full traction and minimal slip during use. 

Full cushioning makes these basketball shoes exceptionally comfortable and has a supportive collar to keep your feet safe. They can handle just about anything thrown at them thanks to their extremely rugged exterior, which uses various materials. 

The overall design uses premium genuine leather, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor play and high quality.

Light in weight, they are a perfect style if you need sturdy basketball shoes, and they are also suitable for the budget option. The retro look looks impressive in the unique cut of the basket sneaker. 

They provide adequate ventilation but do not have too many nets. These shoes will break down quite quickly, which is a plus if you want to start playing right away.


  • The best grip you could wish for from a pair of shoes.
  • It comes in unique colours, each of which is as muddled as the last.
  • Once started, this will be the most comfortable pair of shoes you have.
  • Carbon fibre embedded in the midsole provides more resilient jump rejection and impact protection when landing.
  • It is an essential legacy of the basketball game, as a tribute to the king of 90s basketball, Michael Jordan.
  • The latest materials are used throughout these shoes.
  • It is clear that there was a lot of thought during the development of this shoe; it is a winner and a critically acclaimed success.


  • You can feel warmth, especially in the leather version.




James Harden's latest signed shoes are a low-top running shoe, although this time, the collar extends higher around the Achilles for more protection and stability. The middle lane provides additional support for players who like to score heavily. 

The midsole is made with Lightstrike cushioning, an ultra-lightweight alternative to Boost and Bounce.

Adidas has launched a new type of lacing system for the Rocket scoring phenomenon. Responsiveness, shock resistance, and perfect image balance make this shoe comfortable to wear. 

Combined with the knit boots' lightness and stunning lining, you'll burst into cuts and buckets before your fit can even blink. Such features make them affordable basketball shoes.

Key Features

  • Brilliant on-court performer, nearly all users say.
  • Extremely comfortable
  • High traction
  • Most players say these Adidas sneakers have exceptional support and hold.
  • Everything is fine at the top, and it doesn't take long to get in.
  • Lightstrike cushioning offers a great combination of responsiveness, jumping, yard feel, and impact protection.
  • Many players love how lightweight and responsive these Harden basketball shoes are.


  • A spectacular cushion that forgives feet and toes plays all day and feels good after this shoe.
  • Excellent balance and support make counting easy.
  • Thanks to the new lace system, every foot will feel right at home.
  • Lightweight and breathable, it is a very comfortable shoe.
  • All shoes are designed to ease your bill.


  • Traction does NOT hold in dusty and unclean areas.
  • It is best to keep these shoes away from open courts.




These affordable basketball shoes are built to withstand high-intensity basketball and help you win. Lightweight and breathable mesh construction with Micro G foam and Charged Cushioning midsole. It’s ankle collar gives cushioning for comfort and support.

Key Feature

  • Falls at a value price
  • Breathability
  • Leather provides extra cushioning around the ankle area 
  • It doesn't wear off.
  • Help give support during the game
  • Mesh lining for extra support


  • Reliable grip on clean courts.
  • The shoes cushioning is better, balanced and provides a smoother transition from heel to toe.
  • The adjustable collar provides excellent ankle support without compromising manoeuvrability.
  • An excellent performer on the field.
  • Elegant cool colours.
  • The upper feels soft and breaks in nicely.  
  • Durable as they hold up well under outdoor conditions.


  • Requires a ton of wiping on the dusty ground.
  • Cushioning is slightly stiffer
  • The laces are too short


These shoes could very well rank as the best affordable basketball shoes for protection on this list. The soles on these impacts deep and hard; no other toe-toe safety shoe will perform as well as the Dame 5 on concrete.

You can count on unusual attributes to support your maximum level score. Fantastic balance, support, and blocking will make you dance. The low top and lightweight make it easy to fly up and down the field.

Key Features

  • Support and lock at hand.
  • Provide excellent ankle support as a low-top shoe.
  • Lightweight boots will keep you toned and fly at full speed.
  • Excellent traction that will hold up to a street yard better than anything else on the market.
  • It takes little or nothing; it feels great right out of the box.
  • Could replace the best budget shoes at a very affordable price.


  • The Dame 5 has the best bounce configuration in the lineup.
  • Has a graceful outline.
  • These Adidas basketball shoes are comfortable right out of the box. Even the upper part of the leather does not tear.
  • With a full tongue and knit collar, many hops can wear ankle braces.
  • Dame 5 shoes have no problem with a clean or dusty floor.


  • Top of the Adidas Dame 5 board looks and feels cheap.
  • The design and colouration of these Adidas basketball shoes have been criticised.
  • A few minor slips were experienced when playing on the dusty ground.


Nike took everything great and made it tougher and more robust. Yes, this is a heavier but affordable shoe, exactly what you need in the center position.

You will find a lot of support and protection against these blows. Take these shoes to color and bring the match to school. This shoe is built for strong, aggressive play and action. As a big man, these shoes are perfect for the feet.

As with most large men's shoes, take your time to rip them properly. Since the material had to withstand impacts, it took something convincing to make it fit into the foot.

Key Aspects

  • Big shoes for big feet, best shoes for flat-footed friends who need a wider boot.
  • Excellent fixation of the strap in the middle of the barrel.
  • Made of high-quality material, used with heavy loads, these shoes can handle heavy loads.
  • Great grip and support to help you back off on an attack.
  • Resist impact and injury.


  • The rubber outsole is safe for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • These LeBron sneakers are heavy when weighed in, but they feel light when worn.
  • These Nike basketball shoes are designed for wide legs.
  • The midfoot strap provides additional support for the foot.
  • The mesh fits well to the forefoot.
  • Breathable


  • Tie the laces twice to prevent loosening.
  • The price of basketball shoes is high.
  • The upper part of the mesh is soft; the shoe does not have good ankle support.
  • For the stability of the shoe, support in the sole is required.



If you're looking for a new pair of Nike basketball shoes, it might be worth shopping for when various discounts are available. 

Holiday sales usually offer great deals like Black Friday, where you can find trainers from the best brands at a low price.

To know the best and affordable price shoes, we need to know two things about each shoe: price and performance via different sources like many popular sneaker channels on YouTube. 

When you want to buy shoes for big games, try to be aware of what kind of player you are. There are many different ways to play basketball, so you will need to find a shoe that matches your game. Whether you are a captain, a role player, or an active player, you will need tools to keep your game locked.

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