Everyone has his desires when it comes to sports. Games not only entertain us but also create special moments with our friends, fans and families. There is nothing as fun as arguing with your friend about the team that'll win a particular game. No other sport feels better and more enjoyable than basketball, especially for lazy watchers who quickly get tired watching long time-taking games. Once you are attached to it, there is no turning back. It’s an exciting moment to watch your favourite basketball superstar dribbling the ball with impressive moves until he shoots it into the basket. Probably at that time, your eyes were pinned on his shoes and wished to have such pairs. Continue reading to discover more basketball information.


How are basketball shoes made?

Basketball shoes are among the coolest pairs out there. Other than their performance and playability, they are excellent wear to prove your sense of style. They have a distinctive look which makes them good looking besides offering comfortability to players. Like other shoes, not all basketball shoes are suitable for each individual. Some tend to give more satisfying services to the wearers than others. No one wants to wear something inconvenient, especially when you have spent lots of cash on it. To make things easy for you¸ we’ll help you decide which basketball shoes are the most comfortable. Comfort is the priority when it comes to deciding the right shoe to buy. Other factors can be overlooked but not the comfortability. We’ll narrow down the list to fit the best comfort basketball shoes. They include:

Nike Kyrie 4

It's the top-ranked pair, with the highest number of positive vibes from users. It is a mid-top type made with mesh and rare-to-find material that expands durability and satisfying breathability to the feet. The heel is well designed, giving the player enough support as they move in the court. The midsole is structured to offer shock absorption and an excellent softness even when the players make a rough-feet move. The outsole is multidirectional built, making it possible for players to make any moves without hurting themselves.

Nike Kobe AB NXT 360

If you want a comfortable pair without sacrificing the performance, this is what you need. It has a powerful cushioning style that offers a gentle and satisfactory experience in the court. The shoe has a lunation and React system which acts as a shock protector. It’s perfect for active players in the court who often make vigorous moves.


Under Armour Curry 4

It’s a high-top type that deserves to get mentioned in this list. The upper part of the shoe is well-knitted above the leather, extending the durability. Its cushioning capability is not as levelled up as other types. Still, it’s enough to provide the right comfortability to the user. It’s designed with a proprietary foam beneath which gives off a bouncy but gentle feeling to the wearer. The outsole is firm and offers safety regardless of any tough movement that the player will make on the court.

Air Jordan 32

Jordan is a killer brand that never disappoints when it comes to the kingdom of shoes. The upper part is designed with a fly knit material which makes them light. It is a pair that gives sensitivity, comfort and well-felt protection. With this on, no player would get destructed from the game. Its outward look is catchy and a no-eyes-off design.

Nike LeBron

If you are a fan of LeBron, a basketball superstar, you can opt for this to match your love for his skills. It’s a flexible and happy-to-wear type of shoes. Among all the Nike types, this offers the most cushioning to the feet. It provides firmness regardless of the pressure it gets. Still, it gives off amazing bounce-off and the needed mobility to the player. Now that you know which basketball shoes are the most comfortable, you can confidently choose what impresses you the most from our best picks.

Which is the right basketball shoe to wear when in the court?

Anything can happen when in court. While everyone expects to come out victorious from the game, unavoidable situations can occur and block you from making your expectations come true. A little disaster like an ankle sprain can happen on the way of making your shoot in the basket. Sometimes you wonder by asking, why are basketball shoes low cut? It’s mainly for safety.

Turning of the ankle is a common disaster that can occur anytime in the court. That is why serious considerations are made before a selection of the right shoe is done. Although the players’ footwear always appears classic, style is not their main factor when deciding their shoe. What matters to them the most is the traction and ankle support.

So, when it comes to the matter of basketball shoes, there is high-top and low-top, and both of them are appropriate and stylish. Few years below the line, high-top ranked at the topmost but not anymore. Currently, low-top is at the highest level. So, why are basketball shoes low cut?

Low cut basketball shoes

This type of shoes does not reach above the ankle. In short, they don’t cover the ankles. Here are the advantages and disadvantage of such shoes:


More stylish

If you keenly look at low cut shoes, they appear much fancier than the high-tops. High cuts tend to cover the ankle making your legs sweaty and blister full. Moreover, they make the feet feel abnormally warmer, especially after playing for long hours. In other words, people choose low cut over its coequal because it’s more relaxing to wear. But one thing remains- which basketball shoes are the most comfortable to you?


Low cut types have better maneuverable power. It’s easier to make sudden movements, jumps, and many other exciting turns. This is possible because the ankle joints are not restricted by a shoe collar.


No player loves heavy footwear which would deny freestyle moves in the court. Low cuts are much way easy-to-lift than high tops. An extra weight, no matter how little it is, can block the player from making his shot successfully. Low cuts will remain a number one choice because all players want a shoe that they can easily lift from the ground. 


Less protective

Although they are cool to wear, they are unsafe to the feet. They offer zero protection to the ankle in case someone steps on you, it’s easy to bruise or break your ankle.

Provides no ankle support

The outstanding reason why low top shoes are not recommended is because of the inadequacy to support the ankle in events when there is a sudden movement in the court. With low cuts, strains and twists are unavoidable. 

High top shoes

At this point, you have a clearer understanding of why are basketball shoes low cut. But not everyone loves low top shoes. In fact, there are as many people who prefer high tops. The decision entirely depends on the user. Here is why high-top impresses some individuals:

Advantages of high cuts

Guarantees ankle support

High tops have a broad fabric coverage which supports the ankle. It can easily prevent your ankle from improper rolling, breaking or inappropriate moves. With these on, injuries are far from you!


Basketball shoes with high cuts act as a shield to your delicate ankles. It gives players time to concentrate on the game rather than to watch out not to get stepped on by their opponents.




The last thing a player needs is heavyweight footwear. The greatest frustration that users of high-top shoes tolerate is the bulkiness. It makes it difficult to jump or adjust to quick turns. The good thing is the heaviness is tolerable once you learn to play in them.


When compared with a low cut, they are more restricted because of the extra ankle coverage. Still, the restrictions are a shield; hence this downside is overlookable. 


With the long hours of play, the feet get sweaty, and high tops don't make the situation more manageable. It gives off an uncomfortable warmth that is intolerable. 

 How long can basketball shoes last?

Other than skills, footwear is a major concern to any basketballer. The player and the shoes have to partner up to succeed in the game. This is why it’s totally understandable when you care about how long basketball shoes last. It’s normal to build a strong attachment with your shoes. No one will question you for taking it as your buddy, considering it helps you make those incredible moves in the court. Having an idea of when your footwear will last will help you plan your wallet in advance and buy new ones before you find yourself having nothing to wear. For outdoor basketball shoes, they can serve you for six to nine months. But keep in mind that the outdoor surfaces are harsh, sunny and damaging to your shoes in many ways. If you use them indoors, they’ll last you for a longer time. 

What determines how long your basketball shoes will last?

Indoors/ outdoors

It goes without saying. Expect your shoes to serve you for a shorter time if you use them in tough areas. The high temperature, dusty and harsh grounds tend to wear out your shoes. As for indoor courts, the smooth flooring extends the lifespan of your pair. If you care about your buddy and you don’t want to lose them, make indoor court your only playing ground.

The types of activities

Basketball involves tough and split seconds movements. The sudden turns and rolls may pull down the lifespan of your shoes. How soon you’ll purchase your shoes depending on the positions you play in court. But don’t get stingy with your moves trying to save your shoes. Play unrestrictedly, the shoes are ready to help you give the best shots. So, worry less about their ageing.

The type of shoe

Not all shoes have high quality. Some types have good looks but useless in performance. As much as appearance is important, don’t allow glimpses to blind you in buying low-quality pairs. The pricing of basketball shoes is scary and can tempt you to go cheap. If you get into such a situation, remember how long you want your shoes to serve before deciding on the one to buy.  

Is there any impact that basketball shoes have on height?

Basketballers are usually tall. It’s not guaranteed that it’s their footwear that makes them appear inches higher than usual. Many people ask, will basketball shoes make you taller?

Some basketball shoes have high soles, making the user taller. Surprisingly, some brands can add up to 8 cm to your standard height. However, they are preferred by slightly short individuals to try to get to where their fellow players reach height-wise. As for born-tall players, they don’t wear height-increasing basketball shoes as they’ll only give them an exaggerated height. If you want height lifters, look for Nike, Jordan, and Adidas brands and choose what qualifies your requirements.

What are height insoles

Other than basketball shoes height enforcers, there are unique soles that serve the same purpose. They are small, convenient and comfy items that you fix into your basketball shoes sneakers. They are fit almost every type of shoes. They add 2 inches to the wearer’s height. However, they are not the best go-to choose since they add extra weight to your feet, making it uncomfortable to move around the court freely. It’s more realistic to go for outsole booster shoes than height insoles which will cause discomfort to your feet.


Basketball is an exciting game that displays awesomeness. Although it’s a fun game, it comes with strict regulations that appear hard to follow. Still, playing it is one of the best ways of making your body active. Basketballers’ moves are incredible and admirable. What you don’t know is that shoes also play a significant role. But of course, the main contributor is their skills. Since the players make quick turns, rough jumps and sudden moves, they need footwear that can protect them from dangerous ankle problems. That’s why shoes will remain their all-time concern!


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