How Do You Know If You Have A Bunion?

How Do You Know If You Have A Bunion?

There are two things you cannot hide from; pain is one of them. It manifests to make you feel uncomfortable and destroys your daily energy. I don't think you will want to progress with a painful adventure, since it causes overall side effects. At least you have an idea that bunions do not spare pain. You may ask yourself the context of this condition, and let us dive into details about the leg eater ailment.

A bunion is a sore bump that manifests on the lower tip of the big toe. It pulls the higher section against the other toes, causing an extrusion. It can be caused by the shape of the foot or pre-existing medical conditions like arthritis. It makes one look like the Homosapien creatures. The skin at the point of the bunion may be red and sore due to blood pumping at high levels to cover the area. People with arthritis may have an irreversible experience. It is because the situation may lack a healing point and thus maintaining a horrible state. It can be caused by the type of shoes you wear. Rocking on tight shoes can be a significant factor in the situation; tight shoes compress bones in one section and leave them in that structure. If the trait is consistent, it develops into a lifelong disability. If a doctor warns against a type of shoe, kindly adhere to the advice for your good. It could be your favorite brand, but it will cost you comfort.

How Do You Know If You Have A Bunion?

Shoes can also lead to the development of bunionettes. It is a smaller version of bunions that mainly occur at the tip of the little toe. It can be more painful while wearing shoes. Experts say that toe and feet conditions determine the levels of one’s self-esteem.  If you develop curvy toes, you will be uncomfortable relating to people confidently. You may wonder about the symptoms of the condition. It is simple, the main sign is a bulging toe. It is the red light factor that causes one to discover the situation. Pain can relent since it depends on the person who has the ailment. Some people feel a lot of pain, while others may experience a good journey. Another symptom is swelling and redness at the point of infection. Once you notice the unusual color on the victim's toe, you may want to consult a healthcare provider for more guidance. If the high tip of the big toe rubs against the other toes, the situation may develop corns or calluses. It is a condition that costs part of your skin. It comes out in a scale-like fashion that peels off. The situation is unpleasant, and it may lead to a foul smell in the toes. The only way to maintain it is by consistent hygiene measures to ease the burden of smelly feet. If you get the limited movement of the big toe, you may be suffering from a bunion. Naturally, the toe should move freely without any restrictions. When you randomly move the toe and fail to respond, you may want to get expert advice on how to deal with the situation.

Bunions do not need medical treatment in most cases, but there are times you may require to visit a health expert about the condition. If the pain becomes constant from the affected toe to the whole foot, you will want to find out the cause. It is the only method of saving the situation. If there is a visible bump at your big toe base that doesn't seem to fade away, you should seek expert opinion since it could be arthritis or worse bone conditions. It should only apply during extreme levels. If the affected toe fails to move completely, it should be an alarming factor. Toes should be flexible enough to move around, and if it is not the case, a healthcare expert opinion should apply. Another scope is when it is challenging to secure a shoe that fits. Generally, shoes should work unless there is a reason not to. Bunions can be extra to make any shoe fail to provide in the feet.

However, one may wonder how the ailment attacks the foot and why it lasts. The key reason can be inheritance issues. If someone from your family line has the condition, they can pass it down to generations. Genetic alignment is the main reason for many bunion cases. However, it should be noted that genetic affiliation cannot be reversed. Once you have it changing, it is impossible. Another reason is extreme foot injuries. It can happen to players and athletes. In executing the toughness of the game, one may suffer injuries that will deform the feet. The kind of shoes involved in such activities matters a lot. Tight shoes and running or kicking a ball will invent the soft spot for the illness. There are shoes for sports like running, baseball, basketball, football, and other sports. You should pay attention to your coach while recommending the kind of footwear to shop for. It will save you from a lot of health issues and you will have a good time playing. 

One may be born with the bunion disease. It cannot be reversed if it originates from birth. It is a place where one has to accept and live in. However, such people need special treatment in society. The illness could destroy their confidence level and cause them to do things that do not match their dignity. You may have witnessed people getting nicknames in high school because of their involuntary situation. Physiologists say that such people should be handled with care to prevent time bombs. You do not want to see the wrath of a soul that is tired of daily scathing. 

It is not clear whether a specific footwear type can cause bunions. Shoes can only aggravate the condition if it is pre-existing. High heels will push your toes to the crowd, thus causing pain. People who rock on ill-fitting shoes do not stand a chance of survival. It can be too pointed shoes that compress the toes to one position. It can be worse if one has rheumatoid arthritis. It is why such people are advised to wear shoes that free them. Wearing footwear that is too enclosed is terrible. It can lead to severe complications that could need additional forms of treatment.

Bursitis is a complication that can be led by bunions. It happens when the fluid carriers at the joints of your bones become inflamed. It can be due to the extensive swelling on the toes. It will require aggressive health checkups, which should happen early before the condition becomes worse. You will only need to follow your doctor’s specifications to overcome the situation. Pain is inevitable; in times of emergency pain, you should seek over the counter pain killers that will ease the process. However, the drugs should be in line with the pharmaceutical regulations that will heal your body. 

As the name suggests, Hammertoe is a condition that bends the toes to look like a hammer. It affects the space between the big toe and the adjacent one. The disease will ensure that you get a hard time wearing your shoes and socks. It may disrupt your walking style and make it funny or unbearable. You may also experience pain, which becomes worse if not subjected to medicinal attention. Experts say that any condition should be treated according to its toughness. If it proves majestic, the amount of energy in combating it should be mighty. The situation could lead to deformities and lifelong complications. It can be worse if it involves a child. Children can be most affected since they attend school daily and may encounter scorn from fellow students. It can also affect one's talent. If your kid has bunions but can dance, you will need to cancel the dancing classes till God knows when the condition will favor the dancing passion.

Metatarsalgia is a condition that causes swelling at the ball of the foot. You can be unlucky enough to suffer from bunions and Metatarsalgia. One illness could lead to another. Bunions make Metatarsalgia worse. Feet doctors say that if both diseases attack a single foot, they are qualified to use a supportive measure while walking. The situation is difficult and should not be overlooked. The only way to prevent bunions is by choosing the correct footwear. It should possess a spacious toe box and must not be too pointed. If the condition already exists, you should consult your doctor for further guidance on how to maintain it. 

If the illness becomes unbearable, you may seek surgery to correct the toe structure. It is painful to go through the process, but it is the only way to overcome the condition eternally. Let us look at the content of the disciplinary procedure. Surgery is always successful. The treatment aims to ease the pain and pressure on the toe and align the foot to its original shape. It is also useful in repairing the toe joint. 

To determine the type of surgery to undertake, the doctor needs to assess the type of bunion, symptoms, and the extent of its growth in the foot. Any treatment should consider factors that will make the process bearable.

Repairing tendons and ligaments 

Tendons and ligaments are the connecting channels to the bones and the structure of the foot. It is usually the most affected part. It is therefore prudent to correct the impaired structure to gain the perfect solution for the bunion. If the tendons become tight to cause the bunion, a surgeon will loosen it and vice versa. It is a practice that successfully treats the disease. 


Osteotomy may sound scary, since it involves cutting into the bone structure and aligning every bone that is out of place. The surgeon places pins, screws and plates into the openings, which enable straightening the bones. Sometimes, the doctor may remove the small tip of the bone to minimize the situation's chances of getting worse. It is a method that has saved many people from low esteem pits. You need to be courageous to get through the process. If you freak out, it may be difficult to heal the thing. The surgeon will provide a guideline of what to expect in the surgery room. It is the only way the health care can cool your nerves. People who get afraid of the procedure end up losing the whole foot. If a bunion is not naturally attained, it has the potential of causing more complications. However, it is unnecessary to correct a birth attained bunion or that which has a genetic background. You only need to maintain it according to the specifications provided for. 


Exostectomy is the procedure of removing the underlying bone that extrudes from the bottom of the big toe. However, the method doesn’t treat the underlying condition. It only solves the visible part of the disease. The bunion may manifest again after the surgery and it may lead to more complications like lifetime disability. It depends on the strength of the bones one has. You may want to seek further treatments that will solve the condition fully. In a layman's eyes, the problem is solved after the bony bump is out of sight. It is never the case. 


People who have arthritis go through the surgery. It involves exhuming the arthritic part of the bone. It is even better when both arthritis and bunions attack one. It is useful to ease the process of treatment. It is the most rated process of treating arthritic people. Every surgeon will recommend the procedure to help in the healing journey. Every hospital that cares about curing feet conditions should have equipment for conducting the surgery. You should seek proper healthcare centers that have specialized staff and equipment to combat your feet' disease. It is the best way to show that you care about your feet' wellbeing and your walking style. Bunions affect the walking process of the victim. You will not maintain a straight posture while walking in a forward movement. Wearing shoes that accommodate your toes is a good idea to maintain comfort as you walk. 

Resection arthroplasty 

Arthroplasty faces the disease head-on from its point of origin. It seeks to remove the damaged tissue. The surgeon removes the infected parts of the joint to leave space between the toes. However, it is only used on arthritis patients who aren’t responsive to arthrodesis. The procedure weakens the affected toe, therefore causing it to be ineffective in its activities. It is mainly applied to older people who need the treatment to have a good life. It cannot be applied to a young person who has the capacity of fighting the condition until it is done. 

You may wonder how the doctor’s sanitizes the environment before the surgery occurs. It is not an admirable place to be in. Experts recommend that the nurses take the patient through the steps to be undertaken for the treatment. It plays a significant role in preparing the physiology of the victim, the following steps are undertaken to ensure the success of surgery. The doctor will order an electrocardiogram to check the heart's status and how it pumps blood into the system. If a surgeon undertakes a procedure before conducting this check, it will cost the patient life if there is an underlying condition.

Another necessary checkup is an x-ray of the lungs. Lungs have to be functional since it helps in the surgery in terms of air supply to the brain. Such sensitive parts of the body need to be healthy before any surgery since it provides the necessary collection to the victim parts. Urine tests have to be done  to determine if there is any underlying condition in the body. 

Before any surgery, people should avoid harmful activities that may not favor the procedure. You should quit smoking, eat a healthy diet and consider taking medicine. You should also exercise regularly to strengthen the structure of the body. You should cease to take aspirin and warfarin before any surgery to be on the safe side. Let us look at the procedure of surgery.

In the surgery room 

The surgery room is where the magic happens. It is where the bunion thing gets defeated and you regain your normal structure. A surgeon will administer anesthesia, it can be local or general one. A general anesthesia means that someone is unconscious for the surgery, while a local one numbs one below the ankle. However, the doctor should explain what will happen during the process. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, the surgeon rips open the bad parts and conducts the correctional method. After the cutting, a bandage is put on the wound and the next thing is healing. However, healing depends on how the doctor conducts the surgery. If it is done professionally, you will feel well after a short time. Nurses usually take the patients in a monitoring room until the anesthesia wears off. Instructions are then given from there. However, before discharge, the professionals should check your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate and any other condition that should be checked. If you undergo such professionalism, you will heal well. 

Recovery process  

In most hospitals, a doctor will instruct on what to do to speed up the journey of healing. It happens before you leave the hospital. Some people may leave hours after anesthesia has faded while other may stay for further care. However, you should follow what the doctor tells you to do. You should rest and avoid movement. It enables the leg to form tissues that cover the wound. Movement after surgery will only increase pain and cause more complications. Never underestimate the power of the medication subscribed for you. You should take it religiously without relapsing. It helps develop organisms that improve the curing experience. You know the consequences of not taking medication. You will only hurt yourself, and the wound will become worse.

In times of swelling, consider using ice packs to reduce the swelling, it should be applied on the toes and feet. Do not rush to wear regular shoes in the first days of healing, since the tissues are still weak. Wear surgical boots until your doctor says it is okay to wear regular shoes. Consider using crutches to support movement around your premises. If you walk aimlessly without the crutches the time of healing will reduce. You should keep the wound dry by using a synthetic paper when showering. It will prevent water from accessing the wound. Water will only cause decay and bad smell. Once the doctor says it is okay to wear common shoes, you should choose those with wide toe caps. It will provide space for the toes to make good steps. You should also avoid wearing heels after surgery. Stay at least six months without the heels. Heels will only rapture the wound and take you to square one. You should consider rocking on rubber shoes and low heels to maintain balance on the toes. 

Another thing to do is consult a physical therapist in the journey of recovery. A good therapist will make you perform good exercises that will favor healing. Constant practice on the toes will improve its strength thus fastening recovery. One may be able to drive after two weeks of therapy and expert opinion that everything is clear. After rounds of therapy, you may place some weight on the feet and regain strength with time. However, recovery can take a year before it is complete. 

How Do You Know If You Have A Bunion?

One way to overcome social distractions is by managing the patient by encouraging them to feel good about themselves. A patient will heal better when encouraged to maintain the necessary precautions. However, there are methods of reducing bunion pain without seeking professional advice. Once you discover some pain on your big toe, try doing the following things. 

Throw away your stilettos 

If you are a lover of high heels try to put them away for sometime. High heels are the reason why our toes face unnecessary compressions. The toe base is sharp pointed thus leaving little space for the toes to be free. The big toe is most affected, since it bears the whole balance. The lower joint of the toe tends to arch outwards thus causing pain. Wearing flat shoes will cause balance to the feet and you will never face bunions again. The most affected people are strip club dancers, since they stay up on their feet in the leg unfriendly footwear. Professionals would advise for them to carry at least a pair of rubber sneakers with perfect cushioning to protect feet against the disaster. If you bear flexible joints, it will be easier overcome bunions since toes will respond to the pressure of the feet. 

How do you treat bunions without hospital attention? 

If you bear a bunion condition, it may be permanent until you undertake surgery. However, not every person can manage to attain professional treatment. Here are some of the ways to maintain a healthy experience with the horrible condition. You should ensure that your shoes have insoles that position the feet well. You can use an inserted shoe insole to position the feet better. You should develop the habit of purchasing proper fitting shoes that will assure comfort in your legs. The spacious toe box ensures flexibility of the toes thus maintaining healthy feet. You should also think of regular massage to enable the toes to move freely. Massage softens the muscle joint that ensures that the recuperating period is better. Obviously healing is not an easy thing. You will go through relapse period that will make you lose hope of ever walking again. The truth is constant massage makes the muscle joints feel good. 

Taking inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen will magnify the power of the bunion. It will make you think that you will never go through successfully but the fact is you should not encourage the use of the drugs. It does no good to the wound. You should also maintain a healthy weight. Overweight people tend to have interlocked toes that make it difficult for one to defeat bunions. Going to the gym to lose the extra pounds is advisable and you need to practice the trait. It plays a significant role in attaining flexibility for the feet. However, maintaining bunions depend on the foot type. If you have a high arch feet, the better, because the foot is stable. Some people prefer to use temporary ways of managing the illness like using toe stretchers that keep the toes in position. You may stretch your feet all you want with the mission of aligning the toes but the benefit is like a candle, it takes its light once it is turned off. The advantages of temporal treatment do not last long. The only successful journey of treating bunions is surgery. 

However, you can use different shoes to make your experience lighter. You should consider taking some of them in your shoe rack collection to dignify your fighting ability against the dangerous foot eater. 

Rothy’s Python Ballet Flats

Rothy’s brand is a slip-on nature shoe that has flat heels for proper support. It improves your foot traction to combat any foot deformities. The round shoes are designed with a soft fabric that ensures comfort and pleasure while walking. The footwear is versatile and many people pride it for its fashion sense. You can wear it with anything. I once rocked the flats with clean pants and it made my adventure great. 

Birkenstock Arizona essentials sandal

You must have heard about the famous Birkenstock sandal that has reformed the sandal industry. It provides great cushioning to the feet by just stepping on to it. Its thick sole is the greatest resource of its popularity. You should make slow steps that will not hurt your bunion and you will feel less or no pain. It is a favorable flat shoe to wear. It is great for people with wide feet to cover the whole surface. 

Brooks ghost 12 sneaker 

Among mighty brands is the brooks character. It is lightweight and is made of the best cushioning material that protects all the arch parts of the foot. The soft cushioning helps ease the toes' pressure and provides a perfect environment for their functioning. The brooks sneaker is originally a running shoe, and it is designed with a better forward traction which means the toe cap of the footwear is effective. Another quality is that it fits well with any type of feet provides a light traction for the feet to operate. It is a good shoe for therapy and training. Once you complete a physical therapy session with your doctor, you may want to test the effect of the brooks sneaker on the healing trajectory of your bunion wound. Some of these sneakers are underrated because they are used in sports, but ask the players, they will give you a testimony of the best companion in the field. 

Dr. Scholl’s no bad vibes lace up sneaker 

As the name suggests, no bad vibes. It is a footwear that provides quality space for the upper side of the foot. It is a significant part to maintain your bunion situation. It has a leather upper which spells out quality. Whenever you hear leather, you know it is about quality. It consists of a round toe cap that accommodates the toes well and can handle any pressure exerted on it. Its thick outer sole plays a memorable role in cushioning against outer injuries. One may trip while walking in the park, but with Dr. Scholl’s shoe, everything is under check. 

Final thoughts

Bunion is not the best feeling you can have on your foot. It is however simple to recognize it. Check your big toe consistently, and if it shows signs of swelling, seek medical help to combat the situation early. If you have a hereditary condition, you will need to manage the condition according to your doctors specifications. 

How Do You Know If You Have A Bunion?

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