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Freaky Shoes Releases Betsy Ross Flag-themed Sneakers after Nike’s Recall


Freaky Shoes Releases Betsy Ross Flag-themed Sneakers after Nike’s Recall

With Nike’s decision to recall their Betsy Ross Flag design sneakers, another manufacturer released a set of these trendy sneakers. 

Nike’s intention to manufacture Betsy Ross Flag was to add to the 4th of July celebrations, however, ill-advertising led it to the controversy. The design, actually, was based on the old American flag designed by Betsy Ross during the American Revolution. The shoes, originally priced at $120, was fetched on StockX at as much as $2500 as consumers couldn’t find them anywhere else. 



Now that Nike has recalled their Betsy Ross flag themed sneakers and StockX has also taken them down, Freaky Shoes has released these flag-themed shoes. Our collection of white-red-blue sneakers with 13 stars on them includes a description of why Ross is remembered in the books of history. The flag is not designed to represent as an offensive symbol of slavery, rather, to show the strength and hope to be the leader like Ross. Ross was a single mother, a widow, and she was managing household solely. She is known as an “Icon in the American History”. The flag themed sneaker with 13 stars on it is designed to honor every mother and woman who is strong and has fought through adversity. 


The “Besty Ross” sneakers are not designed to spread hate or to promote racism, but to complement hardship and support people who are struggling hard in their life. 

Want the one for you? Click here to check our collection of trendy Betsy Ross Flag sneakers and add your favorite pair to the cart. 

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