Best Memory Foam Shoes - Good Or Bad?

Best Memory Foam Shoes - Good Or Bad?

Best Memory Foam Shoes - Good Or Bad?

Each major brand of shoes has its technology and design with memory foam to make its shoes more competitive. The temperature sensitivity of the foam helps the foot to adapt to the contours of the substance. 

Memory foam shoes provide you with a comfort zone while walking, working out, or running. These kicks are very trendy due to its specifications. They are designed for a more comfortable run by giving an even balance. 

Memory foam is usually made of polyurethane and other chemicals to provide density. The foam is sensitive to temperature, which allows the feet to stick to the memory foam.

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Several memory foam shoes are available due to their durability, extreme comfort, and other features, but here are the five best memory foam shoes.

Saucony Kinvara 5

Saucony Kinvara 5 is more comfortable than 4. It is a high-performance shoe that helps you run faster. IBR + rubber is used to increase durability and cushioning on the outside of the foot. The exterior of the footwears out more. 

In addition to the iBR +, there are several other technologies developed into the shoe. The latest type of technology included in this shoe is ProLock. This dynamic matching system moves and flexes at every step. Also, there is a pillow designed for smoother movement during the walking cycle.

Two main features make this version better than before: the EVERUN upper and the flexible EVA + midsole. They offer an incredibly energetic and exciting journey. An imitation mesh upper with 3D printed overlays locks the foot in a position to provide breathability and comfort.

Key Aspects

  • Knitted mesh for breathability
  • Air Cool memory foam insole
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Lighter in weight. The lighter the shoes, the faster you can run.
  • It gives you enough protection to avoid injury.
  • It provides you with good traction.
  • It has the capability of shock absorption.


  • Comfortable, breathable, and durable
  • Affordable price


  • Sizing runs small

Brooks Addiction 13

The Brooks Addiction 13 men's running shoe has overlaps made of synthetic structural support mesh, which breathes and removes moisture at 12 mm. The soft, smooth fabric lining adds extra comfort to your feet. 

Besides, the BioMoGo DNA midsole offers the best adaptive cushioning to the feet. Removable memory foam with Omega Flex grooves makes it easy to run or walk.

Key Aspects

  • Safety layers
  • Fashionable lace closure system
  • The double-density foam midsole provides N-Gage EVA energy recovery
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Not flexible
  • Road, track & treadmill shoe
  • Traction is not right in wet surfaces
  • Padded collar and tongue


  • Lightweight
  • Minimal resistance
  • Comfortable over long distances
  • Breathable
  • Great cushioning
  • Heal segmented crashpad
  • Durable HR Plus Outsole
  • Excellent stability


  • The size seemed smaller than usual
  • Heavy for long-distance running and sprints
  • Traction is not acceptable on wet surfaces
  • The colors are dull.

Fila Memory Maranello 2 Running Shoe

FILA Memory Exolize has the excellent quality, extraordinary innovation, sporty look and fitness, and cross-training style. It has a knitted mesh upper, padded collar and tongue, and a fake memory foam insole. 

The knitted mesh ensures your feet stay fresh all day long. COOLMAX insole for shock absorption and superior cushioning.

Another Feature

Another feature is its durable, rounded design, which allows it to be used not only for running but also for other sports. 

This design uses a combination of light leather and synthetic materials. The design also helps to hide flaws and stains to maintain a presentable look. 

This model is available in three models. It is an effective shoe for running and other sports activities due to its price and durability. Moreover, FILA cleaning and maintaining is a significant concern for users. 

This is an excellent sneakers model that you should consider if you are looking for a cheap shoe. 

Key Aspects 

  • Rubber sole
  • Memory foam shoes in synthetic leather and mesh nylon featuring sporty stripes and logo at the sides
  • EVA foam midsole cushioning
  • Non-marking traction outsole
  • Breathable knit mesh fabric upper
  • COOLMAX memory foam insole
  • Dual shock absorption and traction 


  • Dry and fresh
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Perfect for absorbing shock
  • Breathable fabric for air dry
  • Memory foam insole for comfort and cushioning
  • Synthetic sole for lightweight and durability
  • EVA midsole is ideal for absorbing shock
  • Rubber outsole for traction


  • A little bit tight
  • Not durable
  • Costly

Best Memory Foam Shoes - Good Or Bad?

Dr Scholl’s Shoes Microfiber Perforated Sneaker

Dr. Scholl's shoes are among the most respected brands of adhesive sneakers, especially memory foam sneakers. And these Dr. Scholl shoes are a perforated microfiber sneaker. 

Women's perforated microfiber sneakers from Dr. Scholl's shoes have a standard textile and leather upper and an ultra-soft collar lining for comfort and sleek style.

Besides, this shoe has an insole with three zones for superior cushioning and comfort. The rubber floor and sole not only create a chic look but also offer high durability and traction.

Key Aspects

  • The comfortable padded collar keeps the heel in place
  • Sockliner with three zones for shield and comfort
  • The insole contains BE FREE technology for protection, support, and ease.
  • Lightweight clothing with double panels for flexibility


  • Fit and comfort
  • Easy take in and off
  • The neutral palette and simple lines for a sporty look
  • The insole has three separate areas for maximum comfort
  • Leather sole for maximum durability
  • Foam insole with memory for comfort
  • Slip-on design for easy dressing and release
  • High quality worth the price
  • Reasonable price


  • Not breathable
  • A too basic neutral palette

Ryka Women’s Carrara Running Shoe

These Ryka shoes are addictive to any girl with their look and comfort. The Carrara running shoe from Ryka is for those who need extra support because they have pivot points and a basic shape for ease of movement. Besides, the safety layers and flexible foil give additional support to the feet.

Specifically, the double-density foam midsole features a high-energy N-Gage EVA, making Ryka's Carrara running shoe offer excellent shape retention and shock absorption.

Key Aspects

  • Fine mesh with synthetic overlays.
  • Memory foam with latex core to prevent shrinkage of the insole, providing support throughout the day.
  • EVA lightly cast by compression.
  • Durable rubber EVA in strategic areas with high wear.


  • The neutral palette and simple lines for a sporty look
  • The insole has three separate areas for maximum comfort
  • Leather sole for maximum durability
  • Slip-on design for easy dressing and release
  • High quality worth the price
  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal resistance
  • Comfortable over long distances


  • The shoe is not breathable
  • Not suitable for some surfaces

Skechers Sport Men’s Flex Advantage 2.0

Keeping yourself in an extreme comfort zone is what the customer wants. Skechers Sports MEN'S Flex Advantage 2.0 is perfect for you. These shoes are classic and straightforward but without trinkets. More importantly, they are very convenient.

The mesh upper with the iconic Skechers logo is fashionable and easy to clean. The outsole is made of synthetic materials that provide a certain amount of abrasion. At the same time, the lightweight midsole offers a high on energy efficiency. This makes the Skechers Flex Advantage 2.0 extremely suitable for those with knee pain.

These shoes have knitted mesh panels for stability and an integrated memory foam insole designed for optimum stability and protection. Besides, a collar and tongue lined with a lace closure allow personalization.

Key Aspects

  • Knitted mesh panels for stability
  • Integrated foam insole with memory for optimal stability
  • Fits collar, tongue and padded laces
  • It is a cushioning midsole.
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Non-marking outsole


  • Good traction
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Soft fabric lining
  • Padded tongue and collar for added comfort
  • Flexible synthetic sole for maximum traction
  • FlexSole sole for cushioning
  • Stability Knitted mesh panels provide stability
  • The drawstring front gives you the flexibility to customise


  • Not durable
  • Outsole flexible but easy to drag gravels
  • Some buyers claim that the soles are stiffer, which may not provide the desired comfort.
  • Some users say that the shoes did not last a few months.

Do We Have Bad Things About The Shoes?

Like with any product, we have some problems with shoes, one of which is that the shoes are waterproof. Shoes provide you with warmth, which is necessary in the cold season, for example, in winter.

However, such a train is uncomfortable in the heat because the feet may feel wet and damp due to perspiration.

So, we cannot ignore the fact that, although memory foam shoes have some advantages, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. The reason is that no one can deny that shoes are very useful for people with foot problems, such as Dr. Scholl's Shoes. These are simply the best shoes for this winter.


The best memory foam shoe is designed to relieve pressure on your feet. Each person experiences stress on the heel when walking, running, or exercising. This could be the reason for severe pain in the knees, ankles, and heels. Therefore, it is wise to take the initiative and take care of your feet. 

All the shoes discussed and explained in this article have their characteristics that help the runner meet his needs. For example, the Maranello Fila 2 can be used for other sports, while the Ryka Carrara is designed for longer runs.

Memory foam shoes guarantee stable and comfortable footwear. I have provided the above reviews to make your work easier. Choose the most comfortable shoe you can, and don't forget to work within your budget. However, when it comes to memory foam shoes, you get what you pay for.

Best Memory Foam Shoes - Good Or Bad?

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