If you have ever washed your shoes in the washer or washing machine, you know I is a simple process if you follow the simple known steps. Now that you have just acquired a new pair of tennis shoes, the challenge how to take good care of them for them to last longer. The maintenance of your shoes depends on their type, though there are several common tips of maintain and taking good care of your shoes, including washing them. in this article, we will learn a few tricks on washing our shoes, and answer some question regarding tennis shoes and sneakers. 


What Makes the Shoes to Smell?

Tennis shoes are among the most comfortable footwears today. You can break in and mold your pair of tennis shoes, making them a perfect fit around your feet. However, this does not dispute the fact that these shoes can also develop foul smell or odor. Whenever this happens, you are forced to put your shoes in the washing machine and let it do the cleaning for you. You have to understand what makes your shoes to smell before you do the cleaning in the washer. Frequent wearing of your shoes leaves them with sweat from your feet. This is usually the main reason for shoes to start smelling. To reduce the development of this smell, you need to wear a different pair of shoes each day. 

Apart from the sweat, your shoes can start smelling when you wear them without socks for long. Also, the fungus, such as the athlete’s foot or poor ventilation are other reasons for the development of foul smell in your shoes. You can reduce the occurrence of bad smell in your shoes by wearing the footwear that is well breathable, allowing your feet to go without sweating, even for the whole day. 

Shoe Care

Now that you have just acquired a new pair of nurse shoes, the challenge how to take good care of them for them to last longer. The maintenance of your shoes depends on their type, though there are several common tips of maintain and taking good care of your shoes, as explained below:

  • Waterproofing. When you buy a new pair of nurse shoes, make sure to spray it with a suitable waterproof protector. As a result, the shoe surface can stay for long without being affected by moisture. 
  • Reinforcing. This process involves adding half-soles to your shoes, preferably made of rubber. You can visit a cobbler or any shoe expert for these additions at fair prices. This will make your shoes to be more durable. 
  • Alternating. How many shoes should you have? You need to have a number pairs that are all in good condition so that you do not repeat the same pair you wore the previous day. In the process, some of your pairs will have enough for drying, especially after you have cleaned them.
  • Will shoes ruin a dryer? Yes, if stored with moisture after cleaning, or when they sweat. The foul smell will develop in the shoes and ruin your dryer. To avoid this, let your dry in the closet. 
  • Do not walk barefoot. It is recommended that you wear socks in all the shoes, though some shoes can be worn without socks. Wearing socks protects your shoe insoles from the eroding effect caused by the sweat from your feet, especially when worn for long.
  • You can use shoe trees. Shoe trees are good at maintaining the shape of your shoes, making them to last longer. The best shoe trees are wooden because word is a good absorber od moisture. Therefore, when you keep them where shoes are kept, they will stay dry and free from any bad smell. 

How to Clean Your Shoes in the Washer

When your shoes begin to stink, they require you to give a thorough cleaning that they deserve. There are certain things you need to consider before putting your shoes in the washing machine, including the following:

  • Only used for tennis or sneaker shoes. The washer is only designed for particular shoes like the tennis and sneaker shoes. This means the shoes made of leather or suede should not be placed in the washer. 
  • Remove the insoles and laces. The laces of your shoes may get tangled if you put them in the washing machine together with your sneakers or tennis shoes. To prevent this, you have to remove them and put them in separate pillowcase or bag and put them in the washer. On the other hand, you need to wash the insoles by hand, using warm water and a recommended detergent solution. After washing them, you can leave them to dry completely. 
  • Add towels. This is done to prevent your sneakers from banging against one another or the walls of the washer as the cycle turns. Therefore, ensure to add about 6 towels that are old in the washer before putting your shoes in the machine. Also, you can increase the protection of your sneakers by putting them in a mesh bag before putting them in the washer. 
  • The cycle should be chosen wisely. You will be required to use cold water and a liquid detergent to wash your shoes in the washer. Furthermore, you can use the delicate cycles that spin slowly to ensure that your washer is balanced.
  • Disinfect. This is done if need be to prevent the fungus such as athlete’s foot. To do this, add 80% of pine oil disinfectant in the washer before the cycle starts running. For this disinfectant to be more effective, you will have to use warm water in the washing machine. 

Can Your Shoes Go in the Dryer?

When you are done washing your sneakers or tennis shoes in the washing machine, you will to put them in safe place to dry. It is not recommended to put the shoes in a dryer because of its high temperatures. As result, the glue that binds the shoes together may come off. Moreover, some parts of the shoe fabric may end up shrinking when you put your shoes in a dryer. In addition to this, the shoes may completely and permanently warp, leaving them less fitting and with reduced performance. 

It is recommended to leave your shoes in a well-ventilated area for them to dry. Also, you may use a fan by placing it above the shoes if you need them to dry faster. To make the shoes maintain their shape as they dry, you can stuff some towels inside them. 

When Were Sneakers Invented?

Sneakers have a long history that dates back to the 1800s. In those years, people used to wear plimsolls, a type of shoes with rubber soles. These shoes had one outstanding feature: there was no distinct difference between the right and left foot. Canvas sneakers began to be produced in large quantities by 1917. They were nicknamed sneakers because, due to their quiet nature, it was easy for someone to sneak to you silently. 

In 1923, Chuck Taylor from Indiana endorsed the sneaker shoes produced by Marquis Converse. These shoes, which came to be known as Chuck Taylor All-Stars, remain the best-selling sneaker in history to date. The sneaker shoes went global in 1924, when Adi Dassler, a German, produced and named the sneakers Adidas, from his name. As a result, the shoes became popular, especially when they were worn by Jessie Owens. Jessie wore the Adidas sneakers in 1936 and went on to clinch 5 gold medals in that year' Olympics. Within a short period, Rudi, Adi's brother, came up with Puma, a famous company dealing in sport's shoes.

The sneakers sports shoes were initially used for games for most of the 20th century until the 1950s when they began to be worn by kids as marks of fashion. In 1984, the sale of sneakers took a big turn, the year that Michael Jordan agreed to wear Air Jordan, a sneaker shoe produced by Nike. This became the most famous pair of sneakers that was ever made and continued to make huge sales even after Jordan retired from the NBA.   

The competition among the Nike, Adidas, and Reebok companies led to the evolution of the sneaker shoes in terms of coloring and elimination of laces. As a result, sneakers began to be produced for a wide range of sports, including cross-training, walking, and skateboarding. To date, a wide array of technology has been applied in the production of sneakers, such as the gas cushioning by the Nike's Air Force and The Pump used by the Reebok company to make the shoes more fitting and snugly. If you have been wondering when sneakers were invented, this has been a brief answer to your question.

It is also worth knowing the different types of sneakers that you can buy today if you are into them. This will enable you to know precisely what to do when your shoes turn yellow, and the steps recommended to take in order to fix the problem. Therefore, the following is a list of the most popular sneakers today.

In the following section, we will learn about a few tricks of maintaining your sneakers that will enable you to stay longer with your sneakers before replacing them. However, let us quickly remind ourselves of the qualities of a good pair of sneakers that can guarantee comfort to your feet for longer. 

The Shoes That Guarantee Comfort

There are many options for shoes that can guarantee comfort today. Also, there are several factors to consider when choosing comfortable sneakers, including traction, padding, arch support, breathability, and weight on your foot. The most comfortable shoes should have all these characteristics, as discussed in the following section.


Shoes that are well-padded are the best because they reduce the excess foot pain, as well as other related difficulties. Moreover, they provided the comfort needed by people that walk or run for long hours. To enhance this comfortability and the foot's gradual molding, you can a midsole cushioning made from the EVA foam or any suitable gel. Besides, you will find the memory cushioning quite perfect because it makes your feet look fresh and new any moment they are worn. The shoes with this form are comfortable and a must for any busy nurse and other health sector workers. Many types of padding are available for nurse shoes. Depending on the type you want, you can always find anything that can assure you of continuous comfort as you work for the whole day.

Arch Support

Foot arches are classified into high, normal low arches. Each person needs a different kind of support depending on their feet. However, not all of us know the kind of support that is best suitable. In this case, you may need to perform a wet foot test to know exactly the right type of support you need. In this test, you will need water on a bowl and a paper towel. First, you will dip any of your feet into the water on the bowl and then step on the paper towel. Repeat the same process with your other foot, leaving the two footprints on the paper. 

People with high arches will leave minimal marks or prints in their feet' central areas, while those with normal arches will show prints in half of their central areas. A full print will appear on the paper towel for people with low arches or flat feet.

The best shoes should have at least some kind of arch support. However, in most cases, the shoe will have the arch support suitable for high or medium arches, while no shoes support the low arch or flat feet. In case you fail to find the best support for feet, you can instead buy insoles, which are also a good way of enhancing arch support while at work the whole day. We shall discuss the best and suitable inserts for your shoes, if you work, it involves a lot of standing. The best thing is that the sneakers discussed in this article come with footbeds that can easily be removed, enabling you to insert your chosen custom orthotics or insoles to improve arch support. 


This is shoes' ability to support your stability, especially when working or moving on shiny floors with plenty of spills. You need to wear shoes with high traction because they work in an environment with slippery floors. The best types of shoes are rubbers, though any shoes with synthetic soles are also perfect. When buying sneakers, you have to ensure that their outsoles have a tread pattern that is varied enough. Moreover, the outsoles need to be thick enough to keep your feet separate from the floor or ground and should be tapered in shape. A combination of these characteristics in the shoe outsole makes the shoe to have good traction and can comfortably support you as you walk on a hard or rough surface. The shoes also become flexible, which are just suitable enough for nurses who spend most of their time on feet walking. You can even enjoy this comfortability in your shoes when they are resistant to slipping, which is a common risk in hospitals due to the floors' slippery nature.  


The foul odor that is generally common with shoes is mostly caused by the bacteria in the sweat. A remedy for this is ensuring that your feet can breathe while in the sneakers, as well as regulate their own temperature. This is essentially important in minimizing or completely eliminating the bad smell from your shoes whenever you take your feet from them. To fight this problem, you can use the insoles made from merino wool, or wear the socks made from this wool. However, the best solution would be wearing shoes that enhance ventilation on their own.

For this reason, the crocs become the most suitable shoe because of the adequate ventilation. Any footwear you have should support the vitally important ventilation, especially if you intend to spend the whole day in them. If you are a fan of leather shoes, ensure that they have the small pores to let in the fresh air. Also, it is vital that the shoes should have mesh parts for this purpose. If you can the shoes that are purely mesh, it would be better. Such shoes are good in keeping your feet fresh and cool the whole day, as well as allowing the sweat from your feet to evaporate, leaving no chances of bad odor developing in the shoes. Therefore, nurses need to wear these kinds of shoes because they spend long hours on duty. 


If your job involves a lot of walking or running, which at times can be swift, then wearing heavy shoes will just be a burden. This is because they need the most lightweight shoes available for the movements in the hospital's halls and wards. Nurses mostly work on emergencies, running to attend to patients in critical conditions, and should wear lighter shoes to facilitate these quick movements. In the process, they become more productive at work than when wearing heavier shoes that are also not comfortable.  

Standing for hours becomes less tiring when wearing lighter shoes. The best shoes that are also lightweight are designed with mesh. Additionally, you can wear shoes that are made from thin and durable leather. Nurses should, therefore, wear these kinds of shoes to enhance their quick movements or lengthy standing.

Easy to be cleaned

The hospitals' busy atmosphere means that the floors can become dirty and messy, making your shoes look the same. With their busy schedules, nurses need shoes that can be cleaned easily with no waste of time or energy. The best shoes are those that can just be wiped quickly or dipped in a washer. Also, the shoes that have no markings are a better option as they can easily be cleaned and maintained. Some shoes wear off quickly when they are cleaned regularly. To avoid this, only go for the shoes that require minimal specialized cleaning or stain removal, and they can stay longer even by simply wiping and leaving them to dry. 

We have looked at some of the qualities of the most suitable shoes for nurses. However, the features above are ideal for any shoes to be worn by everyone else. We all need something that is comfortable on our feet and requires no strict maintenance measures. In the following section, we will discuss some of the best shoes that nurses can wear as they go about their duties.

The Costly Sneaker Shoes Today

The Adidas and Nike brands have been known for a long time for producing sneakers that are generally worn by artists and athletes. Most of the sneakers made by these two big brands can withstand the test of time and appreciate in value more than any other shoes on the market. Therefore, when you want to really make big sales as a sneaker reseller, you cannot overlook the Adidas and Nike brands. With these two brands, you are assured of a constant flow of clients, some of which have fame attached to them. Therefore, we can have a look at the following popular and expensive sneakers produced by these two brands:

  • Air Jordan 12. This sneaker shoe was launched by Michael Jordan, an accomplished basketball player of his time, as part of his collection of Nike shoes. Most of the well-known expensive shoes can actually be mentioned in Jordan's line of shoes alone. For instance, the Jordan III OG is the most affordable pair of sneakers of the Jordan collection, reselling at $4,500. The most expensive Jordan brand shoes are the Jordan 12 Flu Game, which has a market resale value of $104,000.
  • Nike Air Yeezy 2. Also known as the Red October, this pair of sneakers was launched by Nike in collaboration with Kanye West, one of the most famed music artists. Initially, this pair had a market value of $250, but this value has exponentially increased to between $5 600 and $6 400! Moreover, West entered a collaboration with several other footwear brands, including Bape, Louis Vuitton, and Adidas, the latter giving birth to the Yeezy Boost line of sneakers. They are among the most loved shoes today, apart from the Jordans.
  • Nike Air Mag. These sneakers were manufactured by Nike, a total of 1 500 pairs, after inspiration from Michael J Fox, who wore them in the movie Back to the Future 2. All the pairs were later auctioned, and none made their way to any store. The proceeds from the sale were forwarded to the Fox's Foundation for research on Parkinson's disease.

There are still many other sneaker brands that can reck your significant profits without denying. If you carry out your own research, you will find tons of such brands, including Under Armour, Big Baller, and Lonzo Ball. Therefore, you can select one that best describes your clientele and start making money as a sneaker reseller today.

The Sneakers That You Can Wear for Long

You may have just acquired a new pair of sneakers and wondering about the history behind it. The conceptual inspiration and the design of any sneaker footwear may have a history that dates back to the 80s. This was when advanced technology was pumped in sneakers' making, with powerful shoe brands, such as Nike, Asics, and Adidas dominating the American market. In this era, the shoes made were known for their concept, quality, and execution, as you will learn from the list compiled below.

Air Jordan 1

This pair of sneakers made its debut on the market in the 80. Also known as the OG, it was made famous because it was associated with Michael Jordan, the great NBA superstar. The Air Jordan really sold big, and its popularity is still in the air till today. However, wearing this shoe will require you part with a large sum of money, and it is hardly found. It is a good piece of footwear that deserves its place in the museum, or you can visit Japan, a country whose citizens are well known for their love of sneakers. 

Reebok Club C

It was regarded as leading footwear for those people that wanted something cool and casual. Initially, this shoe was meant for tennis athletes, but later caught the public's attention, becoming a statement of lifestyle. The Reebok Club C silhouette made a mark on the market as one of the popular shoes in the 80s. This proved the fact that the Reebok company is well known for manufacturing footwear that is classy and cool. These shoes recently appeared on the Instagram account of Eric Emmanuel, the designer of the NY. It seems Eric is planning to re-invent this outstanding pair of sneakers for the future market.

Nike Air Max 1

The 80s was a period in which the masses reveled in culture, music, and sneakers. The developments in the manufacture of sneakers saw the rise to fame of Nike Air. This new pair of sneakers came and rapidly separated itself from the many shoe brands of those times. The sneaker soon became the aspiration of anyone who wanted to be associated with uniqueness, style, and quality and become the household name, especially in 1987. Though it encountered stiff competition from the OG, Nike Air 1 was equally revered by its design and comfort. 

Nike Dunk

This pair of sneakers was initially designed for basketball players. The popularity of this shoe would later see enter the streets and start being worn by the larger population. Also, the Nike Dunk was used by skaters because it was designed with a wide sole. This gave birth to Nike SB Dunk, a re-invention of the former shoe, to be perfectly used by the skaters. The shoe was made in various colors and was even sold in colleges. The Nike Dunk can be somehow expensive, not common on the market today, though there are several specific stores from which you can acquire this footwear.

New Balance 990

If you were around in 1982, you probably heard of the New Balance sneaker. It was popularly used as a running shoe in those times. The company that made this sneaker brought it on the market with a price tag of $100. Later, the shoe became iconic as the NB footwear, and you can acquire it from its respective website. However, you will have to part with some cash, which could be slightly higher than the initial $100.

Saucony Jazz Original

This pair of sneakers was quite famous in the 80s, as well as the 90s. It was made the low cut as a smaller Mass brand and worked well in meeting the expectations of the public. The top of this shoe was made from leather, suede, and mesh, giving it an appearance that is both casual and sporty. Though they were initially meant for the athlete runners, people currently wear them for walks in the streets, especially when you want to take faster walks. You can get this shoe at any modern store, though you may walk away with its current vintage version.

Reebok Classic

True sneakerheads know the feeling of wearing the Reebok Classic sneakers. The history of this low-cut footwear extends beyond the 80s, though they literary became famous during this period. The footwear has some fascinating collabs, and its affordability means you can have it from any store. However, it is not as common these days as before, though it remains one of the most cherished sneaker footwear in the 1980s. 

Puma RS-Computer

Puma is a shoe brand that is well known for making classy and quality footwear. Its popularity in the 80s was far ahead of some other brands, and the company proved this by introducing the only sneaker that could be plugged into a computer. The Puma RS-Computer sneaker is widely regarded as a running shoe, and there is now a new version of this sneaker, which you can buy through the StockX app. 

Adidas ZX 8000

Many sneaker brands are currently making their comeback in the world of footwear, and the Adidas brand is not left behind. The Adidas ZX 8000 sneaker reminds people of the shoe's aesthetic appearance in the 80s, specifically in 1988. It was designed with three stripes on the sides and had beautiful collabs that just makes you want to wear it. It was a popular shoe in the 80s, and the Adidas brand has decided to remind the market of the presence and versatility of this footwear once again.

Converse Fast Break

The Converse sneakers made a name in the 80s, hitting the market in 1983 and being worn by the king of pop music, Michael Jackson. It was mainly worn by basketballers of those times, a fact that proves its strength and versatility on the court. The Converse Fast Break is designed full leather with a high top, making it so beautiful you would be willing to buy it at any price today. 

Slip-On Sneakers

These are a kind of plimsoll sneakers that come without laces. Have these as part of your footwear collection today if you are after simplicity and comfort. They are designed for those people that want to just slip them on and go out for a walk. Furthermore, slip-on sneakers are designed with a minimalistic, as well as fashionable touch and are just a perfect sale for anyone of any age. Designed for any occasion, slip-on comes in various colors, including navy blue, black, grey, and magenta. You can buy and sell these plimsolls at competitive prices if you can give them the high level of maintenance they need. 

Plimsoll Sneakers

Of all the types of sneakers out there, plimsolls are the most common and famous. They are loved by many people and can fit any occasion. Plimsolls are trendy, comfortable on your feet, and simple, yet they can go with any outfit. You can wear plimsolls with casual outfits, smart casual, as well as panty ensembles. Moreover, you can stock plimsolls with denim shorts, formal trousers, and even linen chinos since they go hand in hand. Therefore, consider buying plimsolls and a variety of outfits and take good care of them. They need to be regularly cleaned for them to retain their stylish looks and make you stand out from the crowd on any occasion.   

There are many other sneakers that were popular in the 1980s, though we have compiled the top 10 from the many. You can check them out as discussed above and select a pair or two that go well with you.

Indications That Your Sneakers Need Replacement

  • The discomfort in your feet. Most of us only associate discomfort in our feet with smaller shoes. This is because the smaller pair of shoes usually makes us feel like our feet are being compressed, especially in the toes and heels. Also, there is a lot of pressure resulting from wearing smaller shoes and spending longer periods in them. However, putting on too big shoes also generates discomfort. You may have realized that, at times, the shoes tend to slide around as walk or run. The sliding movements may either be from back to front or even sideways. We will try to deal with discomfort by curling our toes to try and hold the sliding shoes in place. In the end, it is common to feel pain in the feet, as well as the back. Furthermore, your toes may develop blisters due to the continuous sliding and the attempts to hold onto the shoes with our toes. This situation may be aggravated by walking on wet grounds as the moisture enter the shoes, making them slide even more.
  • Too long and overlapping laces.  Another indicator of shoes bigger than the size of your feet are overlapping laces. You need to look at the length of the shoelaces when buying a new pair. If you can comfortably tighten the laces until the two ends meet, it means the shoes are too big. This means the shoes will only fit when you tightly lace up the laces and tie their remaining length around your ankles. If this is the case, then you may just have bought another too-big pair of shoes.  
  • When the shoes extra-spacious. While wearing the newly bought pair of shoes, you can know that they are too big by stretching your toes to see if they hit the tip of the shoes. This is what we do every time are walking or seated. The toes should reach the shoe tip, or the space between them and the tip of your shoes should be the size of your thumb's width. If you realize that the space is too large and you can stretch those toes to no end, then it means you have too big shoes, and you need to take the necessary steps to either resize the shoes or do away with them. 

Now that you have learned how to know if your shoes are too big, it is also worth knowing the action to take after the realization. Depending on the type of shoes, you can do almost anything to make them more comfortable when you wear them. The following section discusses the appropriate steps to take upon realizing that your shoes are too big for your feet.

If you have sneakers that may need replacement, but you still need to wear them, you can buy any of the following insoles to enhance comfort and support for your posture. 

Superfeet Green Full-length Insole

These insoles are designed with a heel cup that serves to provide support for the feet and act as shock absorbers while walking or running. They are biomechanically made and can fill the extra gap inside your too-big shoes, especially the boots. Moreover, your feet are always kept fresh with a pleasant smell when you use these insoles designed from a foam material. The insoles have an outer covering that is meant to control foul odors, hence maintaining the freshness of your feet all day.

Timberland Pro Men’s Replacement Insole Anti-Fatigue Technology

Similar to the superfeet insoles, the Timberland Pro Men's Replacement Insole Anti-Fatigue Technology is designed to absorb the shock while maintaining the energy in your feet all day. They are made with an antimicrobial cover that ensures your feet stay fresh regardless of the length of time you wear them. Also, the cover serves to regulate the temperature of your feet. these insoles are ideal for taking up the extra space inside your too-big shoes while still providing the needed support for posture. They are made in a way that your feet are always comfortable all day and are perfect for any shape of feet. This is facilitated by the contoured footbed of the insoles, as well as the fit arch that can comfortably adapt to feet shapes.  

Samurai Insoles for Flat Feet Instant-Relief Orthotics

These insoles are perfect in case you have a problem with too big boots. They are designed to provide energy to your feet and support all the necessary places of your feet as you walk all day. 

Sof Sole Insoles Men’s Athlete Performance

These insoles are made thick enough to fill up the extra room in your extra-large boots. The Sof Sole Insoles are designed with gel pads that cushion your heels while walking. Moreover, to ensure that your feet remain fresh, cool, and dry the whole day, these insoles are made with a system that serves to regulate the moisture inside the shoes. Therefore, your feet will always remain fresh and supported by these insoles. 

Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics for Heavy Duty Support

With these insoles, you can walk a long distance without the usual discomfort of wearing too-big boots. They are designed to be used by people weighing 200 pounds or more. Dr. Scholl's insoles can be resized to fit any size of a boot and serve to provide support, as well as absorbing the shock while walking in your boots. When you insert these insoles in your extra-large boots, they can make the boots seem smaller, and they are designed with a guard technology that works to prevent fatigue from your feet. Buy these insoles today to make your boots fit your feet and eliminate the discomfort that comes with too-big boots. 

Spenco RX Orthotic Arch Support

These insoles are designed with a fabric that is treated with an antimicrobial. Furthermore, they have arch support that is moldable. The insoles are 0.16 inches in thickness each. Therefore, they are good for using to make adjustments to the boots that are too big for your feet.

Any of the above-discussed insoles can be used in your sneakers to reduce the discomfort, as well as keeping your feet fresh, cool, and dry.

Sneaker Maintenance

Now that you have just acquired a new pair of sneakers, the challenge of how to take good care of them for them to last longer. The maintenance of your shoes depends on their type, though there are several common tips to maintain and taking good care of your shoes, as explained below:

  • Waterproofing. When you buy a new pair of sneakers, make sure to spray them with a suitable waterproof protector. As a result, the shoe surface can stay for long without being affected by moisture.  
  • Reinforcing. This process involves adding half-soles to your shoes, preferably made of rubber. You can visit a cobbler or any shoe expert for these additions at fair prices. This will make your shoes to be more durable. 
  • Alternating. You need to have a number of sneaker pairs that are all in good condition so that you do not repeat the same pair you wore the previous day. In the process, some of your pairs will have enough for drying, especially after you have cleaned them.
  • Will shoes ruin a dryer? Yes, if stored with moisture after cleaning or when they sweat. The foul smell will develop in the shoes and ruin your dryer. To avoid this, let your dry in the closet.  
  • Do not walk barefoot. It is recommended that you wear socks in your sneakers, though some shoes can be worn without socks. Wearing socks protects your shoe insoles from the eroding effect caused by the sweat from your feet, especially when worn for long.
  • You can use shoe trees. Shoe trees are good at maintaining the shape of your shoes, making them last longer. The best shoe trees are wooden because wood is a good absorber of moisture. Therefore, when you keep them where shoes are kept, they will stay dry and free from bad smell.  

The most important part of shoe maintenance is washing. How often should you wash your sneakers? This depends on two factors. First, if you only have one pair of sneakers, you may have to wash them as often as every time you take them off after wearing them. When your sneakers stay long without proper washing, they may develop stains from previous dirt, as well as developing foul smell in their inside. The worst part of it is that they may turn yellow, especially if they are white in color. Therefore, ensure to wash your sneakers regularly and keep them safe from any moisture, dirt, debris, or stains.

The second factor is the number of pairs you have in your closet. If you have several pairs, you may wash the ones that are not being used and keep as you wear others. Having more than one pair of sneakers is one way of ensuring that they last longer and also saves you the need to wash the one pair on a daily basis.

We now need to know what can make your sneakers to turn yellow and what to do when this happens.

Closing Thoughts

This article has been very informative and educating on a number of facts regarding tennis shoes and sneakers. Several maintenance tips have been discussed as well. Shoes can be washed in the washing machine, but they should not be put in the dryer. Also, to prevent your sneakers from stinking, you need to wear them with socks and maintaining cleaning them regularly. However, you can own more than a single pair of sneakers if you do not want to wash them regularly. 


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