Do you wish to learn how to design a shoe? It could your shoe or doing it for branding and selling. Well, shoe making is an art requiring a few tips to get started. Maybe you wish to learn shoe designing to enable work in the leading shoe companies in the world. It may not be an easy thing.

However, that doesn’t suggest that you cannot make it. Simply believe in yourself and get started to see how it goes. You can begin small by starting your company or become a freelancer for a while before taking a bigger step later. This article discusses various steps on how to design a shoe. Please keep reading to understand more. 




Steps to learning how to design a shoe

The following steps will help understand the footwear designing art in a simple way. They include;

Do your homework

Before beginning to make a shoe, t’s necessary to do your research on how to design a shoe. You can do this by going to the niche in the seller stores or market generally and come up with a unique thing that can’t be found. After identifying what you can in your niche or gap, you can now set the mood or present your idea to pass your vision’s communication.

Know how to sketch the shoe

The first language for learning in shoe designing is knowing how to draw the shoe in mind. Shoe drawing is the greatest way of communicating your ideas. Make the drawing creative with a show of some passion.

A good drawing that leads to its production is one capturing your imagination together with showing the possibilities. Maybe you could be thinking that drawing is outdated, but no. Mastering concept sketching and rendering skills is the beginning of it all. Sit down and get it down on paper. 

Find a shoe designing school

Numerous schools across the world have units on how to design a shoe. You don’t have to attend physical classes because some schools have their programs aired online. Furthermore, one could hesitate going to study thinking that the course must take a whole four years.

That’s not true. However, a four year course gives the best experience as compared to lesser period. Joining a design class is important to equip you with knowledge about drawing, materials, and human factors among other lessons. It’s also through interaction with people in the field from that institution that will connect you to greater shoe designing companies and famous designers. 




Cut up used or discarded shoes

Learning by experimenting is among the best ways to grasp concept. Learn how shoe parts are linked together to form the entire thing. Understand how various shoes are assembled by knowing how and why it was done that way.

Check from various brands like Adidas or Nike to realize the great shoemaking masterminds and how the inside part looks. By doing so, be sure to pick up something that will benefit your shoe designing process. Great designers go beyond shoes. You can visit various shoe websites to find out various modern product designs. Get your brain filled with multiple designs to get challenged on whatever yours will look like.




Get a mentor in shoe designing

In the shoemaking career, finding a shoe mentor will potentially make you grow bigger. Throughout your efforts in learning how to design a shoe, you’re likely to meet great shoe designers. Being aggressive and having confidence in asking various questions enables learn a lot from them.

Simply be patient and open your ears to understand what the shoemaking field entails. Be sure to meet more people in the shoe making industry with different experiences that will bring light to your journey.

Shoe sample prototype

The prototype development stage is relevant for determining what the final product will be. It’s the point of bringing your design to life. It involves consultation, shoe last development, material sourcing, sole and heel making, and custom molds creation among other steps.

Other process could be accessory creation and 3D buckle, trial and testing the shoe and final product. It may seem critical, but it’s the most relevant stage in determining the shoe’s success. The sample gotten can be used for exhibition at trade shows, online marketing, or selling directly to pre-orders and customers.

Manufacture the design

Once you’re done with product development, it’s now time to manufacture the shoe design. You can do it in minimum order quantities for producing small batches or larger quantities if you need it in wholesale. It’s upon you to decide depending on what you need the samples manufactured for. 




Market your brand

Different brands have different approaches when it comes to marketing. From the knowledge gotten in working with multiple startups and reputable brands worldwide, it’s best recommended that you begin marketing your shoe brand early enough. You can do that by using social media. Go to Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube and share your shoe making process videos and pictures. Post and see what people say about it. Moreover, you can build your brand name by registration, pop-up store creation, or developing an ecommerce store. Don’t forget how packaging is meaningful to a shoe brand. You can boot the brand by simply using an incredible packaging box. Find out the best box makers that feature quality paper and magnets. They should provide the exact logo and design on the box. Distribution is key in ensuring more people get access to the shoe.

The bottom line

Learning how to design a shoe is simple more so when given the seriousness it deserves. After following the steps as mentioned earlier, get your customers coming back by ensuring their needs are accomplished. These needs can be identified through the feedback given on social media. It could be the style or comfort found in the shoes. No matter what they ask for, mainly ensure the shoe lasts longer and your customer service is reliable. Also, don’t neglect doing more research to find ways of making your brand and design better to win more people. The competition is obviously high and you too should be up to the task to win.




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