Do you wish to explore custom sneakers adventure? Well, it all starts here. You can develop eye catching sneakers or iconic pumps to give personality to people’s feet all over the globe. It’s also possible to design and sell your own sneakers by learning from what earlier designers who got into shoe business did. Be sure to start your journey today knowing that it’ll sell. That’s because almost everybody loves shoes, right? Do you know of anyone who dislikes unique sneakers or footwear? Therefore, designing and selling your sneakers is a wonderful way of providing your clients wearable art. Let’s keep reading to understand how design and sell your own sneakers.

Ways you can sell your own designer sneakers

Using an online market site

There are several online marketplaces with major sites including Craigslist, Amazon, and eBay among others. You can also get places that specifically sell shoes. That’s why you need to carry out research to get the best sites. After finding one, you should now evaluate their selling terms and conditions. It could be the membership fees, some need a portion of the profit gotten, and others simply need you to create a seller account in their website. Note all the information given and consult more to see the one with favorable terms that suit your sell. Another good thing to do is looking at user reviews. While some sites play with people’s psychology by hiring people to write good reviews for their products, don’t risk going to a site with more negative feedback. You can also evaluate a company through its Better Business Bureau. The ones with a lower ranking should never be dared at all costs. 

Pick a suitable marketplace for your designer sneakers, but keep the list of other sites for future use. In case you get an awful experience with the chosen site, move to the next best on the list. Now it’s time to price the sneakers.  It can be daunting especially for sneakers with sentimental value. What you should do is do your research again. Look for other shoes types with the same make or condition from other places to acquire a rough idea of how much you can price your designer types. The price doesn’t have to be spot on. Suppose you realize later that your charges are too high, no offence because it can still be lowered. Also, come up with an attractive description for your shoes. Highlight reasons why your sneakers are unique. Inform about their comfort and fitting plus other characteristics that’ll lure your buyers to have them. In case you can come up with the best description, consider checking the information on the original product. Get inspired by the words they used to describe the shoe to their customers. Don’t worry because that’s part of what’s involved in how to design and sell your sneakers.

Sneakers photography

Sneaker photos can be taken even without a professional camera. Among the best tools for improving online sales is lifestyle photography. It’s a wonderful way of having individuals imagine how and what it’ll be like to put on your designs as footwear. Amazing photography is handy as it puts your customized sneaker products in the contest they deserve, creating an incredible short story for exciting your target audience. The photos don’ have to be professional or getting a fancy camera. Imagine of what you want to communicate using your design and the best site for taking a photo of it. Many would prefer outdoor shots, but sometimes people fil to notice how indoor images are the best and easiest. Don’t be limited with options. Consult your friends about their opinion on the shots. Come up with a list of desired shots to be captured early enough before going to the photoshoot. 

Promote your sneaker business

Share your new product photos in your email campaigns and social media platforms. Any time you have a new design, inform your friends and followers by posting it to them. You can not only post but also have the post feature in stories. Your online feed should combine customer favorites, new work, the art you adore, and your inspiration from all over the world. Please don’t forget to share your link to the bio information about your online shop, to enable buyers and followers to come across more products and designs in the store. You may also find clients interested in knowing how to design and sell your own sneakers like you do. Feel free to inspire and encourage them. You never know what your kindness can add to your business because it’s part of connections and networking.

Sell your designer sneakers to a consignment store

Through your research, you’ve now determined the best seller store to trust for your business. Contact the people in charge, follow every guideline given, and sell your sneakers. Most online consignment shops start by evaluating the product recommended to them before bringing you in. For instance, they’ll look at the photos before buying or selling the item as per their regulations. Later, if the deal goes through, you’ll definitely earn your money.

Stay away from online fraud

Hackers are always on the look out to get your private information, either from you, your consignment shop, or marketplace. They’ll send official emails or contact you directly asking for money and other things via tricky means. Whenever in doubt, please call the marketplace or shop to confirm. Additionally, it’s relevant to create a strong and unique password in all your websites to increase your information’s safety.

The bottom line

After getting tips on how to design and sell your own sneakers, you can now comfortably utilize your creativity and make money from it. Just don’t forget to be patient with online marketplaces since it may take days or weeks before your products begin selling. How you describe the sneakers will determine your influence to most buyers. You need to use the best language and have quality photos that give a clear imagination of how pretty one’s feet would shine in the sneakers. That way, you’ll possibly enjoy your designer works and business.








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