How Long Does iPhone Battery Last Before Replacement

How Long Does iPhone Battery Last Before Replacement

Are you worried about your iPhonebattery? Ohh, ok, you got the right place! It's an international issue of the iPhone that its battery is not compatible with other android phones in the market. Everyone wants a phone that should be fast and have a long lasting battery because it's our 24/7 necessity. 

How Long Does iPhone Battery Last Before Replacement

If the iPhone battery is charged 500 times, you should keep in mind that the battery is on edge so you’ve to change it. One battery of iPhone completes its 500 cycles, then it loses its timing. Well, you can check in a way that now the iPhone introduced a feature named Battery health! It takes two years to be changed. 

Now, as we know that an iPhone battery does not support phones for more than two years, we should know how we can change it? Or can we repair it? Let's go down for this type of information about the iPhone battery.

Performance-iPhone Performance Decreases With the Time

A person cannot remain healthy when he is young. Like this, if your phone gets older than automatically, your battery health will drop down and will slow down your phone and many other functions. The battery is that thing that helps your phone to keep alive. If your battery is dead, your phone will be nothing without your phone battery. 

On the other hand, the iPhone gives you an option in which you can check your iPhone's battery health in which its update alerts you about your battery health and tells you the current performance of your battery.

Unexpected Shutdowns 

OH God! The first sentence, we say when our phone switches off without any warning. This is the most annoying thing which happens when your battery is about to change or if your phone gets older. And this type of shutdown between your work means your battery has irreversible damage.

Error Message

Our mobile phones also need service like in our words we say rest! Yes, these are machines, but these machines need some rest that they could work properly. If your phone is showing an error, it means your phone's battery will be changed. And this type of error comes on those Phones which have IOS 10.2.1 through IOS 11.2.6.

Dying Faster Than Usual

Does your phone not give you the best battery timing when you buy the new iPhone? It's a battery error because if a phone's battery is damaged, it does not work like we use a battery when it's unused.

iPhone 6 battery can be used for 14 to 18 months, and you can have the right battery timing of the new iPhone on a new battery as it gets older, the less battery timing it gives. After 18 months, the battery percentage gets less, and it's about to be changed.

Take an appointment and make sure you get a new battery. If your phone dies faster, it does not mean that your phone is ruined or has a virus. It means your battery is aged and will tear due to age and prolonged usage.

Overheating-Over time usage can make your phone heated 

Worried that your phone is heated? Yes, it can cause severe damage. As you know, these rechargeable batteries emit heat, and you can't hold it in your hands. Just switch it off. Switching off your phone will take some time to cool it down, and then you can use it properly. 

On the other hand, it is also navigation to change your Phone's Battery as it's getting overheated. Through the cooling down process, you can save your phone from severe damage, and you can easily replace your old battery with the new one.

Watch for these common signs 

The first step is to watch the signs which an iPhone gives you before replacing your battery. You should consider them in your priorities.

  • Battery dies so quickly that you are not ready for it yet
  • Losing its charge quick as usual
  • Sometimes, your iPhone charge slowly than routine
  • Phone gets glitching and skipping screen

These points don’t mean that you are using a bad battery. Instead of that, it's telling you that you have to replace it with the new one. It's better to know if your battery is ok!or not. You have to go to the settings and click on the battery; you can see the battery health. Through this process, you will be able to tell you whether you should replace it or not. 

How Long Does iPhone Battery Last Before Replacement

Battery Turning Yellow Sign

People often ask about the yellow mode of the iPhone. IPhone Company launched software that allows you to lengthen the battery life of your iPhone. When you enable it to use the "Low power mode." After you switch this, some of your apps will close in the background like "Hey Siri," Background app refresh, Emailfetch, Automatic downloads, some visual effects will set your phone to auto-lock for 30 seconds. For more Power saving mode, Visit 

Where Should You Go to Repair or Replace the Battery?

You should go to a mobile mechanic or make an appointment for your battery replacement or you should visit a professional repair shop to make sure that he can change it properly in the right way. Because It's not that easy to change an iPhone battery.

Sometimes we go for a replacement to a person who is not professional so go for a professional repair shop so you could get a good service. Make sure after replacing your phone is working well and giving you excellent timing. Choose a battery that is good in timing and should be a sealed pack when you get this. 

Replace Your Battery Now!

The iPhone is famous as its operating speed is more significant than other phones in the market. But the fact is its battery is not long-lasting as you desire because its working processor is much faster. We’ve made sure to answer all questions related to the topic as above. Do check them out.

How Long Does iPhone Battery Last Before Replacement

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