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Clean Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops – Easy and Effective Steps

Clean Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops – Easy and Effective Steps

Some shoe designs are although old but still and relevant even today when a lot of many beautiful ans trendy styles been introduced. At Freaky Shoes we not only sell shoes but according to our policy we are committed to satisfy and provide every type of direct and indirect service to the shoes lovers related to shoes and shoes accessories. We have started a series of blogs in which we guide our readers regarding cleaning of every type of shoes at the comfort of their home. In this context the following blog is about the famous and ever –trendy the Chuck Taylor High Tops cleaning. 

The Chuck Taylor Converse shoes are famous regarding their universal and suitable-for-every-occasion design. These are easy to wear, comfortable and durable to sustain the rough lifestyle for longer period of time. The only problem lovers of converse sneakers face is regarding their cleanliness. Due to their white canvas and material used for upper portion these shoes attracts dust very quickly. Although, the shoes are durable but many users look for newer pair of shoes because the converse shoes start looking grayish and dirty due to the attraction of stains and dust. 

Follow the guaranteed cleaning steps for your dingy stained soiled and dirty Converse High Tops shoes and convert them in the brand new shoes. The following step by step guidelines are practical and shoes can be cleaned at the comfort of home.

  1. As a common practice before cleaning of any shoes remove the laces of shoes and keep them to the side in order to clean them later.
  2. Insert the shoe tree inside the shoes order to give it better and hard surface. The shoe tree will withstand and absorb the pressure from outside during cleaning of the shoes.
  3. Always use dye-free, chemical free, and 100% natural chemical for the cleaning of every type of shoes specifically suede and converse shoes in order to prevent the surface from being fade and pale. 
  4. Use gloves or cover your hand with packing soft plastic if your hand are sensitive to cleaning type of material.
  5. Use any stirring tool to mix the chemical is water using delicate and lighting stirring movements.
  6. Now apply the mixture on the Chuck Taylor Converse Sneakers using brush in circular motions. Use soft brush for application of chemical on the whole upper portion of the shoes.
  7. To clean the dirt trapped in the cracks and corners you may use, hard used tooth brush and apply chemical little hard in these parts.
  8. After you have lathered the entire upper of the shoes use medium hard brush to clean and loosen stubborn stains and any greasy material. Also clean the midsole with same brush by scrubbing in a back and forth motion to remove any dirt entrapped in cracks of rubber midsole. 
  9. For cleaning the soles use stiffer and hard brush because it contains most of the dust and stains comparing entire shoes. The soles are hard enough not to be damaged by the stiffer brush. Apply solution on sole with soft brush and clean hardly with hard brush.
  10. Now dip the shoelaces in the remaining solution and rub them together between your hands.
  11. Now put the shoes and shoelaces in laundry bag in a way that soles are attached together in the opposite direction. Put laundry bag in the washing machine and set the machine on normal setting. Use dye-free, alcohol-free, and chemical free detergent with cold water.
  12. After removing shoes from the washing machine examine the whole upper and soles of the shoes to ensure complete bright and ideal clean. 
  13. At last set the sneakers outside or well-ventilated room at shadowy and dry place. 

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