Frustrating Heel Slip Prevention

Frustrating Heel Slip Prevention

Heel slip:

Ever gone through an annoying feel of heel slippage? Heel slippage is the irritating thing when your heel slip out of your shoes when you are walking or running. Yes! That feel. Your shoes were doing fine in the morning, and there was no issue at all. All of a sudden, your heels are popping out of your shoes with just a few steps. Take into consideration that it might not be your shoes problem that caused such annoyance. 

Frustrating Heel Slip Prevention

There can be several reasons which we are going to discuss today. But before we proceed further, we’ll discuss shoes problems and shoe choices first. Not all shoes are compatible with all types of activity levels. For example, we cannot wear customized basketball shoes in our office, and the same goes for dress shoes while playing basketball. 

Shoes world is very vast now. We have different types of shoes for a different aspect of life. Even you may wear 5-6 different types of footwear in a single day for different levels of activities. Many branded shoes companies allow you to customize your own basketball or Jordan shoes online. You may even have different sports shoes brand logos on them, like the label of the tongue. 

So we should consider different shoe types for different activities to avoid any feet discomfort. Without further ado, let’s discuss common problems of shoe slippage and their resolution.

Why does heel slippage happen?

Too long shoes

Obviously, if your shoes are not according to your feet length, your heel or even your whole feet will pop out of your shoes. You should know that your feet shape and length varies according to your body weight. For example, your feet become swollen and bulky during the pregnancy period. 

Hence it is highly recommended to measure your feet from time to time, especially before buying new shoes to avoid heel slippage. If you cannot buy a new pair of shoes you love for any reason; you may purchase heel grips that fit with all types of feet to provide padding and avoid heel slippage.

Frustrating Heel Slip Prevention

Low instep

The instep is basically the middle region in between your ankle and toes. If you have low insteps compared to average person, you might be facing this problem because your feet might be facing difficulty staying locked down in the arched area. If your shoes are not designed for flat feet, you are surely facing this issue.

To cope with this issue, you may use a tongue pad, which helps fill the empty area and provides your feet the necessary fit to avoid heel slippage.

Not wearing right

This reason might be rare but worthy enough to mention here that some people in a hurry, knowingly or unknowingly, might not step their feet into shoes completely, causing heel slip after that. This reason falls into the human error category. If that is the case, you should spare a few seconds to slide your heel in to shoe heel cup to its best before lacing them. You might fall or get an injury due to this so take great care in this regard.

You laced them wrong

There are many techniques to lace your shoes up. Most people often neglect this part, causing heel slippage. If your feet are in firm grip provided by laces, then there would be no chance of heel slippage.

Frustrating Heel Slip Prevention

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