Non- slip footwear is paramount to people who operate on slippery surfaces such as wet and oily areas. Sports such as; running, jogging, hiking, basketball-playing, and outdoor activities will also need slip-resistant footwear. When one is on non-slip footwear, they are assured of sure-footedness, a factor which minimizes any chances of them being involved in accidents. Slip-resistant refers to shoes or surfaces that have been designed to give one guard somebody from slipping irrespective of what might be contained in the surface they are traversing on. Slipping on slippery surfaces can be dangerous, and it can result in a fatal accident; thus, it should be avoided under all the cost. 

Slip-shoes are designed with rubberized soles with excellent tread patterns to ensure they create great traction with slippery surfaces. This ensures that one can walk, run, and work comfortably on all kinds of surfaces. The perfect non-slip shoes are made of soft rubber soles designed to have intricate and fine treads. Slip-resistant shoes should not have thick soles; they should be made of slip-resistant materials; therefore, their manufacturers should not make their soles thick.   

A number of people may not understand the difference between non-slip and slip-resistant. The fact is that there is no much difference between slip-resistance and non-slip; in fact, these terms are used almost in the same context. Both phrases refer to the kind of footwear which are designed to be used by people traversing on slippery surfaces. It is common to find different manufactures labeling their footwear as either non-slip or slip-resistant and get to wonder what could be the difference. The paramount thing about both is that these shoes have precisely designed soles with superb grip to aid their wearers from slipping and falling. 

What is considered a non-slip Shoe

A non-slip shoe is considered to be the one that offers a superb grip. The shoe to accommodate these features should be designed to have deep tread grooves, which offers the needed friction between the shoe wearer and the surface. These shoes are also made of soft materials that will facilitate proper gripping with the ground as one walks. The shoe manufacturers of slip-resistant footwear design their shoes with the idea that “the deeper the treads, the more non-slip the shoe." The tread on non-slip shoes gives room for water to move away from the base of the shoe. The soles of non-resistant shoes are made from a high-grade rubber, which offers these kinds of shoes excellent traction, making them efficient on slippery surfaces. 

The shape on which the treads are designed to take is also an important factor in deciding the shoes' traction level. For instance, the bottom part of non-slip shoes is modeled to have circular design patterns, which raises the level of traction. This will also enable the soles to produce much grip when the wearers of these shoes walk on greasy, slippery, and wet areas. If you have been, you must have noted that most work shoes, running and trail shoes, are made to have thick soles combined with deep treads characterized by multi-patterning. When you walk in muddy areas, you should clean the bottom of your shoes as soon as possible to make sure that they retain their slip-resistant quality. 

The Difference between Non-Slip and Skid Shoes

There exists a minimal difference between the two types. Both are made to serve the same purpose, which is aiding one from slipping and falling on slippery surfaces; therefore, the phrases skid and non-slip resistant will depend on the manufacture as they will give their products the two names. Both non-slip and skid shoes share a common feature; they are dry, static coefficient (the ratio of the friction force between two objects). In our case, the ground, as well as the feet' soles, are the two objects, then the force that presses them together. The material used in making the soles of these kinds of shoes should be soft rubber as it can grip excellently with the surface where one walks on. 

Apart from excellent tread patterns on both non-slip and skid shoes, the materials making them also influence their ability to be slip-resistant. The material used in constructing the heel part of the soles is an important factor in how the shoes perform. For instance, soles and heels made of softer materials are in a good position, and their ability to grab the surfaces where one traverses is excellent. A choice for the safe type of footwear to be used on slippery areas should be made as per the internal safety program, the employer's requirements as well as the recommendations. 

Non-slip shoes are made to suit people in a wide range of professions, such as chefs and nurses, only to mention a few. Here is a list of the best non-slip shoes in the market today.

The Best Slip-Resistant Footwear in the Market Today  

Non-slip shoes make the best choice for people who work in areas posing difficult conditions underfoot as they are the primary tool that works towards assuring their safety. These kinds of shoes are paramount if one finds themselves working in industries like factories, the docks, restaurants (servers), chickens, to name a few. To come up with some of the best non-slip shoes in the market, which we can recommend for those working in environments that demand the use of such footwear, we look at it. The type of soles makes them the slip-resistant level when one is walking on wet, greasy, or oily areas and the way the shoes are constructed. It is also essential to consider the type of materials the shoes are made from, the type of sole they have, how it is designed, and how the sole's treads are modeled. The best non- slip shoes should have pliable soles, soft modified to produce intricate treads that will guard their wearers from slipping when walking on slippery areas. The market is full of slip-resistant footwear; here, we sample some of the best non-slip shoes to enable those seeking to grab a pair to make a good decision on the type they should go. Here is the list: 


Skechers Men’s Work Felton

Skechers is one of the best slip-resistant brands of shoes in the market; therefore, it should not be surprising to find several other types of sketchers coming into this category. Men’s Work Felton is one of the unique type as well as a popular footwear sketcher's collection. These kinds of shoes are made to adopt a simple design with lace-up closure and non-slip outsoles providing a superb grip suitable for people working in slippery environments.

They are designed to meet Mark II as well as EH standards, which are paramount for non-slip qualities as they enhance the safety of these shoes. These kinds of Skechers are characterized by low profile, the outsoles made of rubber designed to produce a superb grip to give your foot that key stability you need to remain surefooted all through. This makes it easy for one to walk comfortably on oily, wet, and slippery surfaces, making it one of the suitable footwear recommended by nurses, chefs, and other people in similar professions. 

The uniqueness of these shoes is further influenced by having a sole that extends up the heel to the perimeter, a factor that aids one grab and grip to the surface firmly. The work Felton is also given a touch of stylishness by having leather uppers, which are combined with stitching with a leather overlay. All these make the wearers of these shoes unique, comfy, and safe in different kinds of environments. 

Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 2.0.      

 These shoes will offer you all kinds of support associated with non- slips while at the same time ensuring that you remain safe on whichever surface you traverse on. They are made of leather material on their uppers, making them suitable for formal wear as well as being durable. They are modified to have a low cut design, which combines well with their beveled heel to give this fabulous footwear an attractive appearance making them a kind of footwear that any man would crave to have in their shoe cabinet. 

Work N Cushion 2.0 is both slip-resistant and oil-resistant; these features topped up with the shoe being durable, supportive, and comfy make it footwear of its kind. Its level of comfort is further influenced by being made based on DMX Ride Technology as well as broader sizing for people who have wider feet makes it stand out as one of the ideal footwear for men. 

These shoes are recommended for hardworking men in sports and indoor and outdoor activities, for they offer the needed level of protection, comfort, and support while conducting such activities. It is also ideal footwear for nurses, chefs, those who perform serving duties as waiters and waitresses, those who spend prolonged periods in the office, and engineers performing various tasks at the site. 

Skechers Women’s Soft Stride-Softie.  

These shoes are designed ideal for ladies who work in areas prone to slipperiness. They are characterized by being OSHA compliant, pliable, and soft and having a 1.5-inch height; this, coupled with rubber outsoles, makes them another type of great Skechers. They are designed to have a tread pattern that provides an excellent traction with various surfaces, making them ideal for ladies working in service industries. They come with removable outsoles; therefore, one can replace them when necessary. This factor increases their durability as well as being economical since it will be less expensive to purchase the outsoles to give your shoes a new life compared to purchasing the whole pair of shoes. The replaceable outsoles ensure that one remains stable all through as you will ensure that the soles remain in good condition at all times. 

The comfort level in this footwear is further enhanced because they have foot-hugging PU insoles that are removable. This makes it possible for one to replace them with orthopedic insoles of their choice, which raise the level of coziness from within the shoes and the best option for people who have foot issues. They are lightweight; therefore, the wearers of these shoes do not have to worry about excess weight on their feet, leading to fatigue, making them ideal for people who spend prolonged hours on shoes. 

They are made of materials designed to be breathable; hence, the wearer's feet will remain cool and dry all through a factor that improves their comfort level. These shoes' leather uppers are designed to give them a good outlook by having detailed stitching coupled with an embroidered logo on their sides. All these features add to the shoes being designed to provide an excellent grip, which almost all the surfaces their wearers traverses on makes them ideal such that no lady would wish to miss them in their shoe cabinet.          

AVIA Women’s Avi Union Service.

As the name suggests, this pair is made purposely for ladies. The unique part of it is that it is relatively cheap, making it affordable to low-income earners. The cost, coupled with its non-slip features, makes it an ideal shoe for most people working in the service industry. The uppers of these shoes are made of synthetic leather, both waterproof and stain-resistant; the synthetic leather also gives these shoes a long life and is comfy. The manner in which the uppers of these shoes are enclosed makes them able to protect their wearers from spilling fluids such as hot water, boiling oil as well as falling objects, thus a suitable pair to be worn by nurses, chefs among other people work in demanding environments.

These shoes are made on molded EVA soft gel heel for excellent shock absorption, a factor which gives them the comfort of a high level. They are designed to have a removable sock-liner making it possible to replace it with their orthopedic insoles to attain the level of comfort they crave in shoes. The fact that the innersoles of Women's Avi Union services have removable insoles makes them ideal shoes for foot issues. 

These shoes are made to have tongue and collar, which are padded; this features combined with them having a mesh lining creates a conducive room for breathability. This factor will ensure that the wearer's feet remain cool and dry all through, making it a suitable pair to cope with slippery environments and worn by those who spend prolonged periods on their feet.

The outsoles of these pairs, which are made of rubber material, have a tread pattern that makes them produce a superb grip with various kinds of surfaces irrespective of underfoot conditions. They have the cantilever system, which makes them lightweight, especially at the heel; this assures their users of minimal chances of developing fatigue since their feet are not burdened with unnecessary weight. 

Skechers Men’s Flex Advantage.

Men's Flex is another footwear from the Skechers family, making our list. These shoes are popular for being non-slip, safe, comfy, and stable. This pair's features make it ideal for use by those who spend a prolonged period on their feet. The manufactures of Flex Advantage have given this product a touch of style by making their uppers with leather, which has been incorporated with mesh as well as synthetic fabrics. The making of the uppers does not only make Flex Advantage stylish but also flexible and breathable. While on these shoes, one has an assurance of remaining surefooted as their outsoles are made of rubber material, which is designed to produce excellent treads for superb grip. This feature makes it suitable for individuals in areas prone to slipperiness as well as those who spend long periods on their feet. 

They are modeled to produce a lace-up closure system, which ensures that your feet are well secured, therefore offering you the much-needed stability. The feet security while on these shoes is further enhanced by them having gel-infused memory foam insoles; this feature also adds comfort. The insoles are also removable, giving a chance for those willing to replace them with their orthopedic inserts to do so, therefore a suitable pair for those who have feet issues. The making of their uppers makes them safe to use in environments infested with fluid spills as well as falling objects since they are well enclosed with protective material.

Dockers Proposal Moc Toe Loafer.

This is an ideal shoe for those who prefer heavy-duty work but maybe dislike them for their natural looks because these shoes are a bit elegant and stylish, unlike heavy-duty boots though they offer the same level of protection. They have well-rugged outsoles to produce the required level of traction, a factor that assures their users of sure-footedness irrespective of the surface they traverse on. The uppers of these footwear are made of water-resistant material; this ensures that they cannot get wet on their feet. Again, it will protect their users from spilling fluids and falling objects, making them suitable for those working in areas such as kitchen and construction sites.

They are made to have an elastic goring tongue to ensure that the shoes slip on one's feet with much ease. The comfortable insoles in these shoes, the textile lining, and double row stitching make Moc Toe Loafer unique footwear for work.

Skechers Flex Advantage.

Flex Advantage is another type of non-slip footwear from the Skechers family. This is a casual shoe made of fabric mesh on its uppers and elastic side gores at their opening to ensure that they stay on the wearer’s foot. These shoes have a well-padded color to offer the level of comfort required. These shoes also have memory form insoles, which enables your feet to rest snugly in the shoe. These are some of the best types of footwear recommended for use by aged people, especially those who have back problems since they do not have the hassle of lacing, which one has to struggle with bedding to tie them.   

This type of shoes is recommended for those who perform duties like sailing and boating. The outsoles of these shoes are made of nitrile rubber soles, which are well rugged, giving them superb traction with different surfaces, which makes them slip-resistant. On top of this, the shoes have been tested and confirmed to meet Mark II standards for traction as well as being OSHA compliant. All these features assure the wearers of Flex Advantage that they should not have to worry while traversing on slippery, oily, or wet surfaces as these Skechers will ensure that they remain surefooted all through.

Safe Tstep Slip Resistant Women’s Sasha Quilt.

These types of shoes are designed to be used by ladies at work. They are recommended to be used by aged ladies due to the level of comfort they provide and being slip-resistant. These shoes are also lightweight, which makes them even more suitable for people of old age as they do not add unnecessary weight to the feet, therefore low chances of developing feet fatigue. These shoes' outsoles are flexible and slip-resistant, making it safe to traverse it on slippery surfaces. The uppers are made to be well aerated for proper breathability, a factor that adds to the level of comfort in these shoes. The making of the upper part of these shoes, which comprises faux patented leather and a mesh lining, gives the shoe a great look, thus suitable for those older people who are fashion-oriented.

Skechers Women’s Eldred.

This type of footwear forms part of the Skechers family, thus a quality shoe for people working in an industry where hazardous conditions prevail. This type of Skechers considers the need for ladies to have secure and quality shoes that are comfortable, slip-resistant, and stylish. They are made of leather material at their uppers, giving them a long lifespan; the leather uppers are designed to be breathable, which keeps the wearer's feet cool and dry all through. The outer soles of these Skechers are made of synthetic materials modified to give them superb traction, therefore ensuring that one remains surefooted all through. While on these types of shoes, one is assured of being free from accidents since these Skechers will guard you against tripling, slithering, and falling, which are common on wet and slippery floors. 

Women's Eldred shoes are designed to have a lace-up that holds the shoe securely on the wearer's feet. They also come with memory foam insoles that increase their comfort level, thus enabling their wearer to go through the day without worrying about aching feet. These kinds of Skechers offer a relaxed and roomy fit, therefore allowing the wearer's feet flex nicely, thus a right shoe for ladies serving in the service industry.

Skechers Men’s Cottonwood Goddard Twin Gore.

Goddard Twin Gore is another type of skecher which is non-slip for men. They are designed to produce features that will ensure that their wearers are protected from slipping and enable them to get through a long working day comfortably. They are made of leather uppers, which are modified to make the shoes stylish; on top of this, the leather uppers will also ensure that your pair is durable. The outsoles of these Skechers are made of rubber materials which are well rugged to ensure that they produce superb traction with slippery surfaces. These kinds of footwear have memory foam removable insoles; therefore, they can be easily substituted with one's orthopedic insoles of choice to raise the shoes' comfort. These removable insoles make these Skechers suitable for those who have foot issues. 

These slip-resistant Skechers have been tested and confirmed to meet the Mark II standards as well as being EH compliant, a factor which them footwear of high quality. They are designed to be breathable; thus, one on these Skechers will have their feet dry and cool all through a factor that raises their comfort level. The level of coziness in this footwear is further enhanced because they have a well-padded collar. All these features make these Skechers ideal for use by those who work in hospitals, restaurants, and other related areas.

Dansko Men’s Walker.

These shoes are made specifically for men who spend prolonged hours on their feet, especially those who work in the service industry. The main feature which makes Dansko Men's Walker suitable for this category of people is being non-slip. Its non –slip nature is enhanced by having outsoles made of rubber material designed to produce excellent tread patterns to create exclusive grip in all kinds of surfaces prone to slipperiness. The uppers of these shoes are made of leather material, which makes them durable. The leather material on the uppers is designed to make this pair of shoes stylish, thus an ideal product for fashion and style-oriented men.

They are modified to produce a lace-up closure that ensures that the shoes secure your foot all through, therefore offering the required level of stability needed in non-slip shoes. They also have neoprene collar, which gives the wearer's foot the level of coziness they would crave to have in non-slip shoes. The level of comfort in these shoes is increased by the pair having reinforced overlays on its uppers as well as an elastic sock liner. These two features make it even easier to put the shoes on and off. These shoes are lightweight and flexible, making them ideal for those who spend prolonged periods while standing or walking. One will not have to worry about excess weight on their feet, thus minimal chances of developing feet fatigue. 

Skechers for Work Women’s Relaxed.

These non-slip Skechers made for women are unique for their quality and will keep their wearers secure, comfortable, and stable for long hours. They are made specifically to suit those who work in industries that are associated with hazardous surfaces. These Skechers are modified to have stylish uppers made from leather material; therefore, a durable type of footwear. The innersoles of these Skechers are made of synthetic materials, a factor which makes them more comfortable. The outsoles are made of rubber, which is well designed to produce excellent tread pattern to offer exclusive traction with slippery surfaces. The outsoles again meet the Mark II standards for grip on greasy, oily, and wet surfaces. 

This Skechers comes with EH safe design making them ideal for those who work in restaurants, kitchen as well as the factory, and hospitality workers. The materials making this footwear make them lightweight, which makes them conducive to being used by those who spend prolonged hours either standing or walking as these Skechers will not add unnecessary weight on the feet. 

The comfort level in these shoes is further enhanced by having a round toe box, padded instep, and memory foam insoles. The removable insoles makes them even conducive for people with foot issues as they can replace the insoles with the orthopedic insoles of their choice to attain the level of comfort they deserve.


The chances of coming along the water, oil, grease, among other slippery substances on the areas we traverse on from day to day such as pavements, roads, corridors, to name a few, are high. This makes it necessary for one to have footwear that will protect them from slipping, tripping, or falling when walking in such areas. The non-slip shoes are also paramount for those who work in restaurants, especially the servers, those who work in hospitals, especially the nurses, to protect such people from slipping and falling, which are common in those areas. 

The current market is full of non-slip footwear, making it a tasking undertaking to make the right choice for the specific non-slip footwear they should go for. Before you purchase a non-slip shoe, you should ensure that it combines its slip-resistant ability with other key features in shoes such as breathability, superb traction, among others. To get the right kind of footwear, you need to get it from a reliable footwear supplier. Freaky Shoe Company, an online shoe dealer for designing and manufacturing shoes, is one of the best companies in footwear production. For more information about this company, visit their website:   

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