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Check Out The Top 3 Best Shoe Paints

Check Out The Top 3 Best Shoe Paints

Painting shoes is also a creative art and science too as making use of a wrong paint to color and design your shoes can destroy your favorite pair of shoes and will also disappoint you for not being able to be a creative shoe designer. 

Every shoe has a different texture and the type of paint you use may not last long on the sneakers. After some time, it may peel off, crack or may chip very badly. The quality rated shoe paints come with different chemical properties from normal paints. They are formulated as flexible and adhere well to porous surfaces like fabric and leather. 

Whether you are a beginner in painting sneakers or a master in painting them, here are the top 3 best shoe paints for customizing your favorite kicks. 


  1. Angelus leather paint

This is the most trusted and popular leather paint for painting sneakers. If used correctly, it can offer you an amazing look and feel of a factory-ready sneaker, with your choice of designs and colors. 

If you are a beginner and very much excited to paint your first pair of sneakers, it is recommended to go for their best shoe paint kit.

Their beginner shoe paint kit includes the following the products, 

  • Three colors of leather paint of your choice
  • Deglazer and preparer for leather shoes
  • Set of five brushes
  • A cleaning solution and brush for cleaning sneaker 
  • An easy to use acrylic sealer (Matte/gloss)

The individual paint colors for sneakers are also available. You can buy them online. 

  1. Plaid Leather studio paint

Although they are not available in many colors like Angelus leather paint, the popular company Plaid has come with its solid leather studio paint. It is of high quality which performs well on the sneakers. It adheres well to leather shoes and comes with great durability features.


  1. Aerosol Plasti- dip rubber spray

This is less durable paint as compared to Plaid Leather studio paint and Angelus leather paint. One must not use it for untreated leather or suede surfaces. It can be used as an amazing customization tool. 

Make use of it like spray paint. You can spray the same on thin paint layers so that it doesn’t get spilled. Apply the second layer, once the first layer is dried off completely. By adding several layers, you will have a coating much like a rubberized color on top of your shoe surface. 

Moreover, if you will spray this on your synthetic, plastic or rubber sneakers, the coating remains temporary and never damages its underlying surface. This plasti-dip can also be peeled off as per your needs.  

Get ready to give a new and classy look to your sneakers today with the top 3 picks paint for your shoes. Numerous colors are available in these paints that can be grabbed and chosen for painting your sneakers anytime. 

Don’t wait for anything else; visit the best seller of customized shoes for grabbing more details about majestic painted sneakers collection today. 

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