Do Timberlands Need To Be Waterproofed?

Do Timberlands Need To Be Waterproofed?

Timberland shoes are popular, and one of the primary reasons behind their popularity is their waterproof nature, which increases their durability, and weather-resistant quality and maintains their appearance for longer. However, despite knowing the water-resistant nature of Timb, many Timberlands enthusiasts remain confused and wonder whether they still need to be waterproofed.

Well, if I tell you my experience, Timberlands are 100 percent waterproofed as they contain Gore-Tex and Timberdry membrane and some other layers that seal them. Anyhow, if you are a very concerned buyer and conscious of keeping your shoes' condition for years, despite using them in snow and rain, you can make them even more proactive and waterproof by adding waterproof layers.

Dig out this article to comprehend the waterproof nature of timberlands and how to make them more impervious.

Do I Need To Waterproof My Timberland Boots?

Do Timberlands Need To Be Waterproofed? 

Absolutely yes! There is no doubt that Timberlands are waterproof, and the waterproof layer lasts for an extended period, offering you a strong grip and a day's traction in mud and icy water by keeping your feet dry and protected. The breathability, insulation, and waterproof nature of these shoes is marvelous. 

Meanwhile, it is also a fact that inbuilt waterproofing layers don't last forever; this triggers the buyers; hence, they prefer to make their Timberlands more watertight and durable to increase their longevity. 

There are multiple ways to boost the waterproof lifecycle of Timberlands.

How Long Do Timberland Boots Stay Waterproofed?

Do Timberlands Need To Be Waterproofed?

The fact that everybody agrees is when it comes to waterproofing, consumers think of Timberland first. They employ one of the most excellent waterproofing methods to safeguard their boots, which uses many levels of protection and sealing. 

Timberlands employ a "wear and tear" service that basically implies after a few years of purchase, when your boots leak water -  the service allows you to switch the old one with a new one.

Getting a fresh boot every time sounds and feels fantastic, but this offer does not favor a lot to users. Actually, Timberland boots have waterproofed features and have a maximum lifespan of 2-3 years. Hence, as long as excellent service exists, the waterproofing feature's lifespan is irrelevant - the other way round, Timberland's waterproof condition, and lifespan often finish at the same time frame. 

Nonetheless, you should note that Timberland's official store generally offers this favor. The policy of the other store may be different. In that situation, knowing how to waterproof manually is essential.

So What Should We Do Then?

Spraying Timberland shoes is a great way to make a protective layer over your boots to safeguard them against dust and water. There are multiple DIY and professional ways to increase the waterproof tendency of Timberlands, but spraying them is an effortless and most effective way. Using the spray, the upper layer of the shoes and the leather quality remain intact, even if it gets further improved. So the wearer shouldn't hesitate to spray them as per my experience; with the help of spray, shoe quality and durability get extended; therefore, I recommend Timb users spray their shoes before wearing them for the first time or want to replace the spray with a new one. 

As a Timb user, I recommend spraying your timberlands daily or at least weekly, even if your Timberland shoes are already waterproof. 

Why Are Timberland Boots Waterproof?

Do Timberlands Need To Be Waterproofed?

Timberland Boots are 100% waterproof, as manufacturers use extensive steps to ensure thorough protection.

Following are some factors that make Timbs highly waterproof and stain resistant. 


The leather of Timberlands is injected with silicon that makes them greatly waterproof.

Sealed Construction:

The soles of Timbs are stitched carefully and tightly from every corner, and the hot silicon is also used to seal every opening. This sealed manufacturing protects the shoes' interior from getting wet, even if you wear them in rain or water.

Gore-Tex Technology:

Timberland brand uses innovative shoe manufacturing technology - Gore-Tex or TimberDry membrane to increase their waterproof features. This unique fibrous membrane is stitched to allow internal water to come out but repels external water from entering into boots.

Testing For Improvements:

After the successful production of Timberlands, they pass through multiple testing stages to figure out how waterproof these fantastic boots are. The testing is not performed once but numerous times before releasing them in the market.

This meticulous production of Timberlands shouts for their food appearance and waterproof manufacturing, which customers confidently rate 8 to 9 out of 10.

Steps To Make Timberlands Waterproof: A Method To Spray

If you are a concerned and crazy Timberlands fan and want to protect your expensive and impeccable pair of shoes from any damage, you can waterproof them weekly or monthly. 

Following are the quick steps to make the Timberlands waterproof using the excellent quality spray of a reliable brand. 

1: Wipe out the surface of your boots thoroughly with a dry towel.

2: Take a spray, hold it 6–10 inches away from the boots' surface and the soles, and cover them with a light, even coat. 

3: Leave the boots in the well-ventilated room for 4 hours for the best results. 

4: Apply the second spray coat to the shoes' surface to make them super waterproof. 

5: Let the shoes dry in a cool place for 24 to 48 hours. 

6: Now, do the third spray coating smoothly and evenly and allow the boots to stay dry for at least 24 more hours. This coating and recoating ensure that boots are protected from water and damage.

7: Don't let the dust and debris stay on your Timberlands. Repeat the spraying process and appropriate cleaning instructions every few months, or when you find your boots are in, your shoes require cosmetic touch-ups. 

Our Summary

Timberlands have an excellent selling record due to their waterproof shoes that retain quality and condition, no matter where you wear them. Though they are 100 percent waterproof, making them further waterproofed is not wrong, this is what users do. The manufacturers use additional sprays, waterproof polishes, seam-sealer, oil treatments, layers of wax, etc., to protect the boots' leather and to make them more water resistant, withstandable, and long-lasting.

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