Do iPhone X cases fit iPhone XS? – Everything You Need to Know!

Do iPhone X cases fit iPhone XS? – Everything You Need to Know!

Do iPhone X cases fit iPhone XS? – Everything You Need to

Don't you think changing your mobile from time to time is an exciting activity? It is! Most people get frustrated when it comes to finding the phone cases for the iphone. Apple Company never fails to bring the best choices to the users. But can you use your previous iPhone X cover in your new iPhone XS? Let's discuss it in detail below.

The simple answer to the question is no. No doubt, there are many similarities between iPhone X and iPhone XS. Still, the speakers' positions, the camera bump, and the location of the power button make the iPhone X cover useless for the iphone XS. The difference between iPhone X and iPhone XS is about the specification and the significant dimensions.

Can You Use iPhone X Case for iPhone XS?

Using an iPhone X cover for iPhone XS is as foolish as wearing an undersized coat. Can you imagine tearing out the case while just trying to fit your previous mobile cover into your new set? Ahh, frustrating! What's the big deal in buying a new iPhone XS case when you've purchased the new phone? 

No doubt iPhone X and iPhone XS have the same dimensions of the whole outlook, but most importantly, certain features' position is quite different. A successor model always comes with some new modifications, so how can it fit in the previous cover?  The screen and back size are significant enough to make your iPhone X cover unfit for iPhone XS.

The story not only amazes you here, but also iPhone X has a perfect sequence of speaker holes beside the charge pot, but in the case of iPhone XS, the speaker pots are wholly divided into both sides of the charge pot. Six speaker holes are present to the right side, whereas their holes are present to the right side.

In contrast to iPhone XS, iPhone X has six holes present on both sides of the charging port. So putting the case of iPhone X on iPhone XS can lead to sound quality changes. The case will fit in the set somehow but will lead to the hidden cutouts on the sides of the charging port. 

Do cases of iPhone X fit iPhone 11?

 After knowing the consequences of iPhone X cases for iPhone XS, most of the people often question the fittings of iPhone 11 cases with iPhone X. No doubt both these sets of apples are quite similar in sizes. Still, in similarity, with the previous case, some features will be hidden by the patient. Because of the same dimensions, iPhone X's case will fit the iPhone 11, but many basic designs will disappoint them.

Here're some of the features which make the case of iPhone X unfit for iPhone 11.

  • Don't you see any difference in the camera of the two? Besides the quality, the position, and the design of both the cameras differ a lot. iPhone X's case has a single side and short cutout for the camera, whereas the iphone 11 has three large cameras in the form of a triangle.
  • The charging port offers no such problems while setting up the case of iPhone X in the iPhone 11 as both of these models have the charging ports in the same position.
  • The volume and the mute buttons are present on the left side of the iphone 11 in proper alignment, whereas there's no good alignment in iPhone X.
  • Another most annoying issue while setting the cases of both models is the position of the buttons for unlocking and the SIM card inlet. By putting the case of iPhone X over iPhone 11 or iPhone XS, you'll not get easy access to these options.

Is It Necessary to Cover Your iPhone with a Protective case?

Don't you love your phone? You do, and why not? So what's wrong with covering it with a protective case? Most researches have revealed that the majority of the individuals do the craziest things with their handsets. 

The safety of your mobile comes top of the list. No matter whether it's an iPhone or an android. A little imbalance in the care of your mobile can make all your money go in vain. Keeping your phone dust and girt free is the hardest thing you can do, but the availability of protective cases has made it easy for the individual. Besides protecting the phone from sudden accidents, it'll protect your phone from getting dirty.

Iphones bring the best out of photography. Can you imagine taking pictures underwater with your iPhone X or iPhone XS? Well, not! But don't worry, a perfect case can overcome this problem too. All you've to do is buy a trustworthy case for your iPhone and enjoy the best underwater photography.

Harms of Old Cover on iPhone XS

As a matter of fact, there are many similarities in the dimensions of iPhone X and iPhone XS, but if you're rebranding your phone, don't compromise on the case of your phone. Immediately buy a new one as the iPhone X case may cause some harm to your new handset.

The change in the camera's length has led the manufacturers to develop a new iPhone XS case. Many experts have tested iPhone X's points on iphone XS; it fits somehow, but some features cause problems due to the shortage of space. So for the sake of the users' satisfaction, the company has designed separate cases for iPhone XS. 

The iphone X case has been tested, but many other models have been tried on iPhone XS, but the problem remained the same. 

Purchase a new iPhone XS Cover

Who doesn't want to make his phone look perfect? Almost everyone does! So when you're out buying a new iPhone XS, don't forget to bring its brand new cover with you as your previous X case isn't going to fit it in any way.

Do iPhone X cases fit iPhone XS? – Everything You Need to
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