Best Breathable Shoes For Sweaty Feet

Best Breathable Shoes For Sweaty Feet

Best Breathable Shoes For Sweaty Feet:

   Do you suffer from sweaty feet? Do not worry as many people are facing the same problem. The most important thing you can do to tackle this problem is to buy breathable shoes that provide the necessary ventilation. 

Sweaty feet cause unpleasant odor due to excessive sweating, which is a natural process. All you need is proper care and the use of breathable shoes to reduce the unpleasant smell of sweat. Fortunately, the best breathable shoes for sweaty feet are designed to curb sweet so you can stay dry and comfortable all day.

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  • Prominent Reasons Of Smelly Feet

    Smelly feet are a common problem known medically as bromodosis. There are various reasons why your feet are sweating. 

    • It can be due to wearing the same shoes every day.
    • Sweaty feet can be on anyone's feet, regardless of temperature or time of year, although it seems to be more common in teens and pregnant women. This is due to hormonal changes that make your feet sweat more than usual.
    • Other common reasons are standing all day and wearing shoes that are too tight, or hyperhidrosis, a condition in which your feet are sweating more than usual.

    When you wear the same shoe every day, sweat is absorbed into the shoe and does not have time to dry completely until you put it on again, causing the feet to smell. It can be the growth of bacteria in your shoes, the degradation of internal materials, or both. When it comes to this point, shoe replacement is the only permanent remedy.

    1. Loom Breathable Sneakers - Men & Women

    Fabric sneakers are known for breathability and waterproofness. The first layer is H2-GO material that helps you keep your sweat from standing all day. Sweaty feet are always a pain because they are full of stinky smell and embarrassment. 

    The next layer consists of Loom Wear merino wool, which keeps the feet cool. This provides better ventilation and therefore helps reduce odors.

    Then comes another layer of merino wool, which will be underfoot. This layer not only provides better cushioning but also differentiates warfare from all other sweat-free breathable shoes, as it absorbs any sweat that accumulates underneath. This gives your feet double protection against sweaty and unpleasant odors.

    Then, the next layer is the Excel outsole for better traction. Despite the four-layer construction, Loom is ultra-light. So, these shoes are an excellent choice for almost everyone.


    • Breathable
    • Waterproof sneaker
    • Odour protection (contains antimicrobial material for the destruction of odour-causing bacteria)
    • Super lightweight
    • Very comfortable
    • Four- layered


    • Available in only two colours

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    2. Skechers Breathe Easy Love Story

    Skechers Mary Jane Shoes are the perfect choice for those looking for athletic comfort without wearing actual athletic shoes. This pair is perfect for daily activities, including work, running, and even long walks. It comes in several color options, each of which can be easily combined with the rest of your outfit.

    This Breathe Easy Love Story offers many unique features. The upper part is made of woven mesh that allows hot and humid air to come out of the foot chamber. A thicker knit is used in the forefoot and heel for durability and support. 

    The shoe is held in position with an attached elastic strap over the foot's top for a soft feel. The Skechers Breathe Easy Love Story midsole is made of cushioning foam, and the insole is covered with memory foam for the highest possible comfort level. 

    The lining is soft and non-irritating, and the Relaxed Fit construction ensures that there are no pressure points or hot spots. The rubber outsole is designed to work on most surfaces, and the shoe is lightweight to prevent fatigue from daily wear.

    Skechers Breathe Easy Love Story is a perfect breathable shoe for those on a budget or who want to buy new shoes every season.


    • Braided mesh top
    • Elastic Strap
    • Memory Foam Footbed
    • Rubber Outsole
    • Affordable Price


    • Sustainability issues
    • Narrow belt

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    3. Merrell MOAB 2 Ventilator

    This pair of hiking shoes was designed for nature lovers, a couple of comfortable and cushioned breathable shoes they can wear in the hot summer weather. It is known as "the mother of all shoes" and is one of most tourists' favorites. 

    It offers a sporty look with several color options, but you will find that this pair of shoes focused exclusively on comfort and functionality. The top of the Merrell MOAB 2 Ventilator is made of a creative blend of materials. The main body is made of durable leather and support to ensure that your foot is kept safe.  

    However, mesh inserts have been added to the feet, arch, and heel to allow air to flow to allow heat and moisture to escape and fresh dry air to enter the foot chamber, making them breathable shoes. 

    The traditional lacing system helps your feet adjust into the breathable shoes and is made even more comfortable with a soft mesh that protects the sensitive upper from excessive pressure.

    The outsole is made of eco-friendly EVA foam, which is used to contour and maximize the support under the foot's heel and arch. 

    It absorbs shocks when you walk well while ensuring the feet' correct alignment with the rest of the joints. The heel area has an extra air cushion for added comfort, and the outsole uses Vibram rubber, which is exceptionally durable and grips all surfaces just as well.


    • Suede and mesh upper
    • Air Cushioned Heel
    • Supportive Contoured Footbed
    • Vibram Outsole
    • Versatile Use


    • Sliding heel
    • A little narrow

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    4. Nike Men’s Roshe Run

    Nike Roshe Run helps keep your feet dry and odorless. Its upper design has a padded collar to prevent friction around the ankle. In contrast, the open mesh upper provides ventilation during high-intensity sweaty workouts, making them one of the best breathable shoes around for sweaty feet.

    They are made of lightweight, breathable fabric or mesh to minimize the stinky smell of shoes. The mesh will not help much in the rain, but it is far best in terms of breathability and air circulation.

    A synthetic sole covers this shoe's bottom, which is light in construction to minimize energy waste. A patterned sole provides extra grip on various surfaces, from treadmill or sidewalk to yards and mats. 

    The soft socks lining Solarsoft offers comfort and additional moisture-absorbing properties to keep your feet dry. At a reasonable price similar to the Skechers Go Walk, it also provides a lace-up sneaker design with a full mesh upper that helps minimize odors through ventilation. 

    You can choose from several color options, but please note that prices may vary slightly depending on your choice.


    • Workout Sneaker
    • Mesh countertop
    • Excellent Ventilation With Mesh Lining
    • Additional insole
    • Padded Insole
    • Reasonable price


    • Size May Vary

    Buy on Amazon

    5. Adidas Ultraboost Sneaker                     

    This is one of the best breathable shoes for sweaty feet you can buy today and is especially suitable for everyday wear due to the upper and soft insole. Ultraboost 19 offers a lighter weight, combined with already expected breathability levels and comfort throughout the day. 

           Ultraboost 19 is available in several color options, and new opportunities are added each season. It is made of Primeknit 360, which uses stretched fibers to give you a custom fit that fully synchronizes with you. This upper will protect the foot, preventing any pressure points. 

    The breathable shoe design ensures excellent air circulation, removes moisture from the foot, and keeps you cool. The BOOST midsole uses thousands of TPU granules to dissipate, shock absorption, and running/walking comfort. 

    It shelters your feet from the landings and provides an endless return of energy, every time the TPU pellets shrink, they expand to their original shape, pushing you forward. This means less fatigue and stress, which means longer runs or walks. 

    You will find that the Torsion Spring system works well for stability underfoot, especially on landing, and the continental rubber sole works excellent on asphalt even in rainy weather.


    • Primeknit 360 Upper
    • Shoe Construction
    • Boost Midsole
    • Continental Rubber Outsole
    • Detached Insole


    • Expensive
    • In-shoe Wobbling

    Buy on Amazon 

    6. Brooks Levitate 2

    The idea behind this Brooks shoe was to offer users a pair of jersey shoes that would fit perfectly to any foot shape. It is one of the best breathable shoes for sweaty feet. This is a soft model focused on energy recovery, ideal for training and marathons. 

    Color Options

    Brooks Levitate 2 is available in 11 color options, giving you the flexibility to match your favorite casual wear or workout. It is made from Fit Knit, and it is designed to grip the feet correctly, allowing it to fit well without restricting its movement. 

    The shoe construction eliminates most of the stitches, and there are a few hidden features in the interior that will surely increase your comfort level while you run. These include a concealed heel cover for a cozy feel and a padded collar to protect your Achilles.

    The only Brooks Levitate 2 unit uses an AMP DNA midsole designed for maximum energy. It is enclosed in a thermoplastic shell that prevents it from expanding outward, thus ensuring that energy is received from each landing backward, pushing you forward, making them breathable shoes for sweaty feet. 

    Removable Sock Liner

    You also get a removable sock liner that can be replaced with custom orthotics, and the rubber outsole snuggles up to the pavement and has flexible arrow-shaped lines that encourage forward movement.

    Brooks Levitate 2 is above average. Considering the cushioning and comfort it offers, the Levitate 2 is a good investment, but you can save it for colder weather conditions if you tend to overheat.

    Buy on Amazon

    Tips For Preventing Foot Sweating

    Sweaty feet can be uncomfortable, especially during long shifts. So, following are a few steps you can take to reduce sweating and odor. 

  • Wear moisture-absorbent socks.
  • Choose breathable shoes.
  • Change your shoes.
  • Wash your feet every day.
  • Powder your feet
  • Use deodorant pads.
  • Try scrubs that remove moisture.
  • Avoid foods and drinks that induce perspiration.
  • Apply antiperspirants.

  • Best Breathable Shoes For Sweaty Feet
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