"The captain steps forward to receive the trophy. The fans are wild with excitement. What a game!" Players exert themselves vigorously to win in their leagues. Enthusiasts for basketball keep up with the fixtures and performance of their superstars. They wouldn't miss the action for anything.

Besides them having prowess in the sport, appearance is not an area to be neglected. It's not all about the ‘matchy-matchy’ jerseys or bald heads; shoes also make a statement. This footwear is not just your ordinary pair; they are specially designed to suit the foot maneuvers during play. 




 Jordan Air, Nike, and Converse are shoe brands on the tongue tips of players as well as die-hards of the sport. The responsible companies design, produce and sell their products. Since basketball is played by many worldwide, they have a large market.

Demand is rarely met as more and more people flock to stockists. Creativity is clearly seen with new designs being launched regularly. Famous players in the likes of Le Bron James and the fallen Kobe Byrant have majorly contributed to the popular shoe brands. When they endorsed a particular product, more people chose it as their preference.

 Are you a player and a shoe lover who wants his pair to stand out? We`ve got you covered. Read more to find out how to design your own shoes.

Choose a specific brand

The market boasts of an abundance of reputable companies aimed at making your feet look fabulous. Reebok, Adidas, Vans and New Balance are to say the least. Even the same brand may offer a variety of colors to pick from. However, white is a better option. It gives freedom of creativity since it is somewhat plain and complements well with other shades.

Tapping into the need for customized products, many of these establishments have their own platforms that allow for DIYs. Most are online thanks to innovations in the tech world. Examples include NikeiD and MYSWEAR.




Select the correct size

Few things can be frustrating as spotting a classic shoe but painfully leaving it since it doesn't fit. Your feet could be longer, shorter or wider. Take the example of a lady having shoe size 44. She can relate how annoying it can be to find a shoe maybe unless in unisex stores. So that's where getting customized kicks becomes relevant.

Size is crucial as it affects how you play. A tight one can cause strain and discomfort while an oversized one slows you down. Not to be forgotten are injuries in ankles during practice.

Shoes specially designed for you take into consideration all the unique aspects of your feet. Go for those having allowances for future expansions as well as comfort during a game. Children's footwear better has a few extra inches. The rate at which they grow can be puzzling. 




Identify the desired design

Creativity is at the heart of art. Shoe decorations can be perceived as avenues for self-expression and unleashing abstract thoughts. There are zero limits. Besides, aren't you the one to wear them? 

Just two decades ago, who thought that images even of people could be in-printed on shoes? If the medieval cobbler would rise today, he would be dumbstruck over the revolution that has taken place.

From single colored patterns to complementary colors, designers are flexing their imagination. Favorite cartoons and animations are popular things noted on kid`s shoes. They probably feel that they relate well with those characters hence their choice.

The internet is full of unlimited ideas. Whichever your search engine just type; how to design your own shoes.




Decide which method to use

Do you want to spend quality time with your children? Doing fun stuff like hand- made customizations could help you bond with them. It might be an opportunity to learn more about each other since it is an informal setting. They could also see the innovative side of you and also feel happy when you incorporate their suggestions in the design.

Acrylics work well with shoes so check them out in the stores. You wouldn’t necessarily need an extraordinary paintbrush; the usual ones are good enough. For these done by hand, clean carefully to ensure durability.




Another available option is looking for online sites that help you create and design your shoes. They easily appear when searching for how to design your own shoes.

Legit footwear companies rarely lack this service. Adidas was the pacesetter in the industry but overtime others like New Balance have joined the ranks. Vans undoubtedly live up to their logo; their pretty creations are off the wall. Thanks to the development of 3D, players imagine, and the shoe becomes a reality. In case of an undesirable outcome, adjustments are just made in the computer and zap! There is your shoe.




Consider the cost

In considering how to design your own shoes, cost cannot be overlooked. In most cases, prices are relatively higher in comparison to the original design. It is as if you pay for the extra labor for these pairs that match your exact preferences.

If you personally work on them, that is additional money to source needed raw materials. The market price for these shoes ranges between $100 – 200,000. So do the math and decide how much you are willing to part with. Time is also consumed during design to attain precision. So be patient with your orders!


One of the notable differences in players apart from the obvious (face and height), is shoes. They enhance one's general appearance especially if complementary with the jersey. They boost the team's morale besides creating a buzz among fans. The customized shoes' unique features could tell a lot about who you are even without the utterance of a single word.




Customization has greatly been simplified due to online features that are readily available even with the shoe- producing companies. YouTube and Instagram videos have turned armatures into skillful people in this field. Why not find a suitable tutorial. There you have it! Information on how to design your own shoes.


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