You will probably think of the ancient bible stories era when icons like Moses wore sandals and looked diplomatic as portrayed in movies. The Birkenstock brand gives us the benefit of tasting the glory of sandals. The sandals have been out of the market for a long time. Sandals can be used on many occasions. One can wear them when going on a trip and also in a casual manner. However, they are odd-looking and may not appeal to many people, especially fancy-looking footwear. It can only fit people who like simplicity and have a low budget fashion style. It looks good on such people. 

However, every great thing has a story behind it. Johann Adam brought to life the masterpiece in 1774. Being the only style on many people's menus, it became a signature attire for generations. The inspiration progressed for a long time since his great-great-grandson also made meaning out of the art. Konrad developed the visionary idea of developing and selling footbed shoes. The footbed's idea was birthed by the difficulty of walking on sand, therefore the need to make sand resistance shoes. It also helps in maintaining the health of feet. If the feet are healthy, life becomes easy, and the choice of shoes becomes broad.

Birkenstock shoes can be used in several situations. You can wear them for the church, and they are are also suitable for walking around. In 1925, the demand for birken sandals increased. It improved the sales structure of the company, and they supplied to many people. The secret behind such success is the consistent production of the footwear day and night. When great minds come together, huge strides are made. For wisdom to be efficient, it has to be shared. Carl Birkenstock began the Birkenstock training courses, which turned out to be widespread in Germany. It has incorporated over five thousand people who learn about the mighty act daily. The main concentration scope of the legendary shoemaker is in the footprint structure. He figured that if he could teach the correct structure to fit in the customer's menu, success would be inevitable. He made a guiding book known as the Carl Birkenstock system published with a print of fourteen thousand copies. It is the best selling shoe text. 

In 1963, Karl Birkenstock launched the Madrid flexible footwear with a cork and a latex core. Madrid became the first-ever sandal with a deep and flexible footbed. Initially, it was framed as the gymnastic sandal, and right to the claims, it remains the best model for outdoor activities. Another benefit of the brand is that it is environment friendly. Shoes made from leather last long. It assists in maintaining a long term wearing scope. Such a benefit enables the environment to be protected. The production uses water-soluble and solvent-free adhesives in the journey of making their shoes, which stands out from rival shoe productions. 

The process of making the Birkenstock is energy conserving. The company uses a piece of unique energy-saving equipment. It improves on developments that conserve energy. As you know, making shoes is about using a lot of energy; therefore, the Birkenstock company uses combined heat and power plants on several occasions. In 1991, the company made a trademark commonly known as Papillio and Betula. It enhanced the production of different product groups.

The secret behind any successful brand that has operations globally involves a lot of mergers and partnerships. In 2007, the Birkenstock company made a pact with Birkenstock distribution U.S.A. and was headquartered at the existing site of BDUSA in Novato, California. In 2009. A more significant establishment was birthed. It is a larger footbed production facility commissioned in the spring of 2009 in the land of Gorlitz. In 2013, the Birkenstock group was formed. It transitioned from a loose network of thirty-eight companies to a three system operation forum—the production, distribution, and services network. When the system is simplified and defined, it becomes easy to enhance operations. In the year 2013, a significant change happened; family members no longer managed the company. Markus Bensberg and Oliver Reichert became the first people who are not family members to join the board of leadership in the establishment. In 2014, the company underwent a redefining process and focused on three themes being: healthy sleeping, healthy living, and healthy working. Guided by those principles, the production of a broad range of products motivated the making of in house shoes and comfortable shoes to work around the house. It also expanded into sleeping materials such as mattresses and sleeping gear. Every great entrepreneur understands the power of diversity and building a legacy. 

Footwear and sleep gear match in a lot of ways, Appropriate footwear will provide comfort for the legs; therefore, will make sleeping more comfortable. Let us look at some of the appropriate indoor shoes for your use.


The croaks brand that was once represented by John Cena is a good option for indoor activities. It has a delicate nature that makes it suitable for a comfortable experience in indoor' activities. The shoes are also suitable for summertime.

Saturdays N.Y.C. Banya Leather Slides

The Banya leather slides are the Birkenstocks look alike. The shoes come in different colors that fit in your description of a favorite. Some people may like red most because it stands for romance. Any red thing in the house is a representation of a romantic atmosphere, while other people will have white as a favorite. White stands for purity and cleanliness. It actualizes the process of cleanliness since you will want to maintain the shoes clean. White slides and sandals make cleaning easier. You will want to clean carefully to prevent them from catching dirt. 

Birkenstock Arizona

The Birkenstock has a diplomatic look. Once you rock on them indoors, you feel a certain air of quality. People who visit you and have the Birkenstock Arizona on your legs matching with a pair of blue jeans will feel that you live the dream of a good fashion sense. You don't need to wear socks with the Birkenstocks since the primary aim is to provide aeration to the feet and prevent sweaty feet. You may have felt the embarrassment of having smelly feet. The serial Birkenstock shoes are the perfect company for you.

Toms x Outerknown lagoon

The tom and lagoon flip flops make it easy for movement around your big house. The ease that is experienced with the sandals will encourage you to try them out. If you wear shorts and accompany the sandals, then you have an easy time staying indoors. It is best to wear vests alongside the flip flops. Such a freestyle mode of indoors dressing will improve your creativity levels. Freedom is the main gear for an indoor dress code. You cannot be creative in sneakers while sitting on your home desk office. Try out some of the examples of comfortable going sandals, and you will have the best experience. Toms and lagoon flip flops are also suitable for the beach. The sand at the beach is usually tricky to walk on.  Therefore having easygoing flip flops will make your adventure worthy of getting back to.  

Mango slip-on fishnet shoes

Those people who need to feel entangled in shoes but still want the best aeration process can consider mango slip-on fishnet shoes. The shoes make it easy for a comfortable walking experience.  The footwear has a slippery sole that makes walking enjoyable. You can walk on slippery surfaces and feel like you are skating. It is a shoe that you can try out in a casual dispensation. Wearing them with a piece of khakis or jeans can make an admirable fashion sense. However, the shoes have a summer look that provides a classy and glamorous look. It is advisable to use the shoes in a beach setting. The sand will not have a chance to blend with sweat and make your feet look disgusting.

Drake’s Herringbone cotton canvas Espadrilles

The drake shoes have a cotton sole that gives support to the heels, making your summer experience out of this world. It has a toe cap that accommodates the front toes efficiently and cushions them against any injuries that may occur in having walked in the house. The pair of espadrilles have the slipping effect that provides an enjoyable experience. The only thing you are supposed to look at is your walking style. Do not walk as if you are about to take a flight. You may break your ankles and legs.

Minnetonka Moosehide classic

If you like a good structure and support in your house shoes, then the Minnetonka classic is the answer to your desire. You may choose any color that matches your furniture. It also has a summer appeal. Friends who come to visit will notice that you are a person who likes to have things in order. One benefit of the moose hide shoes is that they have that glamorous appeal. You will want to be associated with an aesthetic thing that will add up to your sound profile. Part of it being loafer, and moccasin, they provide a quality story apart from other brands. The footwear has a sandal background since the use is similar. People who have used it have a great story to tell about how big the feeling is. 

Chacos chills slide

Like the name implies Chillos, it is the right shoe for chilling. Imagine having a good time in your house in some fancy slides and enjoying the view of the mountains sipping some delicious mango juice or whiskey; it is worth it, right? One of the physiological aspects of choosing indoor footwear is its appeal to you personally. If it doesn't, please you then it should not be in your shoe rack. However, the chills slide will never miss out on any great opportunity of making you feel worth it. They have a lightweight making the footbed of luxury. You can walk the whole day in the shoes. Try them out for your indoor needs.  

Sabah slip-on

You either like or dislike the Sabah slip-on. It depends on what you want. If you look for a diverse type, why not try on the Sabah Slip-on. The lightweight dispensation is worth telling a story about. However, many people don't like them because of their shape. It is vital to understand that it is okay to taste in the shape of the shoe you want. Sabah slip-on sandals can also match well in a casual outfit. But if you seek adventure and want to try out new things, Sabah slip-ons are what you need to look for. 

Nike Benassi JDI

If you have a sporty appeal in your attire, then Nike is the correct brand. Some people want to be associated with sports in every aspect of their lives.  If you accompany the slides with perfect fitting sweat pants, you will achieve the player's world. Some people live in the fantasy of being game-changers one day. It all starts with your home dress code. Dress sports, be sports.

  1. Crew Kenton Driving Moccasins in Italian leather

Leather represents quality and substance. It is also a sign of long lasting material. If you need to have prolonged experience in quality, go for the quality. The J crew Moccasins is best for driving. Stepping on that clutch requires softness and consistent foot care. Sometimes the car can be too hot to operate, but then shoes like the Kenton moccasins make your experience tolerable. The shoes also make a good casual look and work experience shoes. You can accompany a pair of jeans and khakis and bring out the perfect look in your daily work life. 

Rainbow 302 Alts flip flop 

One good aspect of the rainbow flip flops is they suit both genders. Age is not a limit to people who can wear the flip flops. As long as your feet are big enough to fit in the flips, you can use them in any disposition. The shoes also consider driving. Sometimes, the car becomes too demanding, and your feet can't stand the aggressiveness, therefore the need to secure a pair for yourself in the boot in case need arises.  

A.P.C. brown colas sandals

The sandals are significant for short walks to the mall. They have a Birkenstock background since the material is similar. The Birkenstock brand has inspired a lot of similar shoemakers who provide equal work like them.

The Birkenstock brand produces odd-looking shoes, which oddly makes them unique. Uniqueness separates it from other brands. Everyone wants to get associated with a special brand. The shoes are great for hiking. Big hills and mountains have been explored in these sandals. People have told great tales of the hill top experiences all of which the Birkenstock sandals was a part of. 

The brand comes in various types. There those with a flat sole, and thick soles too. The sandal has an insole that surpasses all other shoe insole for other brands. However, the shoe is not for everyone. It may not look good on females. You are likely to find workers in the Birkenstock production house rocking on sneakers used in basketball. The boat like, heavy weight footwear is hand checked before leaving the factory. It can be used by basketball players to practice privately in their home courts. It may not be the best shoe for basketball since it does not have the standards of what qualifies a shoe for the sport. Let us look at some of the best shoes for practice in basketball.

You cannot compare Birkenstock shoes to basketball brands. There is a disconnect in the two, yet there is a connection. It depends on how you want to use the shoe. Basketball shoes are suited for their art. There is a diverse growth of different brands that provide service in the basketball world. China has developed their own company to produce shoes. 

Air Jordan 34 

As the name suggests, it is an air shoe, basketball is about jumping up to throw the ball in the basketball. The Jordan shoe provides the correct cushioning for the same. It is light therefore making it easy to run around the court. One factor to consider in choosing the shoe to push you through your playing career, is lightness. If the shoe is heavy, you may end up missing clutch moments and your team will be disappointed. 

Adidas Harden vol.3 

If you seek excellent cushioning and comfort for your ankles, you have the best option. The Adidas Harden vol.3 comes in different sizes. You can use it for a casual purpose, and is not gender biased. Anyone provided the legs fit can rock on the shoes. It is a shoe that values freedom of movement. You can move around the court swiftly without feeling any difficulty. Color is a determinant factor. You can choose a victor color that will motivate you while playing. Some of the small details are often overlooked and it is not good since it is what makes the difference. Physiologists require that you consider practicing the small ideas that seems to make no sense. It is the quality that defines successful players. Shoes are a great tool for people who have a career in playing. If you cannot make good use of footwear then it equates to a failing career. 

You don't want to disappoint your team as a signature gamer, or miss the N.B.A. awards and recognition because of the petty things that you should consider. It is why the basketball people have experts who choose the best shoes for basketball. If you listen to most of them giving regulations, they emphasize about lightness and great cushioning. Medics advise that the ankle can be injured  for many times but still heal with time. 

Nike PG 3

The Nike PG has special feature of being all round. If you have ever been to a basketball court, you will appreciate the efficiency of all rounded shoes. Another signature quality is the good lacing. Once you tie the shoe well, it provides an all time service for the period the game will last. It is a versatile shoe that works in all positions. Great players have made history in these shoes. Never underrate the material that is used in making the shoes. It is effective in all situations. Another thing that shoe makers look at is the all round use. The court is big and a player will move everywhere in the court which makes him stand the risk of breaking a body part. 

Nike Lebron 16

The Nike Lebron sneaker works in all surfaces. It is effective for outdoor practice. Rough surfaces cannot challenge the quality of the shoe. It is mostly made for powerful players who have mighty moves. 

Nike KD 12

It has a full length zoom cushioning. It is well balanced shoe that works for a wide scope of players who have different leg sizes. Experts recommend that every shoe should be larger than your leg size. It creates room for effectiveness and aeration of the feet. If the feet do not receive the much needed freshening, then you may lose the energy to play and such a thing may make you lose as a team. Coaches are supposed to recommend the kind of shoes to be wore in the court. It is the only way to overcome the question of effectiveness. 

Adidas Harden vol 4

The Adidas Harden has a lightstrike cushioning which gives the best traction. It best suited for guards looking for fast and low to the ground and a shoe that supports. 

Nike lebron soldier 13

The name soldier, represents aggressiveness. It has an awesome traction that has no real effect of weakness. It is all round that works very well for players who are heavy. 

Nursing is a field that many people desire to get into. Nurses are very effective in our society since they are the backbone of our health. The nurses go through a hard time in treating people. Taking care of patients is not a small thing. Some sick people can be resistant to the type of care provided. It makes the nurses walk around wards administering medicine to patients. However, there is a culture that makes work easier. 

Nurses stand the highest chance of early deaths since they deal with death daily. Some healthcare providers can go insane due to the work load in hospitals. Others develop leg problems and muscle pools especially if it is the surgery department. Surgeons can go for days standing. In china, the common type of medicine is the acupuncture system. It is the process of making holes in the body to release pressure.

The Chinese have a special type of slippers that help restore pressure that is believed to be present in all of us. It is called the acupressure slippers. The feet carry the entire stress and weight of our bodies. It is therefore necessary to reduce the stress to make the body relieved and full of joy. Acupressure slippers relieve pain since it massages the feet. Nurses mostly use the acupressure slippers in their busy schedule. It therefore makes the best nurses shoes. The soft insole of the birkenstocks plays a similar role as the acupressure shoes. 

One thing that is uncommon with a lot of people is that a lot of nerve ending linked with various organs are situated below the feet.  The acupressure sandals, massage the feet and relieves pain, therefore reducing stress. It is advised that women who are at the menopause stage should wear the acupressure slippers since it helps in reducing the pain and P.M.S. symptoms.  

You may have experienced the restless leg syndrome at one point in your life. It is a condition that you feel the constant urge to move your leg while experiencing pulling or burning sensation. The acupressure sandals are best suited to combat the condition. The technology of the slippers targets specific nerves that reduce the constant sensation of the feet.  

However, Brikenstock shoes can function as nurse’s shoes. The open structure that it is made of provides the feet with comfort. It happens in a manner that makes it easy to walk for long hours. However, before you take the sandals for a choice, you are supposed to make sure that the environment is free of equipment or chemicals that can harm your feet.  You may think of wearing socks. Here are some of the options of the best nursing shoes for your medical career.

Hoka one one Bondi 6

The hoka shoe has a special footbed that ensures support for the feet for long periods. Nurses can work on them for days, in the surgical room and in the wards. Nurses suffering from a bad back or plantar fasciitis have a great refuge in the shoe. There is no reason of suffering while you have a solution on the table. Such conditions could lead to death if it persists and no special care is taken. Old nurses stand a higher chance of suffering from the condition since their muscles are fragile and worn out. It is equivalent to what the children experiences. It comes in plenty of colors and sizes. It is not age or gender biased. As long as you have the correct leg size, then all is well. 

Brookes levitate 2

The brooks sneakers are supportive and have a great cushioning. They are mostly used for running. Running shoes are laced with a forward movement mechanism which offers stability in the nursing field. It is verified to make a change in the nursing industry. The great material used to make the sneakers qualifies to make more shoes that become useful in a wide scope of careers. The amount of energy used in standing for long hours in shifts is equivalent to the running energy. It is why the shoe fits in both fields. Nurses and doctors can be put on the same radar as athletes. The only difference between them is they have different operations. It is an excellent option for nurses. Therefore it can be ranked as the best nurse shoes

Alegria Degra professional

One outstanding feature of the Alegria degra shoe is it can be polished. It encourages cleanliness. Once a nurse rocks on shinny shoes, it gives hope to patients. It is a matter of physiology for sick people to draw hope from clean things. It is the reason why doctors and nurses wear white lab coats. If it is coupled with a clean pair of Alegria Degra shoes, the patients will make sense of the healing process. The footbed has a realistic standard that maintains comfort in the whole process of treating patients. Aesthetic appeal is central to the doctors.

12 Asecs Gel-challenger

Asecs shoes are mostly used for tennis. The kind of support provided by the sneaker is unbelievable. The color diversity is what creates its demand. Purple is a color that showcases romance. Hospital wards are painted purple to give patients a ray of light to tell them that all will be okay. If the nurse comes wearing such a color, it becomes a different professional quality that adds value. Dansko clogs come in handy to nurses. They are simple, cheap, and relatable. Look around your local shoe dealer and look for the best clogs for your professional progression. All supermarkets and malls have a variety of shoes that they sell at an affordable price. Some of the dealers have free delivery, thus adding sweetness to the experience of purchasing your professional footwear.

Final thoughts

Birkenstock sandals have come back in a big way. Many brands have copied the structure of openings in the shoe designs, thus making them look similar. The great idea of using leather to make some high-quality sandals has made a revolution in the shoe industry. Other enclosed shoes also use the same method to achieve their primary goal. However, it should not be the case. People have to be unique in their styles. It shows the width of the impact that the Birkenstock shoes have.


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