Did you know that we’ve got various ways of expressing your creativity through footwear? Yes, a lot of them. For instance, through custom shoe websites and other well-known athletic brands, which can allow one to customize their footwear design. Another great thing is one can demonstrate their artistic works to the globe in a useful manner. Designing the shoe online is free in most cases. However, buying the shoe is the main challenge as it’s costly. Maybe let’s begin by asking, where can one custom their shoes? Or, how can you design your custom shoes? This blog discusses more about custom shoe websites.

The best places for custom shoe websites


If you need a wonderful site for designing shoes online, Zazzle is among the best. It helps kick one’s creativity to another level because of its simple to understand interface. You’ll believe this after going through the site and finding ways for shoe making from scratch. Zazzle has endless possibilities for designing custom shoes. It allow various choices from unisex shoe models. On opening the website’s edit screen, you’ll see your shoes’ 3D mockup. Once you have that, it’s possible to apply visual elements to the desired styles. The site contains various expandable categories such as images, icons, layers, text, and shapes. Looking to the right-hand corner at the site’s bottom, there’s a preview window showing your new custom’s shoe look. Through Zazzle, you’ll learn how to design your shoes from square one. But, you’ll begin by choosing your shoe size then, head to designing. Different shoe sizes will be seen with different images. Once your online shoe designing is completed, click the done button to sum up. You’ll then, be moved to the order screen. Here, you’ll have a view of your new shoes’ design mockup, from all sides.

Vans customs

Vans customs is one of the best recommendations for quality websites and not quantity. It ever reminds people about their youth. In the past 50 years, almost every dude had rocked a Vans shoe pair, be it skate classics, deck shoes, or slip-ons. The website brand has been marked on pop and youth culture, thus making sense how Vans is a part of custom footwear.  It has a track record for providing the best gear possible. Shoe customization using the Vans website allows variation of color, patterns, and more other creative designs you can wish for. The website serves properly in customizing shoes for men, women, and children of all ages. You can personalize your shoes in a slick an easy to use interface just like the Zazzle website. Users on this site can enjoy the already premade art prints that can be applied to their custom shoes. They range from different fabrics, patterns, and colors for decorating various shoe parts as you wish. You’ll also find abstract patterns and animal prints. Simply go to the section containing patterns if need be. But what about the cost? Well, each shoe price varies. The material type use can also raise the price. But don’t worry because generally, Vans have a reasonable set price for their customers as likened to other custom shoe websites. It’s a highly recommended site that should be given a quick look.

Nike By You

Another unique site for custom shoe designing is the Nike By You website. It’s brought to you by Nike’s courtesy. It provides a slick and more simplified method to design your sneakers to specific factory standards. They’ve got competitive pricing and with an extremely easy to use application. We can tell you for a fact that Nike By You ha the simplest way for learners to understand online shoe designing. You simply go to the site and click the custom button to pick your shoe’s choice from the list provided. For instance, one can start by clicking to choose the design they like by selecting from the premade options available. Also, the desired design can be edited by clicking edit design now. Decals and artwork may not apply to these sneakers, but each individual shoe parts can be ae with different colors. The previewed shoe updates automatically any time a new color is applied or added. Suppose you want to have the shoes’ look from different angles, just click arrows and it’ll cycle through different sides. After getting finished with the designing job, move to the done button to take you to the order screen. It’s that simple.


While Myswear is pricier than others, its customization program is among the most unique when talking about aesthetics. One can possibly design an ultimate custom shoe, after which the service gets liked by service insiders, including men’s streetwear style icon and Nick Wooster. It features 3D modeling technology that gives extremely high functionality when customizing. For instance, one can view and pick everything starting from the sneaker’s shape to its laces. The site is known for using Portuguese artisans that are experts in the field to craft the shoes by hand. Therefore, what you do mainly is work on the lining and shoelace plus more parts like the eyelets, soles, silver crafted uppers, or copper toecaps. It’s among the best custom shoe websites for creative people who let their footwear talk on their behalf.


The AliveShoes website is outstanding because of its great marketing strategy. The reason is you can not only customize your sneaker but also develop its logo and packaging. Furthermore, it’s possible to personalize a sneaker for yourself or design and purchase in bulk for reselling. After customization, the designs are made in Italy taking around five to six weeks for creation. Through AliveShoes, one can comfortably develop creativity and make money. Isn’t that a fantastic deal?

The bottom line

Shoe customization through websites doesn’t imply it’ll be 100% cheap. But you can safely assume that what’s gotten is worth the payment. Also, you’ll not only get an individualized thing but also something well made. Most custom shoe websites provide services making individuals work towards greater deals in life. 









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