The most common question is, "Can I play basketball with plantar fasciitis?" In such a situation, you need to be more careful to avoid further injury to the foot. Therefore, it is essential to find the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis support for the heel, arch, and ankle for the feet.

Basketball players are prone to plantar fasciitis, a condition in which a group of tissues that pass from the sole to the heel bones suffers from inflammation. But one way to ease or minimize its occurrence is to use a pair of supportive and comfortable basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis.

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Key Features To Look For in The Best Basketball Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

You might be thinking about buying a pair of basketball shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, but you're not sure what to look for, Do not worry. Some of the main features have been presented as follows:

Proper Cushioning Footbeds

Every pair of good basketball shoes has excellent cushioning properties. Therefore, before buying basketball shoes, make sure they have enough cushioning insoles.


It is recommended to check the breathability before purchasing the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis. Even if you have no foot problems at all, you still need breathable basketball shoes.

Ankle Support

Ankle support is one of the most critical factors in protecting basketball players' feet from uncomfortable movements. Thus, if your shoes do not provide sufficient ankle support, you will lose foot stability on the court.


Lightweight shoes should also be a priority, especially if you have plantar fasciitis. The lightweight makes the shoe more comfortable to use, making it easier to run, and jump when you do not carry the extra weight. 

1. Adidas Harden Vol. 2 Shoe Men’s Basketball

For the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis, we think of the Adidas brand. Adidas Harden, Vol. Men's Basketball 2 is another choice to suit your needs. These shoes are very lightweight yet responsive. 

The breathable system protects feet from high temperatures, leaving them to cool. Various sizes are available. Regardless of whether your feet are more comprehensive or smaller, they fit. It's not that cramped, but comfortable.

Its upper material is made of wire with TPU code. It looks like forged fiber, which increases its lifespan. It is also supportive and robust thanks to the introduced TPU technology.

In terms of traction, these shoes are impeccable, providing a comfortable grip on the ground. Anyway, wipe a lot of dust. The net will give an unpleasant appearance. But they are easy to wipe with a light rub.

Its design from the forefeet to the heels is fantastic. With good cushioning, it transfers the shock impulse evenly to all parts of the leg. Besides, cushioning reduces the risk of injury. Also, its design is elegant and easy to use, depending on user requirements.

Key Features

  • Boost is the most responsive cushioning of Adidas
  • The forging fiber at the top has TPU-coated heat-pressed fibers stitched to provide targeted support and lightweight strength.
  • The forefoot is designed to support dynamic lateral movement
  • Semi-burrito tongue construction for improved fixation; Boot construction, and custom-lacing systems offer a secure and personalized fit.
  • James Harden signature details
  • Fractal traction pattern outsole allows you to start and stop movements quickly.


  • Excellent traction on clean floors
  • Smooth yet firmer cushioning
  • The soft lining evenly distributes the impact
  • Complete with TPU technology and 3 bands
  • Lightweight but durable


  • Needs wiping on dusty floors like other shoes
  •  Heavy for a low top
  •  Break in needed
  •  Some lace pressure at top eyelet
  •  Very stiff underfoot midfoot and back

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2. Nike KD 8 Men’s Basketball Shoe

It is designed of a particular type of fabric and rubber sole. This pair is equipped with phylon giving lightweight cushioning.

The Nike KD8 Basketball Shoe is crafted with a particular fabric and rubber outsole. This pair is very comfortable with flat feet as it features light cushioning.

Rubber soles provide better traction on parquet floors. It also features a Flyweave construction for lightweight, flexible, and hold. This pair of Nike also comes with Flywire on your feet to lock you in on harsh cuts.

This shoe delivers incredible responsiveness to the zoom articulated air unit. In this way, it will help in controlling your movements by wearing this pair of shoes.

So, if you're going to buy the next pair of basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis with better impact protection and good support, it is highly recommended.

Key Features

  • The KD 8 is equipped with Zoom Air technology, which adds to your comfort.
  • It also offers FlyWire technology and improved locking.
  • The upper sole of this shoe is very lightweight and soft.
  • The cushioning of this shoe is quite responsive and provides improved propulsion while playing.


  • Increased air cushioning for comfort
  • Helps with severe cuts
  • Lightweight (good for plantar fasciitis)
  • Best traction


  • Almost any part, except for the top one, looks a little plastic

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3. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Zero Basketball Shoe

Under Armor curry 3 provides excellent ankle support and excellent responsiveness. This pair is made of imported mesh fabric with a suede sole. Besides, there is ample space inside.

So, the Under Armor curry 3 is absolutely the best basketball shoe for Plantar Fasciitis.

It has a durable sole and lace pattern. This outsole provides a comfortable grip that suits any surface - inside or outside. Besides, it offers excellent control and prevents you from slipping while working in the field.


Key Features

  • The upper mesh is textile and breathable to prevent feet sweating.
  • The rubber outsole gives good grip and is ideal for outdoor play.
  • The shoe features a herringbone traction for optimal functionality.
  • This shoe is available in many colors to choose from.


  • Excellent ankle support
  • Sensitivity
  • Excellent traction
  • Threadbone function for increased reliability
  • Wide base for excellent stability
  • Dual-density midsole absorbs shock and provides foot comfort


  • Outsole quality is not liked by many
  • It's not durable

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4. Adidas Dame 4 Shoe

For added comfort, it is breathable. Due to impressive mesh, these pairs don't let your feet sweat. It doesn't allow the temperature to get hot inside. Also, it prevents foul odors. When it comes to traction, it is pretty good. Its rubber sole provides enough traction by removing the slippage impact.

Unlike other models of Adidas, these shoes have a low-to-the-ground design. The design makes them highly responsive. It works well if the courts are clean.

Adidas Dame 4 men's basketball shoes show excellent results. It is for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. These shoes offer real comfort in the right way. This Adidas model wins the competition for the best basketball shoe for plantar fasciitis, provides high performance and comfort.

Key Features

  • The padding is soft and also durable. 
  • The rubber sole makes it durable. It also distributes the load evenly on the feet and prevents injuries.
  • It is breathable for increased comfort. With an impressive mesh, these pairs prevent your feet from sweating and prevents high temperature inside.
  • The rubber outsole provides ample traction while eliminating swelling.
  •  Unlike other Adidas models, this shoe has a low touch rate. 


  • Bounce technology cushioning prevents foot injuries.
  • The cushioning is very comfortable.
  • The mesh upper provides perfect breathability for this shoe.


  • On dusty terrain, traction is not impressive.
  • They are costly.
  • Lacks in ankle support 

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5. Nike Air Foamposite Pro Premium – Nike Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

This Nike pair is always the exclusive shoe for basketball players with plantar fasciitis. The shoe has an excellent design and excellent quality. They are made with microfiber sole and rubber for better traction and hard cuts. 

This shoe is made of foam. The cushioning is excellent and comfortable to play with. The insoles have good cushioning, and the insoles have a unique design.

Nike Air Foamposite has a good appearance. Most of the players liked the attraction and the style they emphasize.

Key Features

  • Nike Air Foamposite is available in multiple colours to choose from.
  • The shoes are very elegant
  • It has double heel zoom and is very comfortable to play
  • The overall fit of this shoe is excellent after a while to break in.


  • Comfortable
  • Looks gorgeous
  • Shoes offer the best support
  • Has an adjustable lace system.


  • Expensive

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6. Adidas Performance Crazylight Men's Basketball Shoe

The Adidas Performance Crazylight Men's Basketball Shoe is specially designed for those with plantar fasciitis. It is very lightweight and durable and comes with a deep 3D model of the heel to protect painful heels. 

The structure of the shoe provides a precise balance. It minimizes stress on the heels with a weight optimization technique. Its rubber outsole has a soft lining that is comfortable and includes shear and control as you move your feet. It also reduces slipping and rolling.

These basketball shoes are also eye-catching with great color combinations.

Key Features

  • The upper mesh is very thick and provides good support to the player.
  • Impact protection is outstanding, and the outsole is also extremely responsive.
  • The traction model is also perfect and you will be completely covered in it all day.


  • Lightweight and well-balanced to wear
  • Cushioning is super crazy
  • 3D deep heel design protects your feet
  • Boost’s energy-returning properties
  • Arch supportive


  • Additional support can make the heel feel stiff.
  • It's hard to find the perfect match

Essential Precautions To Take While Having Plantar Fasciitis

  • Maintain a healthy weight. Carrying extra weight can put additional stress on the ankle.
  • Don't wear worn-out athletic shoes. Replace your old athletic shoes before they no longer support you and cushion your feet.
  • Apply ice. To reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Stretch your arches. Simply doing home exercises will help relieve pain.


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