Best Tennis Shoes with Arch Support

Best Tennis Shoes with Arch Support

Would you ever assume to go for the tennis match with a painful arch? Never! Your shoes play the leading role in your performance, especially if you're a tennis player. Normal arches need minimal support, but if you've a painful or injured ankle, you need to take care of it.

Best Tennis Shoes with Arch Support

The outfit of the tennis player is incomplete without the right shoes. Jumping from one place to another can damage your feet' efficiency, but how can you cope with that? Shoes with arch support – a single solution to all kinds of problems related to painful and flat feet.

Being a tennis player, you should head towards tennis shoes' best choices by choosing the right shoe with arch support. Get extreme flexibility and never-ending efficiency in your performance by selecting the right tennis shoe. After a complete research and doctor's recommendation, we've come across the best choices of tennis. Some of them are given below.

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What to Look for Before Buying a Tennis Shoe (A Handy Buying Guide)

Raise your hands if you're up for buying a perfect tennis shoe. Well, it's not about tennis shoes; buying the right footwear is an exam. No one has the potential to spend their money on purchasing that isn't able to give sufficient support to your feet.

Just imagine you've bought a new pair of shoes for your tennis match and still your feet are hurting. Heartbreaking! So what should you do? Get detailed information before spending your money.

For the sake of our customers' convenience, we're here with some of the pinpoints that should be kept in mind when you're out to get the tennis shoes!


The first and the foremost factor while choosing a tennis shoe is its weight. Imagine carrying a shoe with more value than yours, Ahh, really difficult. You can't allow your feet to move at a fast pace with heavy shoes.

So try to consider lightweight shoes instead of heavy tennis shoes. Another thing to keep in mind is the ratio between size and weight. Try your best to get a shoe with a minimal weight according to your size.

Arch Support

It's the factor for which tennis shoes are known. It all depends on the condition of your feet. No doubt, there are many choices of tennis shoes with several levels of arch support.

Look at your arch's condition and choose the right pair of shoes ranging from regular lowest arch support to the highest ranges of arch support. Moreover, if you're still suffering from arch pain, add additional soles in your shoe.


Your feet need oxygen to perform at their best. You can't take a single step while wearing a shoe that doesn't provide your feet the total amount of oxygen they demand.

Best Tennis Shoes with Arch Support

So keep in mind the shoe's materials because the ability of your shoe to let your feet breathe in depends on the type of material they're made up of.


Another most important thing to keep in mind is the traction of your shoe. The grip plays the leading role in how excellently you perform during the game. Most of the players prefer shoes that can provide the best grip.

Keep your eyes on the shoes that have the outsole mainly designed to give you the desired traction level. Check the outsole's bottom, whether it is sturdy enough to walk on the slippery grounds or not.

Toe Box

Your fingers are mostly prone to injuries during tennis matches. So the best way is to choose a shoe that contains a rigid toe box that can adequately cover your fingers.

Keep it in your mind that an extra-rigid toe box can hurt your fingers instead of protecting them. So check them properly whether your feet will feel comfortable in them or not.

  • Adidas Men's Adizero Ubersonic 3 Tennis Shoe

  • Core Features

    • Its midsole is made up of EVA materials.
    • The toe box is made up of sturdy materials.
    • It has an effortless slip-on style with laces.
    • It contains an ADIWEAR outsole.
    • The whole structure of the shoe consists of lightweight materials.
    • A midsole is inserted to provide added traction to the foot.


    • It provides ultimate comfort and cushioning to your feet.
    • The midsole provides exceptional support.
    • Exceptional durability because of high-quality materials.
    • The insole is removable.
    • The presence of anti-bacterial technology keeps your feet healthy.
    • It offers excellent arch support.


    • Thin feet find it quite loose.

    This pair of tennis shoes is rightly standing on all the basic needs a tennis player demands. With an added traction, they can keep you stable during your matches. Moreover, the prices are also too reasonable that you can't stop yourself buying this.

    Being available in all sizes, it's catching the attention of people in undefined ways.

  • Nike Air Zoom Vapor X (Men & Women)

  • Core Features

    • It is made up of synthetic materials inside and outside.
    • All materials used in its construction are highly breathable.
    • Its heel contains the zoom technology for providing cushioning.
    • The outsoles and the insoles are made up of very lightweight materials.
    • A fabric mesh is also present on the outer side.
    • They're straightforward to wear due to the presence of laces.


    • Extremely lightweight for all players.
    • The added traction is perfect for all surfaces.
    • They fit your feet like a glove.
    • They provide extreme breathability to your feet.
    • Ideal for extra mobility.
    • Very high arch support.


    • Toe protection is unsatisfactory.

    If you want a tennis shoe that contains all of the modern features within a minimal price range, grab your hands on this pair now. They'll allow you to move your feet more efficiently in all directions with great comfort.

    It'll be the best shoe you ever find to treat the painful arches. So don't miss a chance to avail the opportunity of making your feet happy with this masterpiece.

  • K-Swiss Bigshot Light (Men)

  • Core Features

    • The upper portion is wholly made up of supporting materials.
    • The textile materials are also inserted in it to make it more stable.
    • Soles can wrap around the sole.
    • The midsole is present for long life.
    • The great room inside for wide feet.
    • The heel cup is present at the back.


    • Provides excellent support and flexibility.
    • Enables your feet to move freely.
    • It stabilizes your feet.
    • Perfect for beginners to intermediate players.
    • Gives excellent grip and traction.
    • Ideal for injured feet.


    • Doesn't provide sufficient oxygen.

    Do you want to get something that will meet all the requirements of your painful feet? If yes, choose this shoe right now. In coordination with all of its unique features, it maintains its constant place in the hearts of those tennis players who want something comfortable.

    All you've to do is to have only $100 for getting your hands on this superior product.

  • Under Armour Men's Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

  • Core Features

    • All materials used in its construction are imported.
    • The inner and outer soles are made up of synthetic materials.
    • Very lightweight to carry.
    • External layers on the outsole.
    • The shaft of significant height.
    • Added cushioning in the midsole.


    • It provides the freedom to move in all directions.
    • Paddings around the heel and tongue.
    • The insole can be removed very easily.
    • A comfortable toe box protects your fingers.
    • Provides great stability.
    • Allows your feet to breathe in the fresh air.


    • Quite congested for wide feet.

    Practicing tennis matches daily is a challenging task. But this shoe is making it all easy for its unique features. Your feet will love the soft midsole and insole as they're provided with extra padding. It will cover your feet from all directions.

    Don't let your injuries despair you. Choose this shoe and rock the game with excellent performance.

  • ASICS Men's Gel-Resolution 8

  • Core Features

    • It contains a low external heel cup.
    • The outsole is made up of textile materials.
    • GEL cushioning in the rare and front part.
    • It has the ability of flexion fit.
    • Available with warranty.
    • It contains different pressure points.


    • Arch support isn't up to mark.

    Being suitable for men and women, this shoe is stealing the heart of all customers. The presence of all essential features within it is making it place it on top of the list. Excellent traction of this shoe will provide your feet with exceptional stability.

    There's no need to worry about painful arches now. Grab this shoe now.

    Best Tennis Shoes with Arch Support

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