If you are a nurse, you are aware of what you daily go through while on duty at your workplace. However, if you are reading this and not a nurse, it would be good to remember that nurses are some of the busiest humans we know. Their profession requires them to be on their feet for the most part of their day, moving and running in the hospital halls, as well as making rounds in the wards. Therefore, they need to be having something comfortable on their feet. They need to wear nice shoes that guarantee comfort and support all day long. In this article, we want to learn some of the best shoes a nurse can wear and delve deeper into their price, maintenance, and how many they should have at any given time. Before that, let us remind ourselves of a brief history of shoes.

When Were Shoes Invented?

You may be surprised to learn the history of footwear dates back to over 40 000 years ago. From simple and seemingly crude beginnings back then, the industry of footwear has been evolving with touches of art and functionality to what you see and marvel at today. The materials, designs, and colors of shoes are distinct and different after millennia of transformations, though the shoes generally have common characteristics.

Paleo-archeological and archeological shreds of evidence support the hypotheses that the invention of shoes took place nearly 40,000 years ago in the Middle Paleolithic period. The masses then began putting on the footwear during the Upper Paleolithic period. If you ever heard about moccasins, then they are dated back to this ancient period. The first shoe types were soft and designed using leather wraparounds to resemble moccasins or sandals. Thousands of years later, modern footwear began being introduced in Europe, especially in the Baroque period. The men's and women's shoes had similar characteristics. The only differences were in the materials and fashion used for different social classes. The common masses used to put on black heels made from heavy leather. In contrast, the aristocrats used to wear the same heels, though crafted from wood. 

The differences in the men's and women's shoes began to be noticed in the early 1800s. These differences were commonly in terms of the colors, style, toe shape, and heels. Boots became popular in this period. In this same century, there was no distinction between the right and left shoe, as both were designed to be straight. The designing of shoes for a specific foot began when the 20th century was approaching. With the development of technology, many improvements were noted in shoemaking, with much emphasis being put on comfort, style, and simplicity. 

The brown and black shoes became popular in the American market during the period of the Great Depression. During this time, the men used to put on the Oxfords, while the women wore the platform shoes that were cork-soled. However, the women's shoes underwent notable transformations after World War II, becoming rather sophisticated and arched, as well as made with an emphasis on boldly highlighting their feet. Though the men’s shoes remained generally unchanged, the women’s footwear saw more transformations in the following decades, especially in the narrowing of the heels.

In the men's category, the Doc Martens became popular in the 1980s, as the women's footwear took the turn to wedges and platform shoes. This evolution of shoes has been ongoing till the present times, where the shoemakers focus heavily on functionality and comfort. In this regard, the nurses also need to have shoes that guarantee them support and comfort as they go about their duties in the wards and hospital halls.


Having learned a bit about the history of shoes, we can now focus on the kind of shoes that are best suitable for our nurses. The market is currently flooded with many shoes to choose from, which makes the selection for nurse shoes challenging. However, in this article, we have highlighted the most suitable shoes that nurses can wear as they work, either walking all day or just seated.

The Shoes That Guarantee Comfort for Nurses Today

There are many options for the shoes that can guarantee comfort for nurses today. Also, there are several factors to consider when choosing comfortable nurse shoes, including traction, padding, arch support, breathability, and weight on your foot. The most comfortable shoes should have all these characteristics, as discussed in the following section.


Shoes that are well-padded are the best for nurses because they reduce the excess foot pain, as well as other related difficulties. Moreover, they provided the comfort needed by people that work for long hours, such as the nurses. To enhance this comfortability, as well as the gradual molding of the foot, you can a midsole cushioning made from the EVA foam or any suitable gel. Besides, any nurse will find the memory cushioning quite perfect because it makes their feet look fresh and new any moment they are worn. The shoes with this form are comfortable and a must for any busy nurse to have them, as well as any other workers in the health sector. Many types of padding are available for nurse shoes. Depending on the style you want, you can always find anything that can assure you of continuous comfort as you work for the whole day.

Arch Support

Foot arches are classified into high, normal low arches. Each person needs a different kind of support depending on their feet. However, not all of us know the type of support that is best suitable. In this case, you may need to perform a wet foot test to know exactly the right kind of support you need. In this test, you will need water on a bowl and a paper towel. First, you will dip any of your feet into the water on the bowl and then step on the paper towel. Repeat the same process with your other foot, leaving the two footprints on the paper.

People with high arches will leave very little marks or prints in the central areas of their feet, while those with normal arches will show prints in half of the central areas of their feet. A full print will appear on the paper towel for people with low arches or flat feet. 

The best shoes should have at least some kind of arch support. However, in most cases, the shoe will have the arch support suitable for high or medium arches, while no shoes have the support for the low arch or flat feet. In case you fail to find the best support for feet, you can instead buy insoles, which are also the right way of enhancing arch support while at work the whole day. We shall discuss the best and suitable inserts for your shoes in case your job involves a lot of standing. The best thing is that the nurse shoes discussed in this article come with footbeds that can easily be removed, enabling you to insert your chosen custom orthotics or insoles to improve arch support. 


This is shoes' ability to support your stability, especially when working or moving on shiny floors with plenty of spills. Nurses need to wear shoes with high traction because they work in an environment with slippery floors. The best types of shoes for this job are rubbers, though any shoes with synthetic soles are also perfect. When buying the nurse shoes, you have to ensure that their outsoles have a tread pattern that is varied enough. Moreover, the outsoles need to be thick enough to keep your feet separate from the floor or ground and should be tapered in shape. A combination of these characteristics in the shoe outsole makes the shoe to have good traction and can comfortably support you as you walk on a hard or rough surface. Also, the shoes become flexible, suitable for nurses who spend most of their time walking. You can even enjoy this comfortability in your shoes when they are resistant to slipping, which is a common risk in hospitals due to the slippery nature of the floors.


The foul odor that is generally common with shoes is mostly caused by the bacteria in the sweat. A remedy for this is ensuring that your feet have the ability to breathe while in the shoes, as well as regulate their own temperature. This is essentially important in minimizing or completely eliminating the bad smell from your shoes whenever you take your feet from them. To fight this problem, you can use the insoles made from merino wool, or wear the socks made from this wool. However, the best solution would be wearing shoes that enhance ventilation on their own. For this reason, the crocs become the most suitable shoe because of the adequate ventilation. Any footwear you have should support the vitally important ventilation, especially if you intend to spend the whole day in them. If you are a fan of leather shoes, ensure that they have the small pores to let in the fresh air. Also, the shoes must have mesh parts for this purpose. If you can buy the shoes that are purely mesh, it would be better. Such shoes are good in keeping your feet fresh and cool the whole day, as well as allowing the sweat from your feet to evaporate, leaving no chances of bad odor developing in the shoes. Therefore, nurses need to wear these kinds of shoes because they spend long hours on duty. 


If your job involves movements, which at times can be swift, then wearing heavy shoes will just be a burden. This is especially applicable to nurses because they need the most lightweight shoes available for the movements in the halls and wards of the hospital. Nurses mostly work on emergencies, running to attend to patients in critical conditions, and should wear lighter shoes to facilitate these quick movements. In the process, they become more productive at work than when wearing heavier shoes that are also not comfortable.  

Standing for hours becomes less tiring when wearing lighter shoes. The best shoes that are also lightweight are designed with mesh. Additionally, you can wear shoes that are made from thin and durable leather. Nurses should, therefore, wear these kinds of shoes to enhance their quick movements or lengthy standing.

Easy to be cleaned

The busy atmosphere at the hospitals means that the floors can become dirty and messy, making your shoes look the same. With their busy schedules, nurses need shoes that can be cleaned easily with no waste of time or energy. The best shoes are those that can just be wiped quickly or dipped in a washer. Also, the shoes that have no markings are a better option as they can easily be cleaned and maintained. Some shoes wear off quickly when they are cleaned regularly. To avoid this, only go for the shoes that require minimal specialized cleaning or stain removal, and they can stay longer even by simply wiping and leaving them to dry.

We have looked at some of the qualities of the most suitable shoes for nurses. However, the features above are ideal for any shoes to be worn by everyone else, as we all need something that comfortable on our feet and require no strict maintenance measures. In the following section, we are going to discuss some of the best shoes that nurses can wear as they go about their duties.

The Best Shoes for Nurses

The following are the 10 best shoes for nurses, chosen and loved for their simplicity and comfort. These shoes can be worn for the whole day without the development of a bad smell, and they enhance the support needed by the nurses as they walk around the wards and halls.

  1. Croc Classic Clog

Crocs have been around with us for some time now, having been introduced to the market in 2002. Manufactured by a company known by a similar name, these shoes are surrounded by controversy, as many people dislike them simply because of their appearance. However still, many other people are into crocs that they seemingly cannot do without them. Currently, a majority of nurses and other professionals in the health sector prefer wearing crocs. This is because these shoes have various features that make them stand out from other shoes and are loved by the nurses.

Crocs are known to be lightweight and suitable for nurses because they need to move around faster. Moreover, they can firmly hold your feet when strapped. This way, nurses can move around swiftly without worrying that the shoes will fall off their feet, as is common with many slip-ons. The toe box of the crocs is wide enough, giving plenty of room in which you can freely wiggle your toes. Moreover, space is just enough for your feet, even when they swell in case you stand for many hours. With crocs on their feet, the nurses do not need to worry about slipping because the soles are thick with many treads that serve to grip the floors of the wards.

Crocs are designed from resin that is made from a polymer. This resin, known as Croslite, is made from crude oil, giving the crocs some unique characteristics common in other shoes. Crocs are also breathable, meaning the sweat from your feet evaporates quickly, leaving no room for the development of foul odor in your shoes after wearing them for the whole day. Additionally, the many ventilations on these shoes enable liquids or any other debris that may enter the shoes to easily escape.

Crocs are sold in a variety of colors to suit your preferences. They are unisex, meaning they can be worn by both men and women. These shoes are also very comfortable and convenient, and their simplicity makes them suitable for nurses. While at work, the nurses tend to wear either white or black crocs as the best colors while on duty.


  • They can easily be cleaned.
  • Their simplicity means that they can be worn and put off quickly.
  • They are breathable.
  • They have heel straps that your feet in place. 


  • Their size tends to increase when worn for some time.
  1. Asics Women’s Gel – Challenger 12

This footwear is produced by a Japanese company known as Asics, which has been operating since 1949. The shoes were introduced on the American market in the 1970s and are currently among the favorite shoes around the globe. The Asics Women’s Gel – Challenger 12 shoes are also unisex, and they are designed for tennis, the sport that involves too many lateral movements. This feature is what makes these shoes ideal for nurses because they enhance much-needed support. The nurse can comfortably make swift turns as they make rounds in the wards and hospital hall without the worry of falling down or straining their ankles.

The midsole of these shoes is enhanced with a cushioning that increases the support while walking, as well the comfort of your feet. This cushioning is made using gel and works perfectly in absorbing the shock and alleviating the pressure on the feet. However, you can still enhance the support provided by these shoes by doing away with their sockliner and use customer insoles in its place.

The Asics Women’s Gel – Challenger 12 shoes have a mesh upper to enhance the breathability of your feet. Therefore, you will not be bothered by any foul smell, even if you wear them the whole day. Also, their soles have treads with a herringbone pattern that significantly minimizes the chances of slipping while walking on slippery floors, and your feet cannot trip inside the shoes.


  • They have rubber outsoles.
  • They are flexible.
  • They enhance stability, a feature made possible by the Trusstic System Technology.
  • They have a cushioning made from the gel that absorbs shock.


  • They are generally narrow and not suitable for people with wider feet.
  1. Adidas Women’s Ultra-Boost 20

Adidas is a famous company that was founded in Germany in 1949, with a focus on producing athleticwear. The shoes made by this brand are well-received around the world. Adidas Ultra-Boost are running shoes that are produced in different colors and perfectly suitable for work. They designed for both men and women in colors ranging from grey, black, linen, and white. The breathability of these shoes is enhanced by a mesh upper. This way, your feet can remain cool as you move around or standing for long. The heel area of this shoe is made hard enough to increase the support while walking or standing, reducing the pain that is usually felt in this region of the foot. 

The traction and support guaranteed by these shoes is enhanced by the rubber soles, which are designed to be a bit thicker at the heels to provide extra cushioning. The nurses suffering from plantar fasciitis can find these shoes quite suitable. The thick heels are good at cushioning the feet while running or walking very fast. This means the nurses can attend to patients with ease by running or walking fast without putting much pressure on their heels. 

Adidas Ultra-Boost shoes are equally very flexible due to the thin area around your toes, as well as the thicker heels. This ensures that your gait is supported as you go about with your daily chores. Therefore, these shoes are just perfect for the nurses that spend most of their hours on feet in the wards.


  • They enhance breathability through their mesh upper.
  • They are comfortable and offer needed support.
  • They exist in different colors to suit your preferences.
  • They come in various sizes for all people. 


  • The space for the toes is quite small.
  1. Dansko Women’s Paisley Sneakers

The Dansko footwear company is known for producing shoes that provide comfort to your feet. It was founded by a man and his wife in 1990 and is widely known for producing clogs. Also, the company makes other types of casual and formal shoes, such as the Women’s Paisley Sneakers. These shoes are made only for women, with their sizes ranging between 5.5 and 13. Their colors are generally dark-muted, and they provide a perfect fit for the ladies’ feet. These shoes are ideal for nurses because they have waterproof uppers that shield the feet from the liquids that may spill during work in the wards. The inside of this shoe is fitted with a fiber that serves the purpose of moisture management, which in turn prevents the feet from accumulating too much sweat.

Wearing these shoes for the whole day is possible without the worry of developing bad odor, as this is taken care of by the CleansportNXT, an essential component in any shoes that can wick away the moisture from their inside. The arch support of these shoes is enhanced by the footbed that is cushioned with a high-density Eva foam. Furthermore, you can pluck out the footbed to create more space in which you can insert any insole or orthotics of your liking. 

They have Vibram rubber soles to increase support and shock absorption, while the outsole is made of rubber for high stability and traction while walking. These shoes are perfect for the nurses that walk around the wards in any rounds because of their comfort and high arch support. 


  • They are designed with an odor control mechanism.
  • They have a moisture management system.
  • They have removable footbeds.
  • They are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association, APMA.


  • Their breathability is low.
  1. Brooks Women’s Levitate 2

The Brooks Sports company is recognized for making athletic shoes. Founded in 1914, this American-based footwear company also produces clothes and other accessories but mainly focuses on running. Among the many shoes made by this company, Brooks Levitate 2 comes out as the best footwear for nurses. They are produced for both men and women, with sizes ranging between 5 and 12 for the ladies. You can choose from the many colors that are available, whether you want them plain or very bright. However, for the nurses at work, the best colors are plain, which can be black, white, grey, or fig.

The shoes provide arch support for the medium and high arches and are medium in width. The thickness of the sole is uniform, except below the toe, where it becomes thinner to enhance stability while walking or running. They are very comfortable on your feet, and their midsoles are designed to provide cushioning. Moreover, nurses can remain active for the whole day when wearing these shoes.

The Brooks Levitate 2 has a mesh upper that lets your feet breathe as you proceed with your duties. Their comfortability makes them any shape of any foot, and their heels are faux-suede. This makes the shoes look and feel stronger on your feet and are suitable for people with plantar fasciitis. They are good for people that can walk for long distances, which best describes the profession of nurses. 


  • They provide arch support for all types of feet. 
  • Their breathability is satisfactory.
  • The fit is adaptive for any shape of the foot.
  • They give an energized feeling on your feet.


  • They are less durable.
  1. Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoe

The Prince Sports company was formed in 1970 and named after Princeton, the alma matter of its founder. It focuses on producing sporting goods, including footwear, as well as sporting garments, rackets, bags, stringing machines, and many other goods. This company boasts of being among the leading producers of rackets used in tennis the world over. Therefore, the Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoes are arguably among the best footwear for nurses. They highly enhance the stability and safety of the midfoot, a quality made possible by the wishbone shank. The shoes are only produced in sizes ranging between 6 and 9, as well as half sizes, and in only one color. The breathability and strength of the Prince T22 Tennis Shoes are enhanced by the mesh and synthetic sole and upper.

The company clearly states that the shoes have PRC outsoles that are highly durable. Furthermore, the RASH toe area of these shoes can protect your feet against any abrasion. Ventilation is made possible while wearing these shoes because they have a mesh upper, keeping your feet cool the whole day and free of bad odor. The shoes are designed with shock absorbers, which means walking is made comfortable, especially for the nurses that walk most of the time while at work. 


  • They are made with excellent ventilation.
  • The shock absorption system used is very advanced.
  • They are highly durable.
  • They provide high stability and safety. 


  • They are comparatively heavier.
  • They are narrow and not suitable for people with wider feet.
  1. Hoka One One Women’s Clifton 6

The Hoka company was officially opened in 2009 and is relatively new in the business of manufacturing sporting footwear. It mainly focuses on making shoes that are meant for athletes, especially runners. These shoes make running much easier and enjoyable because their soles are thicker towards the heels. The sole at the toe area is thinner for increased flexibility during running. As a result, they enhance faster movements and are ideal for the nurses as they go about their daily chores at the hospitals. This is especially the best footwear for the nurses that want to attend emergent cases, which requires them to walk faster.

The soles of these shoes are made of rubber and plenty of treads. Therefore, they provide the traction needed when walking or running on wet and slippery floors without the worry of slipping. The treads are made in a way that the gaps and groves are as deep as a hole, and the spaces between them can be nearly millimeters in separation, which makes it difficult to slide while wearing these shoes.

They have mesh uppers, which enhances the breathability required while working for the whole day. The best thing is that this mesh covers the rest of the upper to the heel area, which means your feet remain fresh and free of the foul odor. 

The Hoka One One Clifton 6 are available in sizes ranging between 5 and 12 and come in different fits that can accommodate the shapes of various feet. They come in different colors, though those for men are generally brighter compared to those for women. The support and comfortability enhanced by these shoes make them among the best options for nurses to wear while at work.  


  • The arch support is much reliable.
  • They enhance a cushioning effect facilitated by the EVA midsole.
  • They are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association, APMA.


  • The wider toe box is unsuitable for people with narrow feet.
  1. Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs

The Dansko clogs are designed specifically for women. They come in different patterns and colors and can be used for personal as well as professional purposes. The dark-colored clogs are more suitable for wearing at the workplace and can be worn by nurses. They exist in colors that range between 4.5 and 13, and they have a leather upper. They appear shiny because they are coated by gloss and can be mistaken as plastic.  

These shoes have their soles made of rubber and cannot slide while walking on slippery or oily surfaces. Therefore, they are ideal for the nurses that walk on the slippery hospital floors. On their inside, the Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs have midsoles made from lightweight EVA and an instep collar that is perfectly padded. Moreover, the midsole is designed with a shock absorber, which reduces the impact of the ground while walking or running, especially on a hard floor. These characteristics work together to make these shoes more comfortable for nurses to wear by eliminating any possible fatigue that may develop in the feet as a result of walking. 

The footbed of this shoe is dual-dense and designed ergonomically that works to enhance support and comfort, as well as an arch stabilizer. When you wear these shoes, your feet feel a sense of relief because they are fitted with foam cushioning. You can also remove the footbed and replace it with any suitable orthotics of your choice because the clogs have enough space to accommodate insoles are orthotics. The toe box is also large to enable you to wiggle your toes freely.


  • They provide maximum arch support.
  • They can easily be cleaned.
  • They are designed with a rocker sole.
  • The insole has memory foam cushioning.
  • The footbed is removable.


  • When they are worn for the first time, their comfortability decreases.
  • They may end up having a longer break-in period.
  1. New Balance Arishi V2 Women’s Running Shoes

New Balance Athletics is a company famed for producing sporting footwear, as well as clothing. The company was formed in 1906 and is well-known for having a wide experience in whatever it manufactures, such as the Arishi shoes. These prestigious shoes are made for women and men, with sizes ranging between 5 and 12. Moreover, they come in different shapes, including wide and narrow options, depending on your foot.

They have mesh uppers that are synthetic to enhance breathability. The outsole is made of rubber and typically designed for running by providing the necessary push, as well as buffering your heels. They are made with a natural taste, making them ideal for the nurses that spend many hours on their feet. Their insoles are made of foam for that cushioning feeling that makes your feet comfortable. 

The Arishi shoes are made in 16 different colors, including black, grey, navy, and white, all making up a good collection for the nurses to choose from. Still, other shoes come in brighter colors that may not be suitable professionally, and you will be required to select the best according to your color preferences.


  • They are highly breathable.
  • The midsole is made with such an innovation that enhances comfort all day.
  • The mesh is well suited for these shoes.


  • There is no heel and arch support.
  1. Alegria Women’s Debra Professional

These shoes are manufactured by PG Lite, a company based in America. It has been in operation for the last more than 10 years, focusing on making comfortable and classy shoes. This company successfully combines elegance and flair, bringing them to the evolving world of trendy fashion. These shoes are available in sizes ranging between 4 and 14. Furthermore, there are several sizing options specifically designed for nurses in other countries outside of America. As a result, the Alegria shoes are among the best shoes for nurses around the world.  

The Debra version of these shoes come in sizes of between 5.5 and 14, though it would be nice if you went the smaller size because they get bigger as you walk in them. The slip-ons are clogs with rocker sole and have closed heels. Their uppers are designed with leather that is not clearly known, and it is stitched to the rubber sole an inch in thickness. This makes the sole act as a buffer between the ground and your foot.

The inside of these shoes is lined with a memory foam that cushions your feet comfortably, enabling you to stand for long or walk long distances without much pain. This quality describes exactly how shoes are supposed to fit. The upper is resistant to stains, while the sole is resistant to slipping, giving these shoes an excellent construction. They provide good arch support that takes away the pressure from your feet. Therefore, nurses can wear these shoes and spend the whole day in them without the worries related to support and comfort.


  • The heel counter is well padded.
  • They have elastic gores that make them be easily worn and taken off.
  • Their outsoles have no markings.
  • They are hand-stitched, giving them the construction of high quality.


  • The toe box is comparatively stiff.
  • The shoes may be too snugly on the top of some people’s feet.

Now you have learned about the best types of shoes for nurses that are both comfortable and enhance arch support. 

The Frequently Asked Questions

Several questions can be asked regarding the best shoes for nurses at this age. We have so answered many of these questions in the sections above. However, the following questions are also worth our attention, and answering them is just as good enough.

  1. What shoes do nurses recommend? As we have just learned in the preceding sections, the best shoes for nurses should enhance traction, padding, arch support, and breathability. We can have such shoes from the list discussed in this article.
  2. What shoes are nurses allowed to wear? Nurses are generally good with professional clogs, sneakers, or any suitable casual footwear. While at work, it is good to stick to plain colors, such as black, white, grey, or navy. All this depends on the facility or homes in which the nurses are working. For instance, brighter shoes with funky patterns are recommended for nurses working with children. It is always good to ask the right kind of shoes to wear as a nurse before buying.
  3. Do nurses stand all day? In many cases, nurses can stand the whole day or most of it. In the most-busy facilities, nurses have to continually attend to patients, as well as report to surgeons and doctors. Therefore, they may end up standing for even longer than 12 hours every day, moving within the halls and wards. That is why they need to have the best shoes on their feet to give them the support and comfort needed for all those hours.
  4. How often should you shine shoes? It is recommended to regularly your shoes and keep them in the cleanest condition possible. It is the simplest, as well as the enjoyable part of shoe maintenance, and the frequency of shining them depends on often you have them on your feet.  
  5. Will shoes get wider? In many cases, the shoes will gradually stretch after being worn for some time. This depends on the material used in making the shoes, as other materials are lighter and get stretched faster than others. 

Having answered the questions, let us look at the importance of a healthy gait necessary for the nurses to go through their duties for the whole day on their feet.

Gait Is Good When Healthy

Nurses and the rest of the health workers spend many hours on their feet walking. Basically, these professionals are athletes because of their continuous movements. Therefore, they need to have athletic shoes to provide them with support and preventing their feet from developing fatigue. The shoes meant for nurses are in many ways similar to athletic shoes, except for a few differences in specific details. For instance, while athletes need fully closed shoes, nurses need shoes that are breathable with enough ventilation, such as crocs. Therefore, the list of shoes discussed in this article should equip with the best choices when it comes to shopping for nurse shoes. You can buy them for yourself or for the loved one. The shoes are designed to keep your feet safe all day while enhancing stability as you get along with your demanding duties at the hospital.

Shoe Care

Now that you have just acquired a new pair of nurse shoes, the challenge of how to take good care of them for them to last longer. The maintenance of your shoes depends on their type, though there are several common tips to maintain and taking good care of your shoes, as explained below:

  • Waterproofing. When you buy a new pair of nurse shoes, make sure to spray them with a suitable waterproof protector. As a result, the shoe surface can stay for long without being affected by moisture.  
  • Reinforcing. This process involves adding half-soles to your shoes, preferably made of rubber. You can visit a cobbler or any shoe expert for these additions at fair prices. This will make your shoes to be more durable. 
  • Alternating. How many shoes should you have? You need to have a number of pairs that are all in good condition so that you do not repeat the same pair you wore the previous day. In the process, some of your pairs will have enough for drying, especially after you have cleaned them.
  • Will shoes ruin a dryer? Yes, if stored with moisture after cleaning or when they sweat. The foul smell will develop in the shoes and ruin your dryer. To avoid this, let your dry in the closet.  
  • Do not walk barefoot. It is recommended that you wear socks in all the shoes, though some shoes can be worn without socks. Wearing socks protects your shoe insoles from the eroding effect caused by the sweat from your feet, especially when worn for long.
  • You can use shoe trees. Shoe trees are good at maintaining the shape of your shoes, making them last longer. The best shoe trees are wooden because wood is a good absorber of moisture. Therefore, when you keep them where shoes are kept, they will stay dry and free from bad smell.  

Closing Thoughts

This article has been quite informative with regard to nurse shoes. Nurses are more of athletes that spend their time on feet, either standing or walking. They need to attend to patients for about 12 hours in a day, which necessitates that they have the best shoes on their feet. The shoes need to provide the necessary arch support, enhance comfort, stability, and protect their feet from fatigue and related pains. This article has discussed the best types of shoes nurses can wear while on duty. You can buy a pair or two from the list of shoes in this article to keep your feet safe and protected all day while at work. Moreover, do not forget to give your shoes proper maintenance to last longer and stay free from bad smell.


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