Does Samsung Wireless Charger Work With Case? – A Perfect Guide For the Wireless Charge

Does Samsung Wireless Charger Work With Case? – A Perfect Guide For the Wireless Charge

Do you ever imagine a world without wires? Well, now, this dream comes true with the Samsung wireless chargers. You can quickly charge your mobile phone by placing your phone on the wireless stand. They are compatible with newer Galaxy phones.

Samsung Wireless charger also works with case on. While the newer wireless charger is compatible with new Galaxy phones, Samsung gives you much comfort that you can use your mobile phone while plugging it in any charger as it's wireless and easy to charge.

Does Samsung Wireless Charger Work With Case? – A Perfect

Many people ask about does it work with a case. Yes, it does. Read the guide below to know more.


  • Available screens and settings could be changed with a software update.
  • Charge your phone wirelessly-Charging is easier now

Things to Keep in Mind

Automatically when you use a fast charger, it’ll charge your phone faster. The front light of the charging Duo, stand, or pad may work differently depending on the device or wireless charger being used.

Imagine using your phone without any charging cable and its charging with a wireless charger. Is it not cool? Yes, it is as it became easier for mobile users to not wait for charging with cables.

World has progressed, and now it's easier for mobile users to feel comfortable and sit, relax, and use your device without connecting it to a charging wire. Directly connect the wireless charger with an electric system even when the case is on. Most of the users have misconceptions about it but there’s nothing much like that.

Place the phone on the charging stand while the screen should be towards your face so you could have a look at charging. Connect the other end of the charger into the back of the charging stand's base. When you first join the cable, you will see flash blue, green, and cyan color lights.

When you are ready, then place your mobile phone on the wireless charging stand; make sure that the back of your mobile phone is attached with a wireless charger. So it will take the charger correctly. Foldable phones will face the screen while connecting it to the charging pad.

If your mobile's case is thick, then remove it to charge your phone with a wireless charger.

Indicators Light Colors-Functions Of These Lights

There’s nothing to worry while plugging-in the charger while the case is on your phone. When you see the light on this wireless charger, a question comes in our mind, What does these lights are for? Which functions do these lights perform? Let's discuss these lights below. 


  • Charging


  • Fully charged


  • Charging at low power(Less than 5V2A)

Flashing Blue

  • When your phone is not in the right place for setting it


  • when a mobile phone is removed from, charging or wireless charger is not connected to an electrical power outlet.

Important Information to Note

If the charging lights are not working as their work is described, remove the wireless charger and reconnect it. The indicator light will do differently depending on the phone or wireless charging cover. It matters a lot!

Be aware of Problems With Wireless Chargers

Sometimes the wireless charger doesn't support or don't work. There is a quick fix for this. Remove your phone's thick case. Check this information to fix the charger below.

When you don't place your device incorrectly, or your mobiles back are not attached to the wireless charger's end. Make sure that your device is placed in the center of that wireless charging pod. Make sure that the device back is fully attached to the wireless charger pod.

You should ensure that your device does not have a thick case. If it's thick, remove it before placing your phone on this wireless charger.

If your headset is connected to your phone, place your phone in landscape position. Don't put your phone in a portrait position. Your device will not work with a charger in this case.

If there is an issue in your area or you’ve a weak network problem, you could face problems because it will not charge in a vulnerable network.

Suppose you have attached a USB data cable that your device will not charge with a wireless charger. So make sure it's disconnected.

Make sure that your wireless charger has a power source to which it is attached.

What Do You Need to Do for Charging Your Phone?

First of all, you need two things. The first one is to get a device that supports wireless charging or a case that you put it on and starts charging. The 2nd thing is a wireless charger. You can buy these little pucks in different sizes and shapes, like more massive mouse mate to Small disc built into Furniture also.

Are Wireless Chargers Fast?

The first thing which comes to our mind is, are these wireless chargers charge your device faster instead of cables? The answer is yes. Some chargers are quite quick as compared to others. With modern technology, you are capable of charging your large-sized battery just in 2 hours.

And these devices are rated with their Wattage, with 5W and 10W chargers common or by output amperage, with 1A at 5V wireless chargers compared to a standard 1A USB cable charger such as that comes with iPhone 7.

Does Samsung Wireless Charger Work With Case? – A Perfect

What Are Qi Wireless Chargers?

There are two types of compatible standards in the wireless charging industry designed for portable gadgets and smartphones. Maximum phones support wireless power consortium's Qi and the PMA or AIRFUEL Alliance standards, meaning that they will work on available chargers.

How this Qi wireless charger works?

How These Wireless Chargers Work? 

You will be surprised to know that as usual, our mobile phone is charged with the help of power, and this power is inserted through an Alternating electromagnetic field. Then, there is a receiver coil inserted in these phones, which converts electricity back to feed into the battery.

Charge Your Phone Now

Overall we have discussed the wireless chargers and 1 type of these wireless chargers. It's a new word with modern technology, and it's a fantastic invention that you can charge your mobile phone without plugging it into the charging data cable. So we hope our guide will be helpful to know about these wireless chargers. We care for you!

Does Samsung Wireless Charger Work With Case? – A Perfect

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