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Fix Your Stained And Scuffed Suede Shoes

Fix Your Stained And Scuffed Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are vulnerable enough to stains, scratches, and scuffs. They are highly expensive and the most favorite of many. One cannot afford to lose them at any cost. When they are sustained to scratches and stains they are hard to clean. 

When the booties and boots season is one, people put on their favorite shoes to hit parties on weekends. But when the weather is bad and people dance around with sugar cocktails in hand in such parties, your party can turn disastrous for your suede shoes.

Suede shoes are made of a fabric which can easily display imperfection. The grime, dark patches, dirt and even a small stain can show up on the suede in a magnified way. Taking care of these stains is a must to keep your suede boots or shoes as picture-perfect. 

The experts have come up with some amazing DIY tips for fixing your stained and scuffed suede shoes. Let’s have a look at the best ones.

Use a sealant

Before wearing your suede shoes, make sure you protect it with a sealant. You can either do it yourself or can take it to a shoe professional for the same. You can find this suede sealant on amazon or the drugstore. 

A thin application of this sealant can last for months and it helps in repelling water, dirt and other tough stains. Make sure you reapply the same after brushing it. 

Brushing your suede shoes

You must brush your suede after its every wear. This is the best way to keep your suede shoes spot-free, shiny and fluffy. You can do it with a suede brush or can make use of a clean toothbrush. 

In case you have got a worn spot on your shoes, make use of a toothbrush for lifting this tamped down fabric with gentle and short strokes. This can best help you in removing the pet hair, lint or loose dirt.

Use an eraser

For removing the marks gently, make use of a suede eraser back and forth over your stains or scuff until it starts lifting. Soon after this, brush off the eraser shaving with a suede brush. It works like magic and you can see a visible difference in its before and after. 

Use black crayon

For your black suede shoes, you can give a touch up to your scuffed or faded spots with a black crayon. Rub this color on your shoes with your finger. Keep on repeating the process until your stain blends easily with the surrounding color of your suede. 

Freezer for gum stains

In case a chewing gum has stuck to your favorite suede shoes, put them in your freezer for at least 4 hours. This way the chewing gum will turn hard enough which can be chipped away in large chunks. 

Gently make use of a suede brush on your shoes to remove the leftover spots or stains

The above-mentioned tips are suggested by experts for fixing your minor scuffed and stained suede shoes. In case of major damage, get in touch with a professional that can take care of your suede shoes. 

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