A lot of games exist today. Some need sheer expertise, while others need talent. However, shoe tossing is also a game. Can you imagine tossing your shoes upwards aiming at a specific spot and winning a gold medal for that? Crazy right, people do that in different countries. There are no global rule sets to govern the sport since it is not that popular. The only regulations may be on the type of footwear to use or the weight of the same. 

One of the most common places you may spot tossed shoes is on power lines in many cities. From Beijing, China, and all the big cities globally, you may think that people are crazy. However, there is no general view of why the game started.

Some of the game's believed causes started was to locate drug dealing positions in the drug dealing seasons. It also marked the territory of gangsters in a specific location. People would relate to dangling shoes and end up becoming conscious of their movements. In 2003, the city of Los Angeles underwent a massive shoe removal process from powerlines.

Gangs had gone a step further in marking their territory. It prompted Mayor James Hahn to ban overhead shoes, being a strategy of cleaning up powerlines from the hard weight.

Have you ever lost a loved one? Well, you understand the grief that comes with it. Some people commemorate the death of the people that they love in different ways. Some hold family and prayer meetings, while others give out tributaries. However, some people believe that tossing shoes on powerlines are the best way of showing grief.

Therefore, grieving the loss of loved ones is another factor that attributes to the shoe tossing game. It is so familiar with gang families and people affiliated with the crime. Another spot for tossing is on tree branches and around public places. Rooftops are also scope for the practice. 

Excitement is a condition that every person experiences. Imagine passing a graduation exam or securing a new job; it is a situation that can make you toss your shoes up on some clothing. It is another reason why the practice is still relevant. People across the world find it interesting. Some people have to mark their milestone by throwing shoes up.

When was the first time you lost your virginity? Well, you may have thought of tossing your boots in jolly. People do feel good after breaking a barrier that is set by the society. Young boys who take the step fill the streets with shoes. When the military people complete their initial training, it is a fundamental practice that they have to toss their shoes. Some of them do paint their boots in victory colors just to add flavor to their celebration.




High school bullies have added a milestone to the sport. Some of them have thick heads and end up adding trouble to other kids in school. It is a practice that has added fear to their profile and yet contributed to the game.

Shoes are used for various reasons. Cross country is the most involving field. Running around for miles is not a small feat. You will need the best cross country shoe. However, many cross country champions toss their shoes after victory. Cross country shoes are meant to keep the foot upright while running. You can imagine a runner running through the most challenging terrain, and the feet have to be protected.

Sneakers like the air Jordans have good cushioning that covers the ankle in the process of running. Asics Gel Kayano has good responsiveness and comfort, which spell out a great deal of running experience. Another type is the Brooks running Mach, which is superb for outdoor running. It has a useful tread make and stable cleats that maintain a soft footing in wet seasons.

Imagine doing a cross country in the rainy seasons; it can be wrong, right? That is why we have various shoes like then Adidas supernova riot, which is the most common type in the market. It allows a runner to cross over a variety of surfaces. It enables smooth and consistent running. 

The la Sportiva wildcat 2.0 GTX  is the best for running in rugged terrain. It is endowed by elements that make it practical for running under any circumstances. In the shoe tossing field,  some of the shoes that get involved are of high quality. Supervisors in the game may require that different sizes should be used to enhance equality in the process.

The likes of Pearl Izumi peak XCs are made for off-road running. You know that running in such a space is rough and tiresome. It is why most of these shoes are fashioned in such a manner. 

However, people may think that tossing shoes are uncouth, but it is not the case. It is a form of enjoying oneself. People have used it therapeutically. If you just throw shoes up in the sky when stressed, it will serve as the best therapy. You cannot just toss shoes; there has to be a criterion to follow.

Part of the parameters to use is the type of shoes. Every shoe has a meaning. In the early years, colors red and yellow belonged to the high-class people. Sandals made from papyrus belonged to the peasants. One could not just throw such shoes up carelessly. 

It is interesting to dive into some ancient shoe forms to understand better the types of shoes qualified to be tossed. Before 1818, there only existed left foot shoes. The right shoe got discovered in the same year. Have you ever heard about wooden shoes? Well, as it sounds, it is so difficult to use in the competitive tossing.

However, it is the traditional shoes for the Dutch people. Such footwear was used for outdoor purposes only. People would line them up in a row in front of their houses, and only right legs could be allowed in them.

Shoe history is dynamic. In the 16th century, aristocratic women wore shoes that were too high. Servants could help them walk around in the shoes. It is hard to use such shoes in playing games. Prostitutes rocked such shoes.

An interesting fact in the development of shoes showcased in the monarchy era. Prince Henry VIII made a law that saw people make the wearing of wide-tied shoes a trend. Shoes were to be six inches wide, according to prince Henry VIII. 

Some cultures are broad in a way that brings out an interesting bit about shoes. In Hungary, the groom takes a tot to the bride from her wedding shoe. Another fascinating factor in China is that tossing a red shoe over the roof in a wedding symbolizes good luck.

Back in time, during the middle ages, a wedding could only occur if the groom to be and his father -in -law would hold a shoe ceremony as a symbol of giving authority to the groom over the bride. 




You will understand that it is attention attractive after Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, stated that he left the boots afloat on the moon to fear getting them contaminated.

Some people can spend a fortune on the most classic and luxurious shoes in the world. Judy Garland, the first human being to wear shoes worth $ 660,000, came from the wizard of oz. You would not want to joke with such shoes! The good reason why not all boots can be used in the tossing game.  

Henry Nelson McKinney came up with the name “ sneaker”  it was a marketing strategy for the then newly invented rubber shoes. The effect of “stealth” prompted him to create the famous name for shoes.  Keds were developed in 1917 as the first sneakers.

In 1923, the boots went international. A man known as Adi Dassler made some footwear and named it after himself, Adidas. The brand grew to international levels after Jessie Owens won four gold medals rocking the Adidas shoes. In that manner, the Adidas shoes became the most popular athletic shoes. Shoes have a very comprehensive history.  

Throwing shoes can seem like a very childish thing, but it is never the case. Shoeing can involve a lot of meanings. It can depict an insult or riot. In the bible ages, people would throw shoes at people who offended the law. It happened to political figures who never fulfilled their politicking career to satisfy the desires of netizens.

It could be a form of stepping on someone's legacy. George W. Bush was a victim of such implications. The face of George W Bush appeared in the middle east with shoes attached to them. On 14th December 2008, throwing shoes became famous after Muntadhar al-Zaidi hurled his shoes at the U.S president George W Bush at a press conference in Iraq. 

Since then, it became a trend. In other countries such as China and India. In the Arab world, shoes are known to be a resemblance of uncleanliness. It is the reason why Islam remove their shoes when entering the mosque. 

Notable incidents of shoeing

In the year 359, the roman emperor known as Constatious II suffered the same fate when addressing a small crowd of people asking for their loyalty. The person who actualized his future shouted Marha! Marha! As a signal of war. It showed that his efforts of loyalty search could bear no fruits. 

On 7th April 2008, the former chief minister of Pakistan, known as Arbab Ghulam Rahim, was hit by a shoe from a follower right after taking office.  George W Bush never had an easy time with people who were willing to exercise shoeing on him. On 14th December at a press conference in Bagdad, a newsmaker identified as Muntadhar al-Zaidi threw shoes on his face. Such incidences invented the popularity of the sport. 

Sometimes, if you want to make a statement, you may want to throw some shoes on a building in a specific locality. It creates suspicion of why they are sitting on that spot. People will ask around, and you will get the attention you need.

One may ask about the best shoes for work in the kitchen. It has to be comfortable going shoes that you can stand on for a whole day. The cushioning has to be on point. Sketchers are good for aeration.

The shoes have to be on-topic to protect against falling in the kitchen. If you are keen, you will realize that nursing and kitchen shoes are similar. You may consider Mary Janes since they provide superb support. Sketchers are also on the radar. You will want a comfortable standing posture while preparing your best dish.

However, shoe tossing as a spot has different forms. Just like basketball can be played in many ways, shoe-throwing has no specific tossing method. Only a hurl up, and the boots hang on some space, which qualifies to be a score.

The game is mainly practiced for fun. It is the reason why there are no international regulations on the game. A score is attained if the shoe hangs on for a specific period. Let us look into some of the forms of the game.

Standard boot throwing

You will agree that boots have no common standards with shoes. Boots tend to have more weight; therefore, the competition is stiff. However, the boot sector is guided by a set of international standards. Boots vary in size and weight. The strength of the players also matters.

A gamer who weighs fifty kilograms will not throw a consequence of above him. It is not restricted to any gender. Size also matters. If the size fits in the player, then the game will fulfill its purpose. Laws regarding re-throws and detecting cheaters are in pace just to smoothen the play. There can be a live audience in some instances, and such a setting is best for spicing up the game. 




Wellie wanging 

It is a game that has its roots from England and across certain countries in Europe. It is all about throwing wellington shoes across an open field, as far as possible. The concept is to measure the distance that the shoe has been thrown and its fundamental idea. The further you throw, the greater the chances of winning. Boot sizes also matter a lot. One has to distinguish between the best measures to undertake. It is just to be on the safe side.  Just try throwing a boot heavier than you can manage.

Sometimes, the boots can be filled with water or some throw down weight to slow the thrower. It tests the agility that they can endure in the process. In some cases, you may have to stand up or throw from a certain angle to achieve the game's target. The game is mainly used for making donations in public events. Such plays attract a big crowd of fans who will be prompted to contribute to the plan.

Gumboot day

Have you ever heard of the gumboot day? Well, it is an ordinary day in New Zealand. It focuses on the gumboot throwing contest. People in New Zealand are farmers. As a way of celebrating their culture, they toss their boots up as a mark of legacy. It takes place in Taihape, where there is an annual competition for the same. People show loyalty to culture.

Every first Saturday of March, Taihape hosts the iconic celebration. The small town of 1640 carries the iconic boot that symbolizes heritage. It is climbable and exists because of a fictional character that ensures Taihapes’ journey to fame. 

The widespread practice was made lively by a man named John Clarke. He got involved in a fictional character in his TV sketches. His character was known as Fred Dagg, and he rocked on gumboots leading to the widespread practice. New Zealand has a lot of interesting facts.

Clarke appointed Taihape to be his home town for his character “Dagg," and gumboots became his signature mark. It soon graduated to hosting the international gumboot day. Competitions for the big day include the largest size, best-dressed gumboots, and the most decorated boots. The round has wholly shaped the city.

The bushies boot throw

The bushies boot throw is very complicated. You have to throw the boots using two hands from behind your back and ensure that it has landed in front of you. The primary standard is that it has to be a two-handed throw. Originating from Tilba in New South Wales, people have become familiar with the trend and have made it a sporty activity. Laws regarding size and weight apply.

The distance of throw determines wins. There is a unique angle of throw that completes it. Let us look into the history of the bushies boot throw. The sport is similar to spear throwing.

Some people may think of overcoming stress at the workplace by shoeing. There is the best type of shoes for working, depending on the type of job involved.

Handy jobs need a stable boot structure that will provide regular support for the feet. However, the stability of footwear depends on its insole.  Let us dive into some of the insoles for work boots. If your work shoes are too big, a high-quality insole will make you feel different.

The power step pinnacle shoe insoles can improve the health of your feet.  They are made from an EVA foam base, which molds your feet. Its arch support can increase your stability while working. If you suffer from pain on your feet, the power step pinnacle insoles are the best for you. 

Another insole is the super feet copper memory foam for comfort, which makes comfort feel heavenly.  They have a deep heel cup that maintains comfort, especially if you wear work boots for a very long time. It one participates in high impact activities, then the superfeet copper memory is the perfect match.

Those who have used Dr. Scholl's Comfort Massaging Gel insoles will give a testimony of a long-lasting shoe company that will never let you down. The gel technology that is used doubles the amount of comfort that is experienced. If you suffer from feet discomfort, the best solution for your troubles is Dr. School's comfort massaging gel.

The superfeet green insoles have the effect of stopping any feet pain that you experience. The deep cup design used in making it provides a maximum support structure. It has a high-density foam to improve comfortability.

Other examples include the Timberland PRO Men's Anti-fatigue insole, outsole insoles men’s Athlete samurai insoles for instant relief performance and the Nazaroo Orthotic insoles for flat feet.

The basketball world is never left behind. We have basketball shoes for outdoor practice. Basketball lovers will agree that air jordans are the best for dunk moves. An outdoor basketball court can be very rough at times since it is the outdoor environment.

You will need stable shoes that will provide sufficient support. The ankle is a very delicate body part that needs to receive protection in the game. It means that cushioning is inevitable. One may ask about the best way to recognize good outdoor shoes. First of all, you need to look at the outsole.

It has to be made of durable rubber that is hard to sustain than the outside court's roughness. Its traction grooves have to be exhaustive and in-depth. If you seek to know about the price, it should not be expensive since they don't last long. Since the big brands do not specialize in a big way in the production of outdoor shoes, you can customize one for your home use.

An example is when you own a pair of Nike ID sneakers, you can use durable XDR outdoor rubber.  Another way of getting informed about the shoes is by watching a lot of shoe reviews. Let us look into some of the best choices.




The Under Armour Curry 3Zero 3

The under Armour shoe has traction that stands out, has a comfortable fit, and a very supportive upper. For the players who want a sustainable budget and a lightweight shoe, the armor shoe is the best option for their desire. 

The Nike Lebron 16

Named after the icon of basketball James LeBron, the shoe has qualities that befit his prowess. It has a balanced cushioning that is effective on all surfaces and a premium Battleknit upper. It is best suited for influential wing players who have explosive methods of playing.  

Other examples include the Puma Clyde Hardwood, Adidas Dame 5, Nike Lebron soldier 13, under Armour HOVR Havoc 2, New Balance OMN1S, Nike zoom Freak 2, Adidas DON Issue 1, Under Armour Curry 3Zero 2. Try some of the shoes for the best outdoor experience. Basketball players toss their light shoes up after victory, a sign of the best thing in the field.  

A lot of people who are active in games are familiar with the plantar fasciitis condition. When you run on rough surfaces or in torn shoes, you will likely develop discomfort on the feet. Paying on an outdoor structure is also capable of achieving plantar fasciitis.

Doctors recommend shoes to be worn to combat such a condition. It is a condition caused by a steady increase in mileage. People who have a low foot structure and use inappropriate running shoes are prone. It is a condition most experienced by runners, especially those who make strides on rough surfaces.  

People suffering from the condition feel a sharp stab or a deep ache in the feet. A deep hobble on foot cannot be evaded. It happens when one takes the first step out of bed in the morning.

Sometimes the pain is experienced when the foot is trying to heal itself. It is because the muscles contract themselves. If one sits down for so long, the problem cannot be evaded. Such a condition affects those who over-train their feet and muscles. However, doctors would recommend special shoes to counter the situation.

The simple process to cool your feet down is to rest your feet in a right environment. You may also put ice on the feet to reduce pain. You may again try heel cups or shoe inserts. Try putting on your shoes immediately after bed. 

Dress shoes plantar fasciitis

Dress shoes plantar fasciitis is recommendable for people who have prolonged feet trouble. The vionic Demetra Slip-on sneakers are an easy choice; the only involvement is the slip-on and goes model. It will not disturb the condition further. It has a firm and an orthopedic insole that is long-lasting, removable, and flexible.

Doctors would say that excess pressure to the feet equates to slow healing. The soft walk Napa flats provide the best arch support, which counters arch pain. The body weight of a person is determinant of the process of healing. If someone weighs one hundred kilograms, then the feet will experience derailed rest.

The bone structure is central. Fat people tend to have fragile bones, and therefore shoes that support their condition are the best. Vionic Gemma Mule Slippers help take off the pressure from then fascia. Since it is a slip-on wear style, it becomes convenient for indoor healing.

They have a deep heel cup to maintain stability, arch support, and has a firm and flexible midsole. One may ask why a deep heel cup is the best for recovery; the answer is it helps push and hugging the fat in a specific way to ensure comfort. Always lookout for quality shoes when shopping for such instances.




For the sake of walking, the new balance W1340v3 sneakers are capable of ensuring consistency in workouts in the middle of pain. Its cushioning is superb and just fit for its purpose. It has a multi-density polyurethane insert that supports the arch and fascia. In today's world, every action reacts.

There is no single hurdle that is hard to deal. Athletes and players have a broad scope of options to deal with their troubles. Sports therapists usually recommend that feet protection should be one priority since the foot is the career bearer.  One may tend to experience back pain in the process of training or playing. The best shoes for back pain should have a proper guideline for the sake of recovery.

The brooks levitate two sneakers are the perfect example of the shoes for running. Experts say that those runners or overweight shoe tossers should consider the brooks levitate two sneakers. However, overweight runners are categorized with the criteria of kilograms.

If one weighs above 90 kgs or a BMR of over 25, they are considered heavy athletes. However, such people should be demanding about the kind of shoes that they wear. Running is good for losing weight. If you make a kilometer a day, it is a matter of time before achieving your fitness dream. It is not a must that you will run faster after losing weight. The same case applies to shoe tossing.

The height of a person throwing shoes determines a lot in the success of the art. A short person may require more throwing skills and should probably take a lot of time in training. Fat people will have a difficult time throwing shoe because of their size. Flexibility is usually affected by altitude. A slim person will have the right amount of weight to make a good throw. Such conditions should be the parameters to look at while indulging in games.

Final thoughts

Shoe tossing is mainly done as a sport of pleasure rather than a professional angle. People use it for their reasons. It can be a method of expressing agitation or excitement. It is a culture that has spread widely across the world. Antisocial people who have anger issues find it as the most excellent resort for their burning issues. Demonstrations also involve art. Students frowning over improper treatment in school may throw shoes on power lines to capture their seniors' attention.


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