Does Merrell Make A Good Shoe?

Does Merrell Make A Good Shoe?

The Merrell brand is known for its high-quality shoe production. However, hiking, running and casual shoes are always the first choice of many shoe freaks. 

While there are many other options available in the market, it has become slightly difficult to believe whether Merrell makes a good shoe.


From making remarkable hiking shoes to producing best ever running footwear, the Merrell brand has guaranteed that their shoes are durable, grippy, flexible and suitable for any occasion. Hence, their distinctive designs and the use of prime materials make them better shoes to experience.  

The following guide can be very helpful in answering your question “Does Merrell Make A Good Shoe?”

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How Good Merrell Shoes Are? 4 Key Features]

Does Merrell Make A Good Shoe?

The Merrell brand is normally considered the most durable and comfortable shoe manufacturer by its buyers. As its way of producing shoes is advanced, its shoes are very sturdy and long-lasting.

Moreover, here are four key features of Merrell shoes you should know:

  • Excellent Traction

  • The perfect blend of thicker outsoles and polyester rubbers in almost all of the variants of Merrell shoes creates better traction on any kind of road. No matter how rocky or slippery the track is, these shoes create the best friction and provide you with a seamless footwear experience. 

    Hence, with excellent traction, these shoes are the right choice for hiking purposes too. 

  • Ultra Durable 

  • The prime most feature of Merrell shoes is that they are ultra-durable. In fact, the use of enhanced materials and the latest machinery have extended their lifespan to a great extent. Also, they remain sturdy against harsh and continuous hiking. 

    Hence, the addition of reused materials has added more to its durability and endurance. Eventually, you find no reason to prefer any other shoe over them. 

  • Moist Controller (*50)

  • Because Merrell shoes are made with ventilated and breathable material, they keep your feet dry all the time. However, many Merrell shoes come with moist-resisting top covers which allow you to have a fine footwear experience. 

  • Comfortable Cushioning 

  • Whether you go hiking or running, the rich comfortable cushioning feature of Merrell shoes has got you covered. Hence, the use of the Kinetic Fit design for insoles is worth it because it keeps your feet and heels stable throughout the venture.

    So, you can lace up your shoes for trekking on harsh terrains too because the cushioning on the front and back areas of these shoes never let your feet sore.

    5 Best Merrell Shoes You Should Try

    Does Merrell Make A Good Shoe?


    Though Merrell Shoes are very reliable and comfortable for many reasons. Some of their variants possess a number of features for buying them while others may have more cons to avoid them.

    Therefore, it is essential for you to know about the four best Merrell shoes to decide which pair of shoes you should grab!

    Moreover, you can also get your favorite custom Merrell shoes from

  • Merrell Moab 2 GTX 

  • A highly comfortable shoe you should have on your wearing list. Merrell Moab 2 GTX comes with a waterproof and mud-free design which gives you a better experience even in bad weather conditions. 

    Also, the ultra-flexible and thicker outsole of this shoe is enough to absorb the shocks of a rough and rocky track. 


    • Best for hiking
    • Comfortable footbed
    • Water-resistant 
    • Strong friction with the slippery tracks


    • Unable to prevent moisture 
    • Slightly heavy
  • Merrell Alverstone 

  • What makes Merrell Alverstone perfect for intense activities is its well-cushioned heel support. However, these shoes are fully recommended for both smooth and rocky terrains.

    In addition, these shoes stand out because they are comparatively cheaper than most of their competitors. 


    • Budget-friendly
    • Fit to size 
    • Better traction
    • Suitable in bad weather


    • Non-breathable upper cover
  • Merrell Moab Speed Hiking Shoes 

  • The perfect choice for a pleasant hiking experience. The grippy design of Merrell Moab Hiking Shoes lets you enjoy each step during hiking. Hence, the use of the Vibram EcoStep outsole also makes them more comfortable. 

    They also come with a water-resistant feature which keeps your feet dry in wet conditions.


    • Very grippy
    • Quite lightweight
    • Well-built and durable
    • Waterproof design


    • Not suitable for narrow feet
  • Merrell Moab Flight Hiking Shoes

  • The attractive and very eye-catchy design of Merrell Moab Flight Hiking Shoes has knelt down most of their opponents. Also, their reliable material contributes much to their grace and durability.

    Hence, these shoes are also fit for light walking and running purposes. 


    • Cozy insole
    • Supportive fit
    • Attractive design
    • Very suitable for running


    • Unsatisfactory grip
    • May make your feet feel a bit tired 
  • Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve 

  • Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve Shoes come in a variety of benefits and features which attract many hiking enthusiasts. Hence, their sturdy design adds value to their comfort level and user experience as well. 

    Additionally, they can be fit for challenging tracks because of their strong build. 


    • Suitable for hiking and climbing
    • Thicker sole
    • Sandals-like design


    • Lacks traction on slippery terrains 

    Does Merrell Make A Good Shoe?


    How Long Do Merrell Shoes Last? 

    Although it entirely depends on the track you want Merrell Shoes to run on. If the track is plain and has fewer pebbles, these shoes may remain useable for almost 600 to 1100 miles. However, their lifespan may also extend if you take good care of them.

    In addition, the brand also applies reused rubber, EVA Scrap and polyester to enhance the overall durability of their shoes. Furthermore, their waterproof duly-layered upper cover also makes them the high-performing and most durable shoes ever. 

    Are Merrell Shoes Suitable For Walking? 

    While Merrell is usually known as the best manufacturer of hiking shoes, this brand also produces shoes which are suitable for walking too. Hence, its MQM 3 GORE-TEX variant is fit for light walking and exercising. 

    Moreover, this variant comes with rich padding and comfortable cushioning on both ends which allow you to enjoy your stroll to the fullest.

    Are Merrell Shoes Suitable For Hiking? 

    Merrell brand is also known for making the best hiking shoes ever. Their hiking variants are regarded as the best shoes for hiking by many hiking freaks. With their ultra-comfortable design and durability, they always stand out when it comes to selecting the finest hiking shoes. 

    Moreover, with their strong feet grip, these shoes also provide you with great stability during your trekking.

    Final Thoughts 

    No doubt Merrell makes shoes that are cheaper in price and more precious in quality terms. Also, they manufacture hundreds of versions of shoes for different purposes. This is the reason why they remain high in demand throughout the calendar. 

    To add more, whether you choose Merrell shoes for hiking, running, climbing or casual wear, they get you all the qualities you look for in a good shoe. Moreover, their shoes are admired for their durable, modern, comfortable and lightweight design.

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