Are you a high top sneaker lover? Well, no doubt you would love to rock something unique, quality, and different from what every other person has. Moreover, who doesn't like expressing style, personality, and taste in their footwear? The good news is, you can add some touch to your sneakers. This way, you create a look that impresses you and takes your fashion game on top. However, how can you do this?

Perfect High Top Sneakers

Do you want to turn heads your way with uniquely designed high top sneakers?  Achieve perfection at its best when you select a piece of art, photo, or a design that will make your sneakers capture attention. Interestingly, you can add a unique touch to the ones you already have. On the other hand, there are online sites that allow you to design the high tops even before you purchase. Therefore, once they are delivered, they are exactly what you wanted and how you wanted them. 

Customize Your High Top Sneakers Yourself

When you purchase your high tops for the first time, you might have been in love with the color, design, prints, or patterns. However, after some time, all that may suddenly seem boring. What's more, you might have a change in taste and preferences. Also, some trends come and go. However, you do not want to back to the shop or get rid of your pair for a more sleek and trendy one. You don't need to worry. Simply design your old high tops for a whole new look. Well, how?

  • Paint

Express your creativity and individuality in your fabric high tops by painting them. You can do this either by using a single color to paint them or splatter-paint them. Additionally, you can opt to spray paint them. When painting with one color, remember to cover the areas you don't want to be painted using a painter's tape. Don't you love neat and organized work?

 Suppose you are no longer interested in the plain solid color of your high tops. Well, simply splatter-paint to add some life to them. You can select your favorite colors, put them into different bowls then use your paintbrush to splatter the paints onto your high tops. Importantly, rinse off the brush when you remove it from one color to the next. Moreover, all these can be done outside or on a newspaper.

Why not take your creativity level on your lighter high tops to another level by using a stencil? You can either get a stencil pattern of choice or make one at home by printing a black image then cut it out. With the stencil at hand, get a spray can or two of your color of choice. Then, spray paint over your stencil and onto your lovely pair of sneakers. Getting a unique pair of high tops is that simple.

  • Doodle
  •  Once your shoes are clean, you can have a design of what you want to draw or paint on your pair of high tops. You can be creative in the way you write your name or initials on your sneakers. Moreover, you can draw swirls, zigzags, spirals, or any shape of interest. Nonetheless, you can put your favorite emoji, animal, or pattern on your pair. Importantly, having a design or rough draft of what you want to draw or paint on the sneakers will help you avoid mistakes. There you go, rock your amazing pair.

    • Change the Laces

    At times, you may not want to permanently change your high top sneakers. During these periods, customizing high tops doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as just changing the laces. This neither consumes time nor much creativity. If you have several shoelaces, you are good to go. Select a color of choice from the available variety of shoelaces. Furthermore, be extra with the material, the more unique, the better. So, for those days when you are busy but still want to rock, get going with this simple step.

    • Stud them

    When you have studs of specific shape in mind, you can choose them to personalize the pattern and style of the sides of your sneakers. You can make a pattern of choice before placing them on the shoes. Once you have the pattern, pick your stud and push the spike carefully through the fabric of your high tops from the outside to the inside. Once you’ve pushed it in, fold the end on the inside of your sneakers to secure it. You can use your fingernails or pliers to do this. Once you are done, do the same processes to the remaining studs as you follow the pattern you had laid down.

    Customize Your High Top Sneakers Online

    If you want a pair of shoes that complements your personality and style, why not customize it online before buying it? Some many sites and brands allow clients to customize and design their shoes before they get delivered. The sites include NIKEiD, YourReebok, MYSWEAR, Vans Customs, Converse, Alive Shoes, and many more. Interestingly, the basic  procedure of getting your shoes customized online is as shown below;

    1. Visit the specific website eg Vans Customs and pick the high top sneakers you want to customize.
    2. Choose your shoe size.
    3. Select the color, print, or pattern of choice. Depending on the site, you can either choose a color for the outer and inner body of your high tops or choose for the outer part only.
    4. Choose a color, print, or pattern for the tongue of the high tops. Also, you can decide to pick the same color for the inside, outside and the tongue, it's all on you.
    5. You can pick a color or print for the heel stripe, lining, laces, eyelets, and any other part depending on the brand of high tops. Importantly, you can choose to match the colors depending on how creative you are and how you want to express yourself.

    Additionally, some sites allow you to insert a logo, text, pattern, or any piece of art. Furthermore, the above steps may vary depending on the platform. 


    You no longer need to put on the basic high top sneakers like everyone else. Express yourself, your personality, and creativity by having custom high tops. Furthermore, you can either customize the ones you already have or customize them online before purchasing and getting them delivered to you. There you go. Rock your unique personal style with your custom high top sneakers.








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