Many people suffer from the dilemma of deciding on what type of cross fit shoe to use. The amount of weight felt in the process needs one to have an excellent quality of shoes. People go to the gym for different reasons. Doctors may prescribe a gym session to strengthen bones and freshen up. Cross fittings require one to have strength since this is a high intensive form of exercise that gives your body strong abs. During the revolution period of the boxing gym, cross fits became a widespread practice. You will never miss out on a gym that doesn't offer the exercise. Seven thousand gyms in the U.S provide the service. As a strength conditioning exercise, it is made up of an active movement which is done intensively.


In reality, cross fitting entails everything that you do daily: squatting, pulling, pushing, etc. It needs one to have inbuilt strength to go through the whole process. It is very healthy for women who are pregnant since it stretches their muscles out to enhance effectiveness in the process of pregnancy. The way of working out will involve various equipment like; kettlebells, rowers, and bikes. A fact that cannot be evaded is that shoes are essential in the process. Freaky shoes, is a shoe design company dedicated to bringing to life your dream of ideal shoes and sneakers. However, cross fit is for everyone. If you are young, it becomes better since you will grow with the expertise of keeping fit.  For one to survive in practice, good nutrition has to be highly observed. Taking foods that provide carbohydrates and a lot of proteins will enable one to stay in the gym. Avoiding junk food will also assist in making the process easier. 

Children who grow up implementing the cross-fit exercise tend to be very smart and keen daily. The physical needs of a person vary by degree and not by kind. You can have an eighty-year-old person doing the exercise matching a person who is twenty-five. It is due to the degree of need. Most athletes need to cross fit to keep them active. Eliud kipchoge, the INEOS 159 champion of 2019, used the same formula for training. It gives stability to the thighs and the back too.

However, the risk involved in cross fit is also high. One may break off their back or even the legs. You may again break your neck too. You need to wear protective gear to be on the safe side. A helmet is the best option in such a case. 

Ways to protect yourself from injuries

Just like tai chi, cross fit is a way of life. You need to embrace protective measures to keep safe while practicing. 


Before any undergoing, you should do some warm-up to stretch out your muscles. It helps to make the practice easy, therefore fewer injuries, since the body will be familiar with the workout. The most time you can consume while warming up is five minutes. You need to wear clothes that provide classic aeration. It enables the proper circulation of air in the blood.

Have a support system

No man is an island. You require a supportive pillar to be by your side while practicing. It needs to be someone that you trust. It can be a gym instructor or your relative, someone who has experience in conducting practice. You can operate in a group of buddies with a common goal. Once you set yourself in the best group, your needs will be catered for professionally. You also need to train moves. Such moves are a creative way of enhancing effectiveness. When dealing with massive movements, it is paramount to have a creative sphere. 

Practice good form

Once you get your moves right, you become perfect in practice, and you will never miss a spot. You cannot pick up failing tactics. Practice makes one perfect. The more you do it, the better you become. It is good to employ a trainer for the best moves ever. For one to achieve good form, you need to use the best shoes in the field. One may use basketball sneakers or any type they feel comfortable with. 

Cross fit can be done in many ways. It can be implemented in a gym or outdoors. It is recommendable for one to adopt the gym way, since it is the safest. 

There is the EMOM meaning every minute on the minute. It represents focus, concentration helps to reduce injury. All the energy becomes channeled to one factor, perfection. It is good to have a specific way of implementing the workout. Such a process does the work out enjoyable, and you will want to do more. There is also a timer that measures your speed in working out. 

The AMRAP standing for as many rounds as possible depicts a setting where you have to complete as many exercises as possible for a set amount of time. Perfection is the aim of the process. A trainer will advise you to use AMRAP since it is a way to measure the extent of expertise that you gain. It is usually a battle of the mind, always seeking to compete against oneself. Try out working out in a timing set up, and you will gain perfection. Older adults who want to regain their strength should try it sometimes. It will make their speed sharp and adequate for their power. Young athletes and players can also use the AMRAP way, and it will improve their prowess in the sport they engage in. It will fashion you into an all-rounded athlete.

The (rounds for time) RFT process ensures that you have completed several rounds of a circuit in a given time. It has to be the shortest amount of time that you can use. It helps to enhance muscle endurance. The practice most suits long-distance runners and rugby players. If one manages to maintain the way for more than three months, muscle fitness becomes inevitable. Many successful players have used it, and they boast of an easy go career devoid of many hurdles. The process has short rest periods that enhance a balanced practice. 

The chipper process involves one round arrangement of exercises with a high magnitude of reps capable of making the muscles healthy and fit. The ladder system also works almost in a similar way as the chipper process. It entails one or more movements increasing and decreasing workload over time. It maintains the allowance of making the body to imbibe a fresh breath in the course of the way. Tabata is a fast finisher. People who desire to shed off that extra mass is required to make Tabata a close accomplice.

However, there is an advisable range of weight to use. Several methods have been devised to make it more comfortable in the way. Mary is a workout that should make you aim to complete as many rounds as possible. It has to take twenty minutes. Press-ups are involved in this form of work out. It is hard at the beginning, but with a lot of consistent practice, it becomes comfortable and manageable. Angie is a process that makes one do one hundred reps of an exercise. It enhances a speedy way of achieving fitness results. It involves sit-ups, press-ups, and squats.

Home chipper has a way of making a hell experience out of a simple exercise that should benefit your body. It involves one hundred squats, ninety sit-ups eighty alternating lunges, seventy burpees sixty-second plank fifty mountain climbers, forty press-ups thirty hollow rocks, twenty jump squats, and a ten hand release press-ups that involves a chest to floor movement. It also gives the allowance of raising your hands briefly off the floor and then pushing back up.

Fran is an exercise that aims at making you improve your body over time. Time is the greatest factor in it. It only has two exercises:  Fran thrusters of a recommended weight of 40-45 kgs and pull-ups. Karen work out of the day involves wall balls. You will have to do most of them in a day to achieve perfection. You need to grab a 20ib/9klg medicine ball and thrust it above the ten feet mark. It is good to employ as many breaks as you can but it will eventually add up towards your overall time. The Helen work out of the day is a combination of cardio and strength work. Strength is a major factor in the practice. Speed is another factor combined to time. It enables one to develop the agility of a lion and maintain the confidence of a cheetah. Try implementing the workouts, and you will never regret it a bit. Eva exercise is even 

more challenging.

These practices are named after women because they leave your body feeling like a storm has just passed over you. Cindy and Murph's practices are efficient in maintaining the amount of time used. Time is the most significant factor to consider in achieving the cross fit goals. Cindy work out of the day always lasts for twenty minutes only. As the twenty minutes last, you must do a series of five pull-ups, ten press-ups, and fifteen air squats. In that process, you achieve a great deal of expertise and fitness. Five steps include the following workouts; one- mile run, one hundred pull-ups, two hundred press-ups, three hundred air squats, and a one-mile run. Is it hectic right? But trust the process. Experts say that every move benefits every muscle. The Murph dispensation is a marathon and not a mere sprint. 

Scott Britton cross-fit expert, a powerlifting athlete who is also the co-founder of the charitable competition, BATTLE CANCER, advises that no one should get the fear of the breadth of the exercises mentioned above. He gives his view on overcoming some of the challenges prone to be met along the way. Some of the most common activities are; Squat, deadlift, shoulder press, and rowing.


Cross fit has a lot of descriptions of the squat method. The beginning point is doing unweighted or air squats, barbell front squats, and overhead ones. It is just an essential component that is less complicated. It provides the initial strength to the knees, making you stable for the rest of the experience. It requires you to sink and keep your chest up and drop your thighs below parallel. It is not easy at first. Practice makes one perfect. The more squats you engage in, the more the prowess. If you don't drop your thighs below parallel is the primary sin in practice. If you fail to learn a full depth squat, you may end up developing muscle problems. Some of the critical errors that people commit include; trying to accumulate other weights too early. Every great athlete begins by mastering a beautiful bodyweight squat before progressing to the other realms.

If you find yourself allowing your knees to fold inwards as you stand up is a common sign that you need strengthening in your hips, legs, and lower back. If you fall on your toes while standing up, it is evidence that you require more practice to improve balance.



How much weight can you lift from the ground? It is the central question of the practice. It is depicted as the ultimate sign of strength for a reason. The amount of mass you can lift showcases the power in the muscles. In a cross-fit class, you will begin by learning about deadlifting. It is the primary major that every athlete should embrace. When doing the deadlift, you can imagine pushing the floor away. It is complicated yet timeless. Once you master the art of deadlifting, then you are on the road to becoming a perfect athlete. Some of the most experienced mistakes are; rounding the back. Once you get in a position of rounding your back, you stand the chance of breaking your spine. It is the reason why one needs a trainer in the gym. A lot of pain is experienced in such a setting. You need to do a lot of practice to keep your spine healthy and save yourself the long hours in therapy institutions. 

Incorrect breathing is another scope that takes on the wrong pattern. If you cannot breathe right, you may not be able to execute the exercise. Practice needs one to live subsequently to the kind, of course, you are indulging in. Just hold a big breath before lifting any weight and only let it out when you have raised it. Dropping the bar after lifting it is another problem faced by athletes. A lot of injuries occur after people drop the barbell from the waist. You stand a chance of breaking your legs after doing that. It would be best if you put your waist, stomach back, and muscles under severe stress before lifting the barbell. If you can lift it, you can put it down. Your muscles can snap and end up injured. 

Shoulder press (overhead press)

You will have to spend hours learning how to do essential shoulder press, push press, and push jerk. It is the essential component involved in cross fit. You can only start by the shoulder press. It can be done while sitting or standing. The equipment involved is basic in the gym. Just a basic barbell, dumbbells and kettlebells make your perfect company in the event. You are needed to begin with the barbell under your chin and stretch it out overhead until your arms lock out and then return the bar bell safely under your chin. 

Common mistakes involved with the practice are; flaring the elbows and incorrect breathing. It is odd when the exercise is about the shoulder press but you put your elbows in the wrong place. The position of the elbow makes the difference. Keep the elbows in front of you when lifting just to maintain balance in the workout course. If your elbows flare to the side, then it poses a great danger to the triceps. You only require to focus on the main activity to prevent such injuries.

Incorrect breathing is common around all types of exercise. The only way to overcome this challenge is by taking in a deep breath before lifting the weight and letting out the breath right after the activity. If the time your breathing well, you enhance stability in the muscles, thus a great adventure. You would want an experience that doesn't harm you, right? Then practice breathing. Your muscles will last longer. 


Using rowing machines and resistance bikes is not a mystery. It is what happens daily in the gym. You have seen people timing their speed while running on resistance bikes; it strengthens the leg muscles. Common errors in rowing include improper positioning of the back, using high speed to row, choosing an incorrect foot strap position.

When you lean too far while pulling the chain back, you lose power and a healthy body position. You need to stay upright and remove the row with a straight back. It avoids stretching the back muscles and breaking them; you will not want to experience what back pain is like. It would be best if you had a significant position to execute the process well.

When you grow too fast, you risk the effectiveness of the whole process. It is not a marathon but an exercise. It would help if you made strong, controlled pulls to work out the muscles professionally. When you fail to choose a correct foot strap position, you may end up breaking your leg! It is not a good practice for your feet. You may end up hurting your ankle. Before you begin the rowing activity, ensure your leg is in the correct position. It is the only way to succeed in the race to fitness. 

The question of shoes cannot be overlooked. There is a prescribed shoe for cross fitting. As long as the shoe has the qualities of protecting the feet, then it is okay. Freaky has mastered the art of making good shoes for your great experience. The company has qualified staff that knows how to turn your dream into reality, and it will ensure that you are proud of their work. Some people wonder if they can use valley ball shoes for cross fitting. The basic answer is yes. As long as the shoes have a superb cushioning and padding, nothing prevents it from being used. The main problem that faces people is twisting feet. If you can manage to protect your ankles, then you are good to go.

 However, it is advisable to source for cross fit shoes since they are fashioned to cope with extra weight. Volley ball shoes are designed for lateral movement. It is the same scenario for cross fitting, a lot of forward motion is involved. It is quite acceptable to use volleyball shoes for cross fitting since they serve the same purpose. You need to consider the type of cross fit you want to focus on before choosing the type of shoes to wear. In weight lifting, you require a cross-fit since it has more stability.

Let us look at some of the shoes that should be used. You probably have special shoes for outdoor activities like golf and other sports. But have you considered stocking up on your cross fit needs? You can do cross-fit with any athletic footwear as long as you have the agility to sustain the hurdles that come with it. If you have strong legs, then you are set to use any type of shoes.

The most general types are general athletic shoes, specific cross-fit / functional training shoes, barefoot, minimalist shoes, weightlifting shoes, and powerlifting shoes. Indoor soccer shoes and boxing ones can also be put to use. 

Athletic shoes 

Athletic shoes are defined as any sports looking for shoes that are not designed for a specific sport. It can fit into any category be in basketball, football, volleyball or cricket. The essential feature is that they are light to help in making the legs light while playing. They are not special shoes that are hard to find, and they have no cleats. It is just any general sporty shoe that you spot in shops during your window shopping adventures. 

The advantage of athletic shoes is they are easy to find. You can maintain them in the cheapest way possible. As long as you pay your cobbler a monthly visit, you may spend two years using the same pair. You just need to keep washing them every time you engage in a sporty activity. The major demerit is that they may not last long. Anything general has a low-value material. It may not survive the test of time and durability if subjected to vigorous sporty activities. You may have owned a pair of available shoes, and they may not have lasted for long. It is why you should look for the best shoes for more extended service.


Running shoes

You have seen athletes who have engaged in long-distance races and short distances too. The type of shoes they use matter a lot in their victory. The shoes are only meant for forwarding movement. The 2019 INEOS world record breaker Eliud Kipchoge rocked on the Nike zoom and made the feat. It is because the shoes provided momentum to him, and it became a comfortable race all through. The tremendous cushioning makes the ankles feel tremendous and padded to accommodate another round of miles. You will not want to consider shoes with high heels as a sports professional. It is common sense that you may break your ankle in the process.

The pros of running shoes in cross fitting are; they might be more comfortable in rowing. Rowing is just a representation of a stagnant marathon. So if the shoes are best for running, then rowing is just well taken care of in the equation. You can maintain such shoes well without undertaking a cost. The only thing you need to do is wash them regularly to take care of bacteria that dominate shoes incredibly when sweaty.

The significant disadvantage is running shoes are fashioned for forwarding movement, which may compromise cross-fitting. You may engage in aggressive activities that will reduce the life of the boots. It requires one to have a unique way of doing exercises to maintain running shoes in the cross fitting world. You need to understand the difference between using it, cushioning absorbs force instead of spreading it. Running shoes may not have the capacity to handle the pressure experienced in the cross fitting.

Basketball shoes 

Basketball shoes have a sole that makes their appeal look superb. Basketball shoes are designed for traction, movement, and support, which is required in practice. You will not want to hear stories of injured individuals while cross fitting in low padded shoes. Some will give you a tale of months in therapy, or even years attending the clinic. Is it scary, right? It is why you should not underestimate the power of choosing the best basketball shoes for cross fitting if it is your only option. Chuck Taylors also have excellent cushioning that will protect the feet from dying from stress.

The serial advantage of basketball shoes in working out is that they are unique in their style. Going to a cross-fit exercise rocking air jordans is cool, right? Yes, and it has a great deal of padding that will increase your comfort. The shoes are flat in the sole, thus improving on stability. Its high ankle position provides comfort for the ankle.

The cons of basketball shoes are that they may be expensive to acquire. Shoes meant for the court are not a small deal to gain. You may need to part with a significant chunk of cash to develop its unimaginable service. It can be hard to maintain since the sole is unique. Destroying the heels of such shoes makes it hard for you to gain other shoes. The boots are bulkier, thus making them relatively ineffective for speedy exercise. You will not want to work out for a day in the extended complex looking shoes. It will just discourage you from proceeding. So you just need to choose from a gallery of suitable shoes that will benefit your feet!


Volleyball shoes/ court shoes

Volleyball shoes are a lot of options for cross fitting. However, they have rubber soles that can be unsuitable for outdoor running, especially on long surfaces. People with medium arch feet will suffer a lot wearing such shoes since stability is not guaranteed. The boots are fixed by a gum that deems to be temporary, especially after being put to use for a long time. Cleaning them has to be done well to protect the outer layer from getting destroyed.

The main advantage is that court shoes are light; therefore, one can jump all over the gym without feeling the pressure. The boots offer complete traction inside the gym. You get to gain a lot of attention from people in the gym if you are in volleyball shoes.

However, indoor shoes cannot be useful in outdoor training. It is therefore wise to choose the quality of shoes to wear in such instances. It will save you a lot of stress and embarrassment. 

Final thoughts

Cross fitting is a dynamic field. It takes on one’s strength and power in practice. Shoes are a significant factor in the success of such training, and therefore, freaky is a great accomplice in developing excellent skills. The type of shoes that they make will protect your feet and save your career. Nutrition should not be overlooked in such instances. Feeding well is prudent. Take foods full of carbohydrates and proteins to provide the body with the correct gear of functioning.


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