Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Vans

Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Vans

Cleaning your Vans properly can be tricky and challenging, but with the right approach and tools you will be able to make it work. The truth is that it all comes down to value and professionalism, and you will find yourself showcasing a tremendous result and quality. However, the Vans family of shoes is very distinctive, and they do use the best materials out there. With that in mind, whether you want to have white slip on vans or any vans shoes near me, you still need to know how to clean everything adequately. It’s all a matter of adapting everything the way you want and just pushing the experience to that next level all the time. 

Things to avoid when you clean your Vans

Whether you have black and white slip on vans or any other vans, it makes sense to know what things you need to avoid. For example, unless you have canvas Vans, you want to avoid adding them in the washing machine. Leather in particular can easily get damaged, so that’s definitely something that you must take into account as much as you can.

In addition, you want to prevent the use of detergents or harsh chemicals. That’s especially true for the suede or canvas vans, as they will get damaged beyond repair. Basically, when you clean or learn how to create custom sneakers, it makes sense to use this knowledge and ensure that it all works in a very rewarding manner.

In addition, you want to avoid drying out the checkered or colorful vans in direct sunlight. This will damage your shoes more than you might imagine. You also want to avoid washing your vans often, just every now and then. And yes, you want to avoid using solvent cleaners for your vans, as that can be a problem.

Things to do if you want to clean your Vans

If you want to clean your vans properly, always make sure that you’re wiping the dirt off from them with a soft brush, wet towel or cloth. In case you have canvas Vans and want to clean them via the washing machine, then you will need to use only a gentle cycle and mild detergent. Using bleach that’s free from Dye helps a lot, since it’s easier to avoid the yellow stains. In case you want personal cleaning, then you want to dunk them in a bucket of warm water and include some mild cleaner. 


Cleaning your Vans is very important, but it can also be rather scary for some people. These guidelines should help you figure out things to do and what you can avoid, and that will make things better and a lot easier to manage in the long run. Just try to use this as an advantage and you will find yourself getting a much better result than anticipated. Stick to the guidelines, avoid any rush here and you will be very happy with how you can clean up your Vans!

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