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Fun and Games are not the only purposes for Custom-built Shoes - NBA players react

Fun and Games are not the only purposes for Custom-built Shoes - NBA players react

With the NBA lifting its ban on colored shoes last season, basketball stars have resorted to unique brands like Freakyshoes, Salvador, and Amezcua.  

Many NBA players are now moving to notable brands that can help them to create custom designs on sneakers. Such a move is to own the coolest designers out there, which can be used to portray specific movements, solidarize, or celebrate with an icon or event.

“I feel now is the time NBA players have the opportunity to express themselves at will through our shoes.” Said, Langston Galloway, Detroit Piston’s guard. “Andrew and I have consistently tried to define the type of message we want to pass across through every shoe we wear."

Throughout last season, Galloway wore various customized shoes for different events. International women’s month, Martin Luther King Jnr day and Hoops for Troops were among the celebrated events with symbolic custom shoes. 


He particularly attracted public attention during the last black history month in February. There he wore the first custom shoes against their opponent, the New York Knicks. It was a unique artwork by Andrew, showing notable American Individuals from New York, together with a quote inspired by Langston Hughes. 

Another Relevant example was the case of the son of the Utah Jazz’s forward, Jacob Ingles:

Earlier this year, the doctors concluded that Jacob Ingles had autism. Jazz was able to show their support for Ingles by increasing awareness about the condition through the use of custom-made sneakers. 


Each player had a specific design in solidarity with Jacob. 

“There is a great fulfillment standing by Jacob, and all other families currently experiencing this condition,” Said, Rudy Gobert. “We are solidly behind ourselves, and that unity is far beyond basketball."

Also, when a famous rapper, Nipsey Hussle died in March, most of the NBA players paid their tribute to the icon. Among them were Jordan Bell, who wore a custom-made sneaker to mourn the rapper. 

"It was my way to show last respect to a rapper who has contributed so much to Los Angeles and its environs," Jordan said.

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