Do you wish to gift someone with customized socks? Or maybe you’re in need of a large socks number as promotional products for your business. Well, the options are endless out there. You can also personalize the designs by yourself. Depending on what pictures you choose to have, be it custom socks with faces or any other images. People love custom socks with pictures of their choice since they add some color to their outfits. It’s easier done by websites offering to personalize your pair of socks as ordered. That’s why this article discusses how to make custom socks with pictures for your knowledge. Please continue reading to get more information.

Tips to customize socks with pictures

The following are steps to help design custom socks with dog face or other pictures like a pro in the industry. They include;

Opt for a high quality picture

As a rule of thumb; the better the print, the better the final product. A high quality image on your custom socks will not only bring memories but also indicate how sharply they will turn out at the end. Suppose it appears fuzzy or blurry on the screen, expect the same on the real print after producing them. The best recommendation for image uploading is a great quality and high resolution picture. It should also have at least 300 dpi to give a wonderful outcome. If you wish to custom heavy image socks, various tips will help bring out the best. For example, having a full frame face, keep the subject with the camera range- not far away and not closer, clear focus on the subject, and ensuring there’s optimal lighting. The four guidelines will surely give the most amazing items at the end. 


Choose your graphics

When it comes to graphics, please make it simpler. The internet contains a wide icons and graphics variety for access. Therefore, it means you can easily get a good sockprint design tool to help check out various graphics from different websites. You could also be having an alternative graphic design in mind. Simply find it and upload to confirm that it matches what you thought about.

Text addition

Do you know that the text elements chosen can either ruin or make your design? Think about the font selection and size, not forgetting the text itself. Mainly the font type and size have an effect on the overall fee and look of a design. Getting custom socks with faces insights, some guidelines are important to note. For instance, Sansterdam being a Sans serif font provides a minimalistic touch with modernity. Besides, it’s a condensed font enabling the white space to appear more on the blank personalized socks canvas. If you pick on the Riffle font, a sophisticated and classy feel adds to your final product. Another amazing font is the script font like Amelya that gives a fun flair containing various swirl and cursive details. Remember, too small texts with very thin fonts won’t be visible. That’s why you should make them better and legible to the eye for a good look. 

Figure out the placement and composition

Can you imagine how your design will look when worn in real? Determine the place you wish to have the printed design. Do you intend the design to come out bold and loud or petite and subtle? Ask yourself such questions to settle the design’s composition and placement on your custom socks with dog face, cats, and text. The good thing is that several design tools allow for easy adjusting, position and sizes for various elements. You can rearrange the artwork provided such as the text or graphics. More other things to come up with are the socks size, material you wish to use, and wash care details. Maybe you need a softer or harder material. Then, think about the effects needed on the printed images. Once you have all these information, you can draw a sketch design. 

Sample making

Raw materials for socks is yarn, which require matching with the correct color. If no right color, then dying is an option. You can start making samples after everything s ready to find out if any corrections need to be made. Look at the image or text. Does it match the requirements? If it doesn’t, then the entire process has to be reviewed to determine points for correction to meet your expectations. 


Socks production is done after sample making and ensuring you’re ready for the final product. The process involves;

Weaving, whereby there’s a socks weaving machine that makes them as per the predefined settings. The socks will begin by having a cylindrical shape before getting the usual shape we all know. For printed socks types, they need to be woven in a plain color like black or white. After that, printing or embroidery comes in. Printing is, especially done on pairs with complex images and multi-colored patterns. On the contrary, embroidery s done on socks with simple patterns or words that need highlighting for a clearer view. Another technique is called dispensing. Here, melted rubber is placed on the socks using the dispensing machine. This rubber gets incorporated with the socks towards cooling. It’s mostly dispensed on the bottom part of the socks. For reducing friction, thus prevent slipping. The next thing is socks boarding where the cylindrical thing as mentioned earlier is placed on a sock-shaped board, then taken to a high humidity and temperature surrounding for some time. Thereafter, cooling is done followed by ironing to give the socks its shape at last. Packaging is finally done, especially for big batches. 

The bottom line

To make custom socks is not a simple thing as thought. But that doesn’t suggest that it’s impossible. It may just be confusing, but with a clear guide, everything can flow smoothly. For a pro in socks customization, it’s even easier, more so because you could be having a designer to help get through the process quickly. Beginners can use the above article to find a guide on how to custom socks with pictures for better results.


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