Did you know that playing basketball for around 30 minutes can make your body burn a significant calories number? Yes, it can make you shed the stubborn body fat. Additionally, playing basketball is fun.

It more enjoyable than struggling to cut calories for longer hours at the gym. What you burn hugely depends on one’s playing intensity and body weight.

For instance, one weighing around 73kg is likely to burn about 300 calories in a 30 minutes game. A research done by Harvard Health Publications revealed that a large-bodied person can burn 355 calories in a few minutes. Do you know how? Well, people with larger bodies usually expend more energy as likened to small bodies. That means body weight and calorie expenditure correlate in a way.

We're not suggesting that playing basketball is the most efficient weight-loss method. But it's among the best and effective ways. Playing regularly at the court, say twice or thrice weekly can greatly cut off unnecessary pounds and give a better physique.

Doing that isn't the limit, observing what gets to your stomach is very vital. Also, ask yourself, which basketball shoes should I get for maximum performance to burn more? This article looks at the calories burnt when playing basketball. Please keep reading.

Factors affecting the calories burnt in 30 minutes of basketball playing


Experts say that moderate-intensity is seen in activities allowing you to carry out the conversation but not singing. The high intensity only allows you to utter a few words at an instance, no breath taking. More calories can be burnt in vigorous games when playing full-court hoops or a five on each side. Moderate intensity can be in solo practice utilizing the half-court.


There are three basketball groups for calorie burning. They are shooting hoops, game, and non-game. For example, a player burns weighing 150 pounds loses 153 calories when making shooting hoops, 204 in a non-formal game, and 272 in a real game played in 30 minutes.

It mainly comes true if all considerations are put in place. An example is finding the right shoes. Know where to buy Nike basketball shoes. You should also know what shoes are good for wider feet if your feet are oversize. 


Individuals weighing more shed more pounds doing the same physical activity. To illustrate, as we said earlier that one weighing 150 pounds burns up 272 calories within half an hour game, one with 100 pounds loses 181 and another having 200 pounds burns around 363. From the calculation, we realize that every 50pounds one burns up approximately 91alories. 




Calories deficit

Exercise targets burning more calories than consumed. What's referred to as a calorie deficit. What you ingest in diet tell more about the much weight can possibly be lost.

Consuming too much can lead to losing more calories daily. That's why you should check the calories quality eaten. To illustrate, have a diet with more fibre and whole foods; they're easily digestible and satisfy for longer. If you're a basketball player, eat with the aim of getting a healthier body. Get yourself enough energy for taking you through the play.

A study done in 2010 stated that semiprofessional ladies playing team sports such as football and basketball daily consume around 2050 calories on average. Those desiring to shed fat might need fewer calorie intake. For example, research by the Department of Health and Human Services in the USA states between 1200 and 1600 every day.

The calorie formula

Various factors influence the body's calorie expenditure. They include gender, age, genetics, workout intensity, and genetics. The aspects are excellent for helping calculate your total expenditure using a certain formula for getting a reasonable outcome. You simply multiply 3.6 by your body weight in pounds, that is;

Calories expenditure= body weight pounds * 3.6 

The formula will help determine the much you can burn if you play basketball in one hour. Playing for an hour or less varies; either reduce or increase where necessary. 

Basketball and other sports

Generally, most sports are naturally ‘start and stop’. They may stop for a break or half time; basketball isn’t an exception. It means they require substantial playing energy and effort. However, they may not burn as much as exercises going on throughout, such as running. An example would be, a 155 lb runner may shed 460 calories in half an hour, unlike one participating in basketball that stops at some point.

For this reason, players in the guard or small forward positions will burn more calories because of too much running from one court side to another. In basketball, other positions can still get you burning more and improving your endurance when you increase your speed. 




Make the movement continuous and not stop and start. You should know where to buy Nike basketball shoes because they’re the best in exploiting all these movements. They’ll help hold a consistent pace when running to increase your calorie expenditure. As per the Harvard Medical Institution, a woman weighing 125 pounds burns between 300 and 330 calories when running at around seven miles hourly. On the other hand, one having 155 pounds burns from 372 to 409 calories, running at a similar speed in an hour. 


Basketball play types for calorie expenditure

There are six calorie-burning calculation categories, according to the American Council of Sports. The following is a list of the six types for a 170 lb basketball player- male. They are;

Full court player

The truth is no basketball player plays continuously throughout the 48 minutes without taking a break. On average, players on the full court will lose 442 calories in each game. However, one can play full court at the YMCA and lose around 667 calories because there's no substitution or time out. Don't forget your shoes are a contributor to excellent play. You should know what basketball shoes are good for wide feet if that’s your concern. 

Running player

Statistics reveal that Pondexter covered 1.3 miles in a game on average and a 4.2 miles speed hourly. Considering his height notably, his running took 18.6 minutes in total. This result tells that basketballers can use five miles averagely in every game. A typical NBA player possibly loses 200 calories by running in the court during games. 


Basket shooters

Generally, one shooting baskets and retrieving balls for about 21 minutes, that alone burns a fifth of the daily target in calories. You can as well increase this number by half of what’s targeted. Do it by taking a sunny day, especially in the afternoon making shots at the backyard for 40 minutes or more. In the court, an average player loses 127 calories in a basketball game.

Intense dribbling

During a game, any player getting in touch with the ball for dribbling uses 90 seconds minimally. By doing this, the player expends at least 15 calories per the 90 seconds on dribbling. To calculate how much calories would be lost if one possesses the ball to dribble for five minutes, you get 75 calories down. If you like dribbling from the park, subtract bench time from the calculation to find the time spent. To lose an average of 124 calories at the court, you’ll use 12.4 minutes averagely dribbling. 

Jump shots

One is likely to lose 2.5 calories in a basketball game when taking jump shots. It's a position taking the least time in the court. Jump shot movements do less when talking about a caloric loss in a game. However, you can achieve losing more if you do it dominantly- dedicate more minutes to jump shot throws. You'll burn 2.5 calories in 10 minutes if it’s fully dedicated to throwing jump shots. 

Passes making

A player can burn up around three calories if they make up to 19 passes per game. It may not be very effective, like other game activities. But it plays a role in the court. To utilize this activity the most, play with a partner for at least 15 minutes or more.

What you lose when playing basketball for cardio

Do you want a slimmer body? If yes, then you don’t have to begin going to the gym for results. You may probably be among those who never succeed in their goals with repetitive jogging and cycling. Why can’t you do it differently this time? Get a basketball, select a few interested friends and engage in a game. Play the sport with an intention to lose fat. You can easily lose pounds through the game, more so if you do it frequently plus additional lifestyle changes. Remember to get started only after finding the best sneakers for the game. Do you know where to buy basketball shoes in Singapore? You can visit various stores to find yourself what will enable high performance. 




Understanding that calorie deficit bridges success

Have you ever been in a fat loss challenge? If no, then understand that success is mainly achieved when you consume less than what's burnt. Doing that puts your body into the so-called caloric deficit. It's the primary concept when losing pounds. You need to create a caloric deficit to build a slim body.


Practice shooting for five hours

Fat loss requires cardio exercises for effectiveness in most cases. Did you know that doing cardio workouts for five hours weekly will easily put your boy in caloric deficit state? If you make basketball a cardio activity for you, it'll raise your tempo. You'll consequently burn more calories when making shooting hoops during the game—no need of exercising with cardio workouts every day for losing weight. You can do it thrice or five times weekly as long as you attain the 300 minutes per week.




Make full-court hoops

Every basketball playing element or activity has an outstanding way of burning calories. For instance, the research noted that someone weighing 200 pounds burns over 400 calories hourly when making shots in a game, 996 in one hour of playing full court, and 744 of half court. Besides playing full-court being the best to burn, others are mainly suitable if you've got less players.


Making adjustments

You can't think of losing fat without changing your lifestyle and behaviour. You not only need cardio workouts to shed extra fat but also strength training for shaping your muscles. Make it part of your every week routine. Remember to reduce your daily calorie intake more so for people who gained weight due to poor food choices. Learn to consume smaller meals daily. Also, avoid high sugary foods and trans-fats.

The bottom line

Basketball players can burn calories in a game. However, it varies with various things such as one's body mass, playing time, total movements made during the game, and the expended energy for every movement.

The movements made in a full game highly determine the number of calories a player is likely to burn. Forget about the time spent at the bench beside the court. Here, nothing is getting burnt. You instead burn out.

You should take note of the caloric amounts lost in every game as a basketball player. Also, put some factors into consideration if your goal is geared to losing fat while playing the game.

Ensure you get the best sneaker types. Could you be asking which basketball shoes should I get? Or you’re a Singaporean and don’t know where to buy basketball shoes? Yes, you need shoes that best fit your feet to enable continuously controlled movements to exploit your calories. 


The food eaten also matters a lot in determining one’s caloric deficit. To achieve a calorie deficit, what’s consumed should be less than the excreted. The diet type used strongly shows the much pounds one can lose. There’s no way you can cut more when caloric intake is much higher.

Consider adding fibre and whole grains to your daily servings. It should be something that's easily digested and suppresses hunger for long durations.  By doing so, you'll easily achieve your weight loss goal. Tone up your body muscles and shape by utilizing strength training exercises for at least three days per week.


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