Eco-Friendly Shoes & How They Are Made?

Eco-Friendly Shoes & How They Are Made?

With the advancement in knowledge, the general public has started shifting to the use of eco-friendly products. Eco-friendly clothing has been there for the last few years, but the new popular niche is eco-friendly footwear. And that’s for various reasons. 

Eco-Friendly Shoes & How They Are Made?

It has become a necessity to use eco-friendly products to reduce the harm which plastic-made products are actually causing to our environment. But the question is, are you really buying something which is going to help make the environment friendly? A very few companies have disclosed this information, but what do you think, is eco-friendly footwear a perfect option or it’s just a clever cash-grab?

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What Are They?

The idea behind eco-friendly shoes is to minimize the overall impact it has on our environment when it comes to animal life and environmental health. Various designers take eco-friendly material, and run through a simple production process, while many other brands actually follow the less polluting methods for this process.

Such shoes are manufactured from a synthetic or vegetable tanned leather, without damaging the environment. But this is not the case with all the brands. Often you will find designs which use processed plant leaves, hemp, or recycled car tyres.

How These Eco-Friendly Made?

Well, there’s no universally-agreed way to create such shoes. However, many companies have defined there own special methods which result in the end product is slightly different. Many focus on minimizing the usage of electricity, while others focus on adopting the full zero-carbon approach. 

Eco-Friendly Soles

You would find the eco-friendly base for most of the shoes. But remember, eco-friendly shoes can’t come in high-quality synthetic materials, so brands need to come up with different ways of providing the same protection without excess wastage. 

In most cases, it gets done through recycling. Rubber is taken for the manufacturing from scrapped shoes, and sometimes from vehicle tyres, which can be isolated from other components and then shape into a new sole.

Eco-Friendly Shoes & How They Are Made?

Eco-Friendly Laces

Laces, on the other hand, also come in eco-friendly material, since these are made out of recycled cotton, or sometimes the existing laces wove back together. However, there’s not a lot to say about them, but there would be fewer choices in colors due to restriction of industrial paints usage.

Eco-Friendly Leather

Undoubtedly, leather is the popular material in the manufacturing of the upper parts of eco-friendly shoes. But it’s not possible to get the natural leather without harming our envionrment. The reason is most of the leather comes from animal hides, and it could be challenging for the companies to get leather without killing living creatures. 

But there are some environmentally friendly ways to create a material which look the same as real leather, and have no negative impact on our environment, like synthetic leather, made out of vegan-suitable chemicals. 

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Eco-Friendly Shoes & How They Are Made?

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