The outbreak of the corona virus has led to a lot of economic activities to slow down, others shutting completely. People have been instructed to remain at home to control the spread of the virus. However, people cannot not stay at home forever because they have to eat, drink, and partake other economic and social activities. People have to meet and carry out business transactions to salvage the dying economy for future survival. Therefore, for the governments to limit the spread of the virus and prevent more effects caused by the pandemic, everyone leaving their homes must have face mask. In short, face mask custom has to e accepted by everyone. 

The question is, do you trust those face masks you buy from your local shop or vendors? Do you like those common face masks black or white colors sold around you? If not, there is a solution; getting custom face masks that will give you the desired protection and breathability. In this article, we shall briefly look at what are customs face masks, how to make them, and why you need to have a custom face covering instead of the standard masks. 


What Are Custom Face Masks?

It is true that the pandemic has shuttered many people’s dreams about descent jobs, expensive and exciting trips on public holidays, and after-work parties. However, it has not stopped our minds from working and exploring new ideas and putting them on papers. Graphic designers can still us their skills to make a living and please their hearts. These skills can be expressed on face coverings and clothes. Therefore, custom face masks are face covering created using personalized images and printings ton pass a message or promote a brand. Personalized masks include cat faces, floral patterns, feather prints, sweet sentiments, and deep messages intended to educate the community. 

How to Make Custom Masks

Apart from staying at home, face masks are the best and the easiest way to keep yourself and those close to you safe from the virus. This is because they are the most affordable prevention means than spending your time battling for your life in life-supporting machines. They are also easy to make and fit perfectly when in public. However, most people find standard face coverings a bit boring with little or no fun. Most standard masks are also designed for single use with one solid color. Therefore, if you fancy something that dictates your personality and interests, creating your custom face masks could be what you are missing. 

Making custom face masks involved two major processes named below; 

Sharing Your Style with Already-Made Custom Masks

This process involves browsing through the best designing sites to find the ready-wear face masks designs. These sites provide different images and messages, ranging from floral patterns, sweet messages, and animals to choose from. These masks also come with a pocket into which you can insert a carbon filter. Most customs face masks from these sites are double-layered, reusable, washable, and comfortable to wear. Additionally, you can design them further by adding your name or favorite image through the text box in the builder tool. All you have to do is to click the Embellishments tab on the left-hand side of the builder tool and pick anything fantastic to add. 

Designing Your Personalized Masks 

If you cannot find your favorite pattern, image, or message from these sites, no need to worry because you can still design your personalized face masks. You can select your full photo or anything that matters most to you, upload it, and design something that defines your interests. Alternatively, you can choose from a wide range of embellishments in the sites and create your unique face masks for your family. Therefore, are getting married soon? Has your wife delivered a cute baby and you would like to have the photo of your young family on your face masks? Upload their photos and create your custom face mask using the following procedure;

  • Visit the mask-designing sites and click on the ‘Design Your Own’ face mask option. 
  • Select ‘Basic Layouts’ option on the left-hand side of the builder tool and choose the option with full photo to cover the entire mask. 
  • Upload your favorite photo and fit it to the design. 
  • You can rotate or align the photo on the mask so that it brings the exact sides you want to showcase. 
  • Finish up the settings and order the masks to be delivered to you. The masks will probably be the next hit everywhere you go and remind you the harsh year 2020. 
  • Remember, you can also print your custom face mask from the local printing machine. 

How to Make Your Custom Face Mask Fit Perfectly

Most custom face mask are designed to fit a wide range of faces. However, your vendor may deliver those that do not fit you or your family perfectly. Instead of sending them back to the manufacturer or throwing them away, you can learn how to make the masks fit you perfectly at home. Luckily, most custom face masks come with silicone adjusters to fit every wearer. Therefore, here are the steps on how to attach the adjusters and make the masks fit perfectly;

  • Insert the carbon filters by opening the side pockets of the mask and sliding in one of the carbon filters provided.
  • Insert the elastic loop of the mask into the large-sized hole of the adjuster. 
  • Repeat the procedure with the other loop of the mask.
  • Try the mask to check if it fits perfectly. 
  • If the mask does not fit, slide the adjusters close to the ears to tighten the mask. 
  • You can also slide back the adjusters if the mask is too tight. 


Are you ok with the new face masks custom? Whether you like it or not, you should always have your face mask on whenever you are outdoor to keep yourself safe from the virus. Therefore, the best thing is to adapt to the new life and get your personalized face mask that defines your personality and uniqueness. Luckily, most manufacturers and online retailers promote the new norm through face masks black Fridays to offer their customers with affordable products. Create your customized face coverings and help pass the message. 


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