Basketball sport has been evolving, with a growing interest from many people globally. Since its birth, it has experienced new developments concerning the structure and performance. Talk of new rules, new players joining the game, and a lot more to be discussed.

What about new shoe brands like Nike, Puma, and Adidas? Basketballers have also come up with improvised ideas like will basketball shoes work for tennis, or can basketball shoes be used for casual wear? These are some of the experimental tactics that can only be confirmed by field commanders themselves. 

However, do you know what it takes to be a superstar in the courts? I am talking about skills. Basketball sport is one of the exciting games, but also challenging on the same level. Apart from regular playing, basketballers need more skills to please their fans and have an outstanding performance. 

Watching legends like Michael Jordan raise the spirits of his supporters, you will realize that he possesses some magical skills that separate him from his attackers. It is not that his opponents lack the skills they have. But it depends on how you master the skills and apply them in the game. Today, as we think of how often basketball players change shoes, which is an essential aspect of basketball, let us also glance at some of the necessary skills of basketball.


Who does not know what running is? Do I need to define that? NO. Almost every sport activity involves running. Or do I say a significant percentage of them need more running? Speed is an essential aspect for any player across the world. Not only in basketball but also football and tennis. How does running improve your performance in basketball? Here is the reason.

In a full basketball game, you will realize that you need to run back and forth when the game changes quickly from offense to defense and even shooting. You need to set your speed to reach the hoop before the other team's defenders whenever you have the ball. Even when you do not have the ball, you still need to run faster after the opponent in defense position. So how do you improve your speed in the courts?

It is evident that every basketballer needs speed, as it is believed that the fastest basketballers are the most successful. It is believed but not proved, so do not judge me. However, as a basketballer, you need to create and improve your unique speed. A speed that will see you overtake the opponents and reach the hoop in a short while.

In most cases, basketball trainers would emphasize straightforward speed and focus on the players running a 40-yard sprint. But unfortunately, that is not what we are talking about when it comes to speed in basketball. Sprinting a fast 40-yard speed will not make you a productive player to overcome the opponents since most of them already know the tactic.

Therefore, you need to create a more competitive speed like having quickness and explosiveness down the court. Remember that basketball involves quick starts and stops. An effective basketballer must come up with training skills such as accelerating from a side-shuffle, getting up from the floor at a high running speed, and even turning and running from a backpedal. Some of a few tips on how a basketballer can improve the court speed include;

Strength Buildup

Did you get that? Building strength is also an essential part when working on your speed. Imagine trying to get your car from a muddy hill road with a go-cart engine. That would be insane. The same idea is used in basketball. There is no way you can run after the opponents in defense position without strength. Talk less of running with a ball towards the hoop without enough power to maneuver through the defenders.

I hope you remember how Wilt Chamberlain had a more than a 6-feet structure with enough strength to overpass the opponents. Again we are not saying you start worrying how to build big muscles, going around lifting heavyweights. No. focus on how to get strong muscles enough to carry you during the game. Recommended strength building techniques in basketball include; calf raising, squats, leg curls, and leg strengthening extensions.

You can also perform dumbbell press, bicep curls, bicep extensions, and shoulder raises to strengthen the upper body. More practices can help build up your strength and have a constant speed during basketball sports.

Improve On Acceleration and Quickness

How good are you at increasing your speed? what basketball shoes are the best for flat feet? You need to work on how to improve the velocity during takeoff or rebounds quickly. Unlike any other sport activity like running where all athletes start simultaneously, basketball needs a steady mind and readiness to accelerate quickly.

It does not necessarily mean accelerating from the starting line, but even during rebounds and defense. Learn to accelerate from both a stationary position and a moving position. Tricks like accelerating from 45-degree body position and arm action sprinting are also essential to learn if you wish to have a faster basketball speed.  




Learning how to accelerate in basketball without learning how to decelerate is like asking will basketball shoes work for tennis when you do not know how to play tennis. Having the most effective speed without control is a waste to any basketballer. Imagine driving an expensive Bugatti car down the hill at high speed without brakes.

Do you get the idea? As you practice on increasing your acceleration, include some intervals of quick stops and sudden changes in direction. Basketball, as said earlier, involves quick starts, stops, and changes in direction. During ball dribbling, a player moves faster down the court towards the basket. That means the player needs to have control as he approaches the hoop to shoot accurately to the basket. Without control, the player would miss the basket, or even lead to injuries.

The idea here is how fast you run, the strength to overcome the opponents, quick acceleration, and controlled deceleration.  Running is perhaps one of the critical skills in basketball that needs not to be overlooked. As a basketballer, you always need to work on your acceleration from any point in the court and learn how to control your body in deceleration mode to avoid rolling over when you approach the hoop.


This is where your points lie—an essential definition of a basketballer. Many basketballers will worry about what basketball shoes are the best for flat feet to enable them run and dunk to the hoop and make the perfect shot. No matter how good you are at dribbling, passing, rebounding, and defense, you are nothing without this essential skill of shooting.

You will remain to be an assist in every game. The sports doctors suggest that the major part of shooting comes from mental stability. Always have confidence in yourself whenever you are about to take a shot. The mental integration and the mechanical aspect of shooting will definitely make you a perfect shooter. Learning fundamental shooting skills will make your opponents vulnerable, giving you an easy time to drive, pass, and even shoot. 

How do you develop excellent shooting skills? That is the biggest worry among basketballers. For a team to be successful in any NBA season, it must record skilled shooters in its list. Great shooters like Steve Nash and Ray Allen are called pure shooters since they have smooth, free-flowing shots.

You will hear some people saying that pure shooting is an inborn gift, but they are wrong. Pure shots are acquired through training. Train shooting from long ranges like outside the three-point line, and you will realize that it's something that you can do over time, with proper guidance. Recently, even the known superstars are trying to master the shooting skill, which implies that shooting is an essential part of basketball.


Tips on Making a Perfect Shot

As every player is learning how to become a pure shooter, it probably plays a more significant role if you master the following tips;  

  • Preparation for the shot involves getting your body and feet placed squarely to the basket. 
  • When you receive the ball, always hold it slightly at the bottom, your fingers should be well-spread across the ball and balanced.
  • Set an equilibrium with your feet when jumping to make a shot.
  • Place the ball in the shooting position or start your jump shot, focusing on the hoop.
  • Always bend the wrist to bring the elbow below the ball when making a shot. 
  • The no-shooting hand should always be still as you move the ball in a shooting position. 
  • Lastly, always make a follow up after the shot to maintain consistency.

 Mastering the superior shooting skills will distinguish you from other players and make you a pure shooter if you dream of becoming one. However, learning is not enough if you won't practice them frequently during the actual game. 


This is also an important skill in basketball. This covers all team players and not just one shooter or defender. Having excellent dribbling skills will enable you to maneuver through the opponents without being whistled from a rough running. It also allows you to penetrate the basket and pass the ball to teammates. There are several types of ball dribbling that one can learn with time;

  • Pull back dribble,
  • Between the legs dribble,
  • Low dribble,
  • Basic dribble,
  • Behind-the-back dribble,
  • Change-of-pace dribble etc.

As a new basketballer, you need to work on your dribbling skills since you will find a perfect defender who will easily take the ball from you. During training, try as much as you can to master these tips before the actual match. Will basketball shoes work for tennis?

Trips on Dribbling

  • Learn to dribble equally on both hands. This gives you a variety of options when it comes to maneuvering the defenders.
  • Keep your head up during dribbling to make a calculated move on the floor and scan the defense line gaps.
  • Learn from the easy dribbling styles as you progress to more advanced techniques. For instance, you can start with crossover dribbling as you move to through-the-legs dribble.
  • The most important tip, learn to answer questions like; WHEN to dribble and WHY you need to dribble the ball on the floor. This is the final stage after you have mastered the dribbling skill and should only be applied in the court. 


As simple as it may sound, passing is also accountable for how successful a player is. There is a vast difference in how players pass the ball to their teammates, defining the ability of scoring or failing to score. Basketball trainers always use the following steps when training new basketballers;

  1. Giving each player a training partner.
  2. They set each pair in two separate lines.
  3. The coach then gives one player of each pair a ball.
  4. The players are finally asked to pass the ball back and forth using a series of the following passing techniques; 
  • Baseball pass.
  • Overhead pass.
  • One hand pass.
  • Chest pass.
  • Bounce pass.

However, there is a more critical technique in passing than just throwing the ball to the teammate using the above techniques. That aspect is decision making. You must first learn to have a clear picture of the players in the court and answer the questions like; WHEN to pass the ball, WHERE to give, and WHICH technique to use in passing. Before crossing the ball, first, make a sound decision to avoid losing.



Tips in Ball Passing 

For a youth basketball player to have excellent passing skill, he must learn the following tips;

  • First, assume that the rule of the game states that there is no dribbling. In this case, you will have an open way to pass through the defense.
  • Practice the fake pass technique to trick the defender.
  • Improving the quality of the pass equates to a pure shot.


Those who were asking about what basketball shoes are best for flat feet, here is where you need to use them. Improving on your jumping skills means working on your footwork. Jumping plays a vital role in shooting and defending. You need to jump high enough to block a shot or pass.

Additionally, a team must have great dunkers to win the competition since, in ordinary situations, both sides might have players with the skills named above.  A team with great dunkers that can out jump the opponents for rebounds is likely to win. 

Final Thought

It is recommendable to learn all the five necessary skills rather than practicing only one then failing to perform when a different situation arises. As a youth basketballer, practicing the fundamentals of basketball will make you a great player and eliminate the worrying case of when moved into a different position in the future. I remember someone asking; how often do basketball players change shoes? We shall discuss that later.


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