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Here's how 5 industry titans are warning coronavirus will damage operations in 2020

Here's how 5 industry titans are warning coronavirus will damage operations in 2020

Coronavirus outbreak has taken every global supply chain in its round and hurting the operation with every passing day. Hundreds of companies are cautioning investors of the future. This epidemic has almost killed more than 500 people around the world and infected more than 28,000 as of Thursday morning. This virus threatens markets, and now investors are not ready to invest at that crucial time when everything seems uncontrollable. However, here are the 5 big companies addressing the coronavirus outbreak and its effect on their future earnings.


One of the biggest companies— Apple, has almost 26 suppliers and major corporate customers based working in China. But now the company is facing a big loss in its total revenue due to the virus. Factories operating in the apple devices are forced to shut down due to a virus. CEO of Apple— Tim Cook noted that the epidemic outbreak, which led Apple to issue a wider-than-usual range. 


CEO Elon Musk warned the company about the coronavirus, and so about the deliveries that these can be delayed as government guidelines force the factories to remain close. Even the new plant was set but of no gain because investors are not ready to invest a penny for now as the outbreak pauses production and deliveries. 


Disney is also get affected by this spread; after all, it is placed where every second person wishes to be. Disney’s beautiful themed parks in Shanghai and Hong Kong were forced to remain shut to avoid any unexpected outcome. 


Being one of the regions of the world, China is a global hub of various businesses, including Starbucks now. Over the last two decades, Starbucks is trying to expand operations in China, but coronavirus is now becoming a hurdle for its continued growth. According to the Chief Financial Officer— Patrick Grismer, it is not known now how much time it would take, and we are unable to estimate the impact of its on the business.


Nike is also facing the adversaries of this spread, and all the stores of this company are shut in China and the surrounding areas. 

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