Crocs are a unique brand of shoes which at their invention, where made as foam clogs. However, they have branched out to generate a series of diverse styles for the few decades of their existence. The first pair of croc shoes was introduced in the market in 2002, whereby their manufacturers had made them to be used in boating activities for they were waterproof, lightweight, and easy to wear.  

To date, crocs have filled the market; they come in different styles and are made to suit all genders, occasions as well as ages. People have diverse opinions on this kind of footwear, with some being positive about them while others don't like them. It is estimated that since the inception of crocs to the market, the manufacturers have made over three hundred million pairs in all corners of the globe. This is an indication that a good number of people love them.


The market is full of different kinds of croc footwear ranging from slip-on shoes, sandals, flip-flops to stilettoes. All these kinds of crocs are designed to attain their unique classic design, which is iconic, making them good shoes with support. The classic crocs are designed to be lightweight and open; people consider crocs to be either comfy or ugly, thus raising the opinion people have on this pair. These opinions have some truth in equal measures since classic crocs clogs are unique in their appearance; therefore, having them in their shoe cabinet will be determined by whether they like the appearance. 

The coziness of classic crocs has made them popular among different wearers from different parts of the world. The comfort associated with crocs is attributed to the material used to make them (foam resin), a closed-cell resin foam, commonly known as EVA injected. This material is known for the comfort it offers to the wearers of crocs designed to have it; this material also enables the shoe to mold to accommodate the shape of the wearer's feet, providing them the right fit as well as support. Crocs are believed to have medical benefits to their users, for they are lightweight and cozy, a factor which makes many people love them. These, among other characters, make them one of the best kitchen workers' shoes


Different kinds of croc shoes. 

There are hundreds of crocs shoe styles that one can choose their most preferred pair from. They come in diverse designs and colors, offering one with a variety to choose from. The most prevalent type of crocs remains to be a classic clog style. It is possible to customize crocs to attain one's style as each kind comes with its own assortment of colors and designs. Crocs made for children are designed with jibbitiz, which can be pressed to crocs' aeration holes to produce a unique individual look. Crocs manufactures have made a type that can be worn in all seasons as well as during different occasions, depending on the style on which a pair has been made. Crocs also come in open designs such as classic crocs clog and fleece-lined type, suitable for putting on during winter seasons. 

Why Do People Hate Crocs? 

One would wonder why there are so many blogs and forums online filled opinions of diverse people from different parts of the world expressing their dislike for crocs. People hate crocs because they are termed to be ugly; there is no denying that this footwear is made to have a unique design that is not typically appealing. The open design of crocs with aeration holes all through makes many people uncomfortable in them; their colors and style are other sources of hatred, and those who hate them might never get impressed in them. This has made the croc manufacturers come up with many modifications to their brands year after year, which has not yet changed people's mindset towards crocs. People have had an argument that hating crocs have become a brand in itself since the invention of this type of footwear.

Some people describe crocs as the worst invention to have ever been done in the world, the Time magazine, quote on the croc shoes, “the Croc-it looks like a plastic hoof. How can you take that serious.” Writers such as Steve Tuttle have written essays on why they dislike crocs. To change people's mindset on this type of footwear, prominent people such as the former United States of America president, George Bush, have taken the initiative to dress in crocs publicly. Bush was spotted on crocs with socks in public in 2007. Former First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughter were spotted on crocs in August 2009. Prince George was captured in a photo dressed on navy blue crocs during a charity event; according to Amazon spokesperson, prince George's act made a 1500 percent rise in crocs sales. These shoes have been a target of satire; for instance, Bill Maher of Real-Time once wrote an article calling for people to stop wearing plastic shoes (crocs); a website was once formed by two college students from a Canada who described crocs as “hideous.” 

Despite all these critics over the crocs, they remain a good type of footwear which can serve one quite well in their day to day undertakings. For instance, they are designed to produce the kind of comfort desired in footwear; on top of this, they are also lightweight, making them conducive hence loved in equal measures as they are hated by many. They are also supportive of suiting different people as well as purposes. Though the aesthetic value for this footwear is low, even those who love them can ascertain this; the support and comfort they offer their wearer's feet makes them crave to have them. They have been designed to relieve aches from conditions such as plantar fasciitis, diabetes, and bunions, making them highly suitable for those living with such conditions. Crocs are made of lightweight material, and the shoe's contours make the shoe extra supportive to the wearer's feet. They are well modeled to reduce the pain experienced in the arch and the heel since they offer inner support to one's feet; on top of this, they are designed in a way that facilitates massaging heel cups and nubs. 

In 2005, Ergonomics Company in the United States of America tested and recommended some crocs shoes to be used by people living with diabetic conditions to minimize the chances of injury. Their recommendation went ahead to be accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association and the United States government centers for Medicaid and Medical services. The crocs designed in a way that they can secure the wearer's foot comfortably, as well as being non- slip can serve as shoes for outer basketball.

The Categories of People who should Wear Crocs.

Crocs are suitable for people with foot issues, for they are useful to aid in alleviating foot aches and pain. Despite this great importance of this unique pair, many people don't like the style used in constructing them; thus, they don't consider croc shoes useful in any way. As you wonder who should really wear this type of footwear, you will find that there is a large number of people who will benefit a lot from wearing croc shoes; these people include: 

People with foot conditions.

As seen in this article, croc shoes are highly supportive and comfy, thus accommodating the features of the kind of shoes that should be worn by people having foot issues such as plantar fasciitis and bunions, and diabetes. This is so because they help alleviate pain and aches experienced by one in their feet, thus giving them the comfort level they require. In case you are struggling with such conditions or know of one going through such, then croc shoes are all you need. The advantage of these types of footwear on being used by these people is that they are cheap to acquire compared to other types of footwear made to be used by such people. 

People who work on Their Feet.

The level of coziness and support associated with these kinds of footwear makes them ideal to be used by people who spend long hours on their feet. Such people include chefs who spend prolonged hours while standing or moving from one point to another as they discharge their duties. Nurses who have to walk from one ward to another as they attend to the sick for many hours may also need croc shoes. Hairdressers need a lot of support during the long working hours as they spend most of their time on their feet. Those who need croc shoes while at work are many given that they are affordable compared to the other kinds of shoes which might be required by those serving in such environments. The inner support croc shoes offer to your feet is very necessary as it has lots of medical benefits that can maintain your foot's health. 


Though many people presume crocs to be ugly by look, one will have to admit that the children's version of these shoes is adorable. These shoes are excellent for children because they are supportive and comfortable for their tender feet; the waterproof nature of crocs makes them wearable during rainy seasons or walk on wet areas, making them even more suitable for use by the children. Croc shoes are made in diverse colors and different patterns, making it possible for children to have a variety to choose from.

Benefits of Wearing Crocs.

Wearing crocs comes with many benefits, so is you are in a position to cope with a situation where people will not approve your style when you are on crocs, you can comfortably go ahead and walk on them since you will have to enjoy benefits such as:  

Massaging Footbed.

Crocs are designed to have massaging nubs found in the footbed of the shoe; this helps stimulate blood flow in the wearer's feet, creating the kind of coziness one might crave to have all through the day.

Crocs are waterproof. 

Initially, these shoes were constructed to serve as boating shoes, thus the need for them to be waterproof. Almost all the versions of crocs in the market are waterproof, making them versatile; this makes them usable in all kinds of weather conditions.


The materials used in making crocs are lightweight, and shoes are modified to have aeration holes. Though these might be features that make most people hate this kind of shoes, people presume that these features make the shoes appear unattractive. The most important thing with these features is that they make crocs comfortable to wear during summer since your feet will remain cool all through.

Customized Style. 

Apart from having a line of accessories, crocs come in various patterns, styles, and colors. This factor ensures that one chooses crocs shoes of their personal style as well as tastes.

Despite crocs having several benefits to their wearers while at the same time facing criticism from many people, there is a group of people who advise people not to wear them at all since they are associated with:

 Chances of developing blisters are high when one is on croc shoes because the shoes are made of hard plastic materials that are likely to cause injuries when they rub the sides or the backs of the wearer’s feet. If unchecked, blisters can easily develop into painful wounds.

One on crocs is likely to experience foot sweat, which will subsequently lead to stench development in the feet; this is likely to make one uncomfortable when on crocs since the sweating will lead to smelly feet will also increase the chances of one slipping while on their shoes. This is risky as it makes one susceptible to falling, putting them prone to injuries. 

Croc shoes are termed ugly by many people; their physical appearance makes them not match almost all kinds of cloths, making them non-stylish types of footwear. They are presumed to be non- official; hence one cannot dress them in official events. Imagine someone attending an interview while on a blazingly colored pair of plastic bespattered with princess and cartoon character on their feet; who will take such people serious? Nobody in their ordinary senses can attend a job interview, a date, or any other serious event dressed up on crocs.  

The crocs materials are not strong; it will not be surprising to purchase a pair of crocs then their straps break when you have not dressed on them for one week. This means that their wearers will keep on buying them from time to time. Irrespective of this, crocs are overpriced. Having been made from cheap materials, one will assume that crocs would be rationally priced, yet they are overpriced. One might be required to part with over &34 to have the pair of plastic pieces on their feet; you will even be required to get deeper in your pockets if you need to have the "special" forms of crocs.

The multitude of holes made for aeration on top of crocs are dangerous as they can easily allow sharp objects to spike the wearer's feet at any time. People working in areas where they can come into conduct with hot substances, such as the kitchen, can easily get burned by spilling substances such as hot water through the multitude of holes of crocs. They are also not good shoes for activities because their nature will inhibit one from getting involved in events like running, hiking, biking, and almost all other sorts of physical undertakings.

The majority of crocs are made as slip-on shoes; slip-on shoes are an essential pair for one to own as they are associated with specific roles in one's day-to-day undertaking.  For instance, they are the ideal pair for use while one is in a rush since what you need is to slip on them, and you are off as there will be no races to tie. They are also the most preferred type of footwear in conducting light duties within one's compound, such as gardening outside. Many people like non-slips as they make one comfortable in casual setups. Here are some slip-on shoes that can substitute crocs, thus ideal for those who might never wish to have croc shoes in their wardrobe. 

Easy Spirit Women’s Traveltime Mule. 

Made from suede, Traveltime Mule has been designed to be suitable for use during the summer season. The material making them is strong hence enhancing their durability. Their outer soles are made of rubber materials, which not only makes them durable but supportive as the sole is well rugged to tract well with different types of surfaces. They come with well-cushioned inner soles offering one the extra comfort they would wish to find in slip-on shoes. 

Vans Unisex Adults' Classic Slip-On. 

This pair is unique because they have elastic sides, making it possible for people with feet of different shapes and sizes to easily slip-on them. They are made of leather materials, making them durable pair to have. They can be worn in almost all weather conditions, for they are well enclosed and waterproof. Their outer soles are made from rubber materials designed to have multidirectional treads to ensure that they provide the required grip with different surfaces. This factor assures the wearer of stability in whichever terrain they traverse on. They are modified to have a padded collar and footbed to give one good support; on top of this, they have a shock-absorbing feature that guards one against any form harm, making them safe to walk on.

Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Loafer.

These shoes are designed to be usable for both indoor as well as outdoor purposes. The pair is constructed from synthetic materials, making them comfortable; their coziness level is doubled by the presence of a memory foam pillow, where the wearer's foot sinks. Cruz Loafer comes in a range of different colors giving its users a variety of choices. Their outer soles are well rugged to enable them tract well with various types of surfaces hence giving their users stability so one cannot slip easily while on them.

Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On

Jungle Moc is suitable for long walks, it can also be used to do some bit of hiking, and their design makes them convenient to use in general day to day undertakings such as walking to shops. They are made from strong kinds of fabric materials that are waterproof, making them usable in all types of weather; thus, their users will not have to worry about what to wear on rainy days. These shoes are slip-resistant, making them usable even in slippery surfaces assuring their users of stability all through. The shoes have well rugged outer soles making them able to tract well with different kinds of surfaces. They come with a removable footbed, so one can replace it with their most comfortable type, a factor which makes Jungle Moc suitable to be used by people with foot issues.  

Grasshoppers Women’s Windham Slip-On.

This type of footwear is constructed in such a way that it can be used for both casual as well as formal events. Windham Slip-On comes in various colors; thus, users have several varieties to choose their favorite shoe color from. They are made from a 100% material, so it will not be wise to dress them in the rain. They are designed to have a removable footbed, making it easy to be cleaned since it can be removed, washed, and dried. This factor also makes them the most suitable kind of footwear to be used by people who have foot issues since they can replace the footbed with the type which gives them the kind of comfort they require. Their outer soles are well rugged, enabling them to tract well with various surfaces, so one on this kind of footwear will be able to traverse comfortably in different terrains types.

Minnetonka Women’s Kilty Suede Moccasin

These women slip-on shoes are made to be used for indoor and outdoor activities, hence an alternative type of footwear to be used by the ladies who would opt to use shoes instead of slippers while in the house. Their outers are constructed from suede, ensuring that they are strong hence durable. Their composition includes well-padded insoles that offer a lot of coziness to the wearer. They are given a touch of a decorative bow and fringe, making them fashionable hence producing a variety that any lady who has some love for slip-ons would wish to have in their shoe cabinet. Their outer soles are designed to produce multidirectional treads to give the needed traction with different kinds of surfaces, thus assuring the wearer of stability all through.

Sketchers Performance Men’s Go Walk 4.

This type of footwear is lightweight; thus, the best kind of footwear suitable for people who are not comfortable with shoes adding a lot of weight on their feet. They are designed to be very easy to put on; thus, one takes the shortest time possible to have them on. Their midsole is cushioned with a highly responsive 5gen making them produce the much needed comfy in any kind of shoe. Men's Go Walk 4 comes in several colors enabling their wearer's to have a variety to choose from. Their outer soles are well rugged to ensure that they tract well with various surfaces; therefore, their wearers will not have to worry about stability as they conduct their regular daily routine while on these shoes. 

Sperry Top-Sider Men's Leeward Boat Shoe. 

This kind of shoes are hand-sewn, making them durable, thus an ideal pair for men who have a test for unique items. They are designed to have a well-cushioned footbed to offer their wearer with all the kind of comfort they crave to have from such an exclusive pair. The level of coziness in this pair is doubled by having an EVA heel cup, which improves the level of shock absorption from this kind of footwear, making them even comfier. Their outer soles are well rugged to provide the needed traction with different types of surfaces to ensure that their wearers are always stable while on these shoes.

Slip-on shoes make the best type of footwear to use while indoors, as they are usually flexible, lightweight, and easy to put on and off. Like any other type of shoes, slip-on shoes should be well maintained to keep their state and ensure that they remain comfortable all through. To attain this, one should ensure that their slip-on shoes are cleaned from inside by the use of the best deodorizer for shoes to ensure that they do not produce odor. The other recommended measures for cleaning shoes should be observed to the latter.

Croc shoes are known to be one of the best footwear recommended to be used by the victims of plantar fasciitis, therefore an alternative pair for those who are not in a position to acquire the other types of shoes recommended for such people. Those with plantar Fasciitis condition and not comfortable with crocs have several pairs to go for such as:  

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes

This type of footwear is constructed having an excellent cushioning system to offer support in the right points of the wearer's feet, making them one of the best pairs for use by people associated with plantar fasciitis. Gel-Venture 7 shoes are made to mold to the shape of the wearer’s feet to provide extra support designed for one’s feet; this factor helps alleviate the pain experienced at the heel and the bottom part of the feet. They are made of durable material, are well cushioned for comfort, and highly breathable.

New Balance Men’s 608 V5.

This type is constructed with a deep heel pad known as ABZORB, capable of minimizing the level of shock to the feet as one walks, making them suitable for plantar fasciitis. Men's 608 V5 is modified to encompass a memory core that adapts to accommodate the wearer's feet shape with time. They are also well-cushioned and padded inner soles to offer the much-needed comfort to their wearer.

New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam1080 V10.

These are designed to have a great fit, which does not enhance slippery when one walks; they also have ultra-heel, which aids in alleviating the pain experienced from one's heels. They are made of highly durable materials, making them last for an extended period. They are made of unique soles to improve the level of coziness they produce on their wearer's. They come with a removable footbed making it possible to substitute it with their most comfortable footbed, thus a very suitable pair for plantar fasciitis. They have well rugged outer soles to give them the proper kind of traction needed on various surfaces from where this kind of shoes can be used, thus improving one's stability.

Brooks Women’s Ghost 12 Running Shoe.

These shoes are designed to have excellent support and cushioning, a factor that aids with plantar fasciitis if one suffers from the symptoms. They encompass a segmented pad's outstanding design feature that will reduce impact by riveting shock to offer maximum coziness and protection. They are made to be lightweight, making them conducive for use by people with foot issues as one will not have to worry about excess weight on their feet. The uppers of these shoes are designed to mold well with the wearer’s feet, a factor which gives them the best fit, thus securing the feet properly. 

Plantar fasciitis conditions can be well taken care of by dressing on the right kind of shoes, which will help alleviate the pain associated with the situation. The footwear suited for people with the condition should be able to support one's feet, well cushioned as well as able to absorb shock at different sections of the wearer’s feet. One should also ensure that their shoes fit well; therefore, the footwear should offer additional widths or custom sizes. 

Freaky Shoe Company, an online platform that deals with designing and all kinds of shoes, has emerged to best one of the best companies in footwear production worldwide. They deal with all kinds of footwear, ranging from basketball outdoor shoes to shoes made for plantar fasciitis. For more information about freaky and the stuff, they deal with, visit their website:


Despite the attitude several people have on croc shoes, you will realize that these shoes have been in use for around two decades. This is an indication that there are those who like them or, if not so, they find a unique feature in them. As discussed in this article, crocs are a good pair of shoes, for they are constructed with the key features which make the best footwear in place. Next time you visit a footwear store, give crocs some attention; they could be the solution to the foot problem you face.



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